Zodiac – My Favorite Movies

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Zodiac, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Anthony Edwards, Brian Cox, John Carroll Lynch, Chloë Sevigny. Directed by David Fincher.


Curt James says:

The scene where Jake Gyllenhaal goes into the basement is one of the most
disturbing experiences I’ve had while watching a movie. Only a true master
of suspense can instill such dread in a viewer without any graphic or scary
imagery. One of my favorite movie scenes of all time.

b1OOdW4RRioR says:

Hey Chris you should review Boogie Nights & There Will Be Blood in
preparation for Inherent Vice! the trailer for it looks great! 

delivrex says:

David Fincher, Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino,
Robert Zemeckis, Peter Jackson, Guy Ritchie, George Lucas & of course
Steven Spielberg are few of my top favorite directors in Hollywood.

junker154 says:

That scene where the killer stabs that couple in the back still haunts me
to this day. 

moviemaen says:

if you don´t consider the fact that zodiac is based on a real story and
don´t let that affect your judgment, if you try to see how this movie
stands on its own you will soon figure out that its really boring.
i watched it without knowing the story behind it, and i was really shocked
that fincher directed this incredibly slow paced and waaay too long movie.

no way is this even among his best 4 films

Garrick Groover says:

Chris have you considered reviewing every Tarantino film leading up to The
Hateful Eight?

Sharath SH says:

That scene when Jake goes to Zodiac and just stares at him……….. I was
like “Oh My GODD………..This is geniusss……….”

Ryan Han Reviews says:

Alongside Fight Club, this is my favorite Fincher film, but I need some
help with the ending.

When Gyllenhall’s character goes into a shop at the very end of the film,
he looks at a guy. The guy replies whether Gyllenhall’s character needs
something. Gyllenhall replies no, and then he walks out of the shop.
I do think it’s up for interetation, but do you think the guy in the shop
was the killer? Most people around me hasn’t seen the film, so I have
nobody to discussit with. I personally think it is the killer.

The T-800 says:

I watched it last Sunday . Hands down one of the most underrated movies .
I’ve seen it at least 20 times .

Lt Col Speirs says:

Zodiac is my favorite movie. I did not knew anything about the Zodiac
Killer untill I saw this movie in 2012. Since I have seen it for the first
time I almost watch it every month, lol.

I love everything. How the movie is shot, amazing editing, the 60s-70s
atmosphere, the actors, EVERY-FUCKING-THING. It has some many amazing
scenes, just for example, the “second” openings scene when Robert Graysmith
goes to work and you can hear Santana – Soul Sacrifice in the background,
just perfect.

Oreos64 says:

I actually have not seen this yet, I will have to find a copy.

satellite964 says:

As a DF fan Zodiac is my favorite movie by him.

Universe says:

Chris, you have a very strong tendency to keep repeating the same points
over and over throughout your reviews. Frankly, it’s getting borderline
intolerable at this point. Please take this as constructive criticism.


Maybe the Zodiac Killer is watching this review… 

Benjamin Gentile says:

The Social Network, I think, is Fincher’s best edited film 

Austin Haybueno says:

But when the Hurdy Gurdy man came he was singing songs of love.
Hurdy gurdy hurdy gurdy hurdy gurdy he sang

La Oveja says:

The problem with this movie is that is too long and is very anti-climatic.

jeremalaria says:

the two smartest avengers couldn’t even figure it out!

Cynthia B says:

I couldn’t agree more. I absolutely was enthralled with every second of
Zodiac. I found it to be virtually flawless. So well done..The cast, the
incredible cinematography, and the music used created the perfect mood for
the movie. I own it on Blu-ray and watch it often. David Fincher continues
to remind us of his genius with every film he makes. And now, Gone Girl is
no exception. Absolutely mesmerizing. If you haven’t seen it I highly
recommend it. The world is more interesting because of David Fincher.

connor Keyser says:

Fincher Should direct a film on the Original Night Stalker that case is
even more terrifying then Zodiac 

Les Blair says:

I always seemed to skip by this film over the years until watching you
speak about it. You seemed super excited and passionate for movie lovers to
watch this and enjoy. So, I did.
Why did this one slip passed me over the year’s?! Why did I waste time and
money on horrible films and not see this at least once?!
It’s a beautifully shot film. Acting by all the characters was perfect.
Props must have been brought in from around the world because I TRULY felt
like I was in the late 60s and early 70s! They didn’t do it where it was
over the top and trying to make you believe it’s 1970, you just felt like
you were there and didn’t have force it. My only complaint would be; Why
did this movie even have to end?!
I give it: A++

spaceodds says:

Fincher’s most underrated AND his best film to date. In 1997, Fincher
rewrote the book on the serial killer sub genre with Seven. After ten
years, and god knows how many imitators, Fincher returned to the genre that
made his name and decided to go down a different road. The film is all
about detail and obsession, and attention to detail is meticulous in this
film right from the production design all the way to the details the
character try and absorb. Obsession also plays a part and how it leads the
characters down a road that would change their lives forever, mostly not
for the appealing.

