Wonder Woman: First Thoughts

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Chris Stuckmann discusses the first official image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, as well as a new image of Ben Affleck’s Batman cowl.


Brianna Nechelle says:

Anytime anyone says anything about Ben Afleck being Batman in the new DC
comic superhero series, I just wanna cry tears of sorrow.

Our last hero says:

She looks good, but what I really don’t like is how dimmed the picture is,
it needs more color to it, and could be a little brighter. You’d almost
have no idea it’s blue and red, if it even is, it looks brown and black
with some bronze. It just seems dull to me, and that’s how Man of Steel
looked as well, and I really hope this movie doesn’t look like that. 

Syed Hoque says:

I’m pretty sure Megan fox could have portrayed wonder woman. She already
has the build and can act Better than gal gadot

Darkholow says:

I still think she is rather skinny. She needs to put on some more weight
and muscle on her body.

Vincent Nguyen says:

Gal Gadot doesn’t need to look really jacked up. She just needs to look
like she can hold her own in a fight. 

NappyHeaded says:

I honestly think she looks great. This was the biggest comic con news for
me today, but then they announced the monsters in Godzilla 2. Too many
things in one day! I can’t take it!

Brent Eason says:

Too skinny my ass, WW historically has been drawn as an athletic woman, not
beefy, not bulky, hell not even real muscular. WW’s strength does not come
from normal human physics. WW is an Amazon who has superhuman abilities,
strength, power of flight and a frickin lasso of truth…she was trained to
fight by the frickin god of war..she doesn’t need to be a damn body
builder. Get the eff over it.

VoyagerOne says:

Man of Steel was just terrible. Not really excited for this one. 

TheReccher says:

Wonder Woman is NOT suppose to be monstrously bodybuilder big. She’s
suppose to have an athletic physique and bigger than the average woman, but
never has she approached those kinds of lofty heights of physicality.

purecotton says:

don’t like it…it looks like what cave-woman would wear 200million years
ago. Prefer a more modern/combat look. 

Phil Hubbs says:

Its a Zack Snyder flick, it will look good but that could be it. Plus
doesn’t anybody recall that MoS kinda failed? this film has a huge hurdle
to overcome already with that on its side. Superman already failed.

Jonathan Edwards says:

Fucking hell Chris can’t you make that Boom Co ad over 30 seconds? Yes it’s
a cool and different ad but I’ve seen it so many times now and as you can’t
skip it it’s becoming a real pain!

Chris Stuckmann says:
Micah Dreyer says:

I am just glad that comic book movies are mainstream and now we have Warner
Bros giving the DC universe a real shot!

basquat76 says:

The suit is borderline hey i’m sexy look at my body. Bare legs and
shoulders is not a wise idea for combat.

FlareKnight says:

Right now my biggest issue is that the costume is too brown. Maybe it’s the
filter that is apparently being used, but