Youreviewers Movie Awards 2015 part 1

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The time has come for the movie award show by Youtube movie reviewers for youtube movie fans! @JeremyJahns & @Schmoesknow bring you part 1 of 2 of the 5th annual Youreviewers Movie Awards!

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Alicia Malone says:

Haha your future Aussie wife +JeremyJahns? Thanks for having Mantz and I
for the Shocked It Didn’t Suck category… do you agree with the winner? 

The SmiffeeSpace says:

Damn, you guys got everyone but Chris Stuckmann!

theFLICKpick says:

Thanks for the biceps comment Jeremy, it made me feel like a big man….
Awesome to be back again!

Hostile says:

And the worst movie of the year is…………. 50 shades of Grey!

Wait, what do you mean it came out in 2015? Goddamn it now I gotta wait
till next year for the announcement.

Matthew Forbes says:

Guardians for Best Score? Really? I mean it was good, but Interstellar and
Gone Girl had actual music scores that worked much better.

Phalvesaurus says:

That is insane. Best Soundtrack goes to Interstellar all the way. Guardians
of the Galaxy used old songs. Interstellar is one of the best soundtracks
i’ve ever heard in my life. If you watched it in cinema, the soundtrack
made the film, it was epic. I guarantee you over half the people who voted
guardians hasn’t seen interstellar.

Marvin agyeman says:

Sometimes, Jeremy’s Channel is like a fridge. I keep checking to see if he
uploaded anything new every five minutes. LIKE if you do the same.

causerkid says:

Damn I’ve never seen your bottom half of your body before. 

Pretty Much It says:


Kris Roberts says:

Guardians of the Galxy beat Interstellar’s phenomenal AND original score!?
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHhHAHAHAAH Turned it off at that point. All Credibility

Lewis Witton says:

Matthew McC should have been nominated for best actor for interstellar imo

bboythekidstudios says:

Edge of Tomorrow was awesome, but it wasn’t as underrated as Snowpiecer.

Brahmas168 says:

It’s so weird to watch Jeremy without jump cuts.

Raul Mejia says:

Most underrated movie?? The Raid 2. 

Nick zap says:

I was actually shocked and completely disappointed that a fantastic movie
like Budapest lost to 22 Jump Street… REALLY guys?

Gameultraman7 says:

Edge of Tomorrow isn’t underrated! People love that movie!…For some

Marcus Romul says:

GotG soundtrack was great but, I really enjoyed Hans Zimmer’s Interstellar.
And really? 22 Jumpstreet funnier than the Grand Budapest Hotel? And does
anyone else think that Sarah Snook should have been nominated for a best
actress for Predestination? Also, Inarritu was best Director Imo.

Oisín McMahon says:

Actually, Chris Pratt dropped out of Cowboy Ninja Viking. Wonder why…..(*whip

Himynameisart says:

am i the only one who thought OBLIVION didn’t suck?!? lol i really enjoyed
it, the atmosphere, the soundtrack, the acting, besides Freeman’s short
wasted performance i thought it was pretty good.

davidbowie1100 says:

Grand Budapest Hotel should have won best comedy 

Cynima Rapscallion says:

So you’re telling me… Star Lord… a thief… was a bigger hero than
someone who saved millions of lives and took out tons of Hydra agents … ?
Are you kidding me? I thought the Oscars were bad… and then you tell me
Interstellar had a worse score than some shitty 80s songs? Fuck offff

BoilingHotCoffee says:


Screen Junkies says:

OH YEAH! This was so much fun to watch and be a part of! Thanks guys :)

Metal Snackbar says:

Interstellar had the best score.
Are you serious?
Doing a mixtape is now a score?

greenkidd529 says:

Basiclly a bunch of nerds voted.

Next year Avengers is gonna win by a landslide because of nerdgasm lol

And im seriously going to consider stop watching football i became a
seahawk fan because i loved they were an under the radar team and i would
stick with them till they became sucessful now there are all these
bandwagoners and shit it pisses me off i almost socked some some dude who
was wearing seahawk gear and i asked him who the coach was before pete and
he didnt know.
I couldve went to jail like i should probably stop watching its starting
to fuck with my head these fucking badnwagoners

McMagic15 says:

You even had Ken to do the intro

Sanctions for Russia says:

Movie of the century – Transformers 4.

izzy carshuen says:

It took me a while to get used to seeing Jeremy without the red background.

Emma Petersen says:

No love for snowpiercer?

Oisín McMahon says:

I’m glad the underrated category is there. The guest and edge of tomorrow
were in my top 10 favourite of the year. 

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