Zodiac is a masterpiece, saw it a week after its release and the theater
was just empty. A great movie that was shamefully ignored by the so called
awards committee.

Dean444ful says:

Just watched Zodiac after I heard you talk about it a lot in many of your
videos and I don’t regret a second of it. Like you said it’s a two and a
half hour film but there’s never a dull moment. Great movie, I’ll probably
get it on Blu Ray.

ItsYourBoyR2 says:

I saw this film like 10 minutes ago. I thought it was great. I literally
felt like the zodiac was going to creep up behind and its late. The
interesting part is that I actually live in SoCal and I’ve never heard of
Zodiac plus I live in the Riverside County so that added that creeper
bonus. I enjoyed it. 

the Superhero Nerds says:

Finally watched Zodiac, what a fantastic movie!!! Probably Ficher’s best,
the dialogue is insane, editing craaaaazy good, acting PHENOMENAL, and the
amount of detail, THE AMOUNT OF DETAIL!!!!!!!! Fincher’s directing is
magnificent. This is one of the most suspenseful films ever. People like to
say they were on their edge of their seats while watching a good film, i
was about to fall down from my seat, it was sooooooo exciting, wehn you
said it was 3 hours long i was like whaaaat, because you do not notice that
at all. The time literally flew by. 10/10, perfect film & very very
underrated, only has a 7,7 on IMDB!!! What the actual fuck

cat ross says:

i’m so glad this dude talked about the looking things up thing, i thought i
was going nuts

pika nova says:

Can you please review “the moth man” I really would like to know your
thoughts about it :) 

Justin Quinn says:

Hey Chris do you review older films of the 40s and 50s along with different
movements such as the French New Wave or Neorealist?

Earl Chatterton says:

I love this movie. One of those movies that you watch again and again and
it actually improves each time. It’s my favorite movie of 2007, and yet
didn’t get a single Oscar nomination. Perfect casting, extraordinary sense
of time and place. 

Paul Johnson says:

Zodiac: Hulk and Iron Man team up to try and solve a murder case :P 

JMFilms123 says:

Believe it or not, I agree with Chris because this is my favorite of
Fincher. I think it feels more personal than any other. It’s dark, and
disturbing. What amazes me the most is how I knew before watching they
never (technically) found the Zodiac Killer but I was still on the edge of
my seat wanting to know what happens. It also never feels long, as the film
constantly changes with a couple of “twists.” This is my favorite film by
Fincher, and one of the best films of the past decade.

Sam Longmire says:

We may have to set this up there with one of the best movies based on true
events in general. Aside from the friendship between JJ &RDJ in the movie,
everything was pretty much spot on. Which is more than what I can say for
most movies based on true events. Name one movie based on a true story in
which further research didn’t lead to a discovery of something that
completely ruins the movie

Mike Paul says:

I think you and I have finally found common ground. I love this movie.
Between this and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, I’m torn between which is
Fincher’s best. 

andyhoov says:

I saw this movie was leaving Netflix next month, so I figured I would go
ahead and give it a watch, and I liked it a lot. I thought the movie was
paced amazingly well and did not feel like its running time until near the
end. After the focus of the movie shifts primarily to Gyllenhaal’s
investigation, I think the movie suffers a bit from a few cliches you find
in movies about “that one guy obsessed with finding the truth regardless of
the cost”, but the acting and direction is able to withstand the speed bump
rather well.

So no, I wouldn’t consider it a perfect film and I could understand if
someone were to call it boring, after all, not everybody finds the same
things suspenseful and/or riveting. However, I don’t think anyone could
make an argument for this film being poorly made or acted.

tomhulcelover says:

my favorite line from this movie was “i’m gonna throw your baby out the
window” lmfaooo i laugh now but that moment was scary as fuck

Reid Lochmiller says:

i love David Fincher, and I love Zodiac and Se7en. But personally the best
serial killer film out there is Silence of the Lambs, just my opinion. I
wish you would review it. Nice video Chris.

Sean HK says:

The Zodiac killings are solved now. 

starkingbiker says:

bought it about A WEEK AGO WEEK AGO

TheAuthorOfEpicness1996 says:

Hey can you review American Beauty and Requiem for a Dream? These is
personally two of my absolute favorite movies, and it could be interesting
to hear your opinion of them :) 

Aleks Stojsavljevic says:

Finally someone agrees with me about Zodiac! This movie is currently in my
top 10 but when I saw it I made it my favorite movie of all time before it
was even over. I became obsessed with the case and I even bought the book
that Graysmith wrote. This movie also made Jake Gyllenhaal my favorite
actor shortly after (btw fuck the academy).

ChanCeNecK says:

But wasn´t it Arthur Lee Allen? Or him AND the poster creator?

Miguel Pabello says:

That scene inside the house with the basement where Graysmith has a lead
to, is probably one of the most creepiest, intense, and nail-biting
experiences I ever had in a movie. Great flick!

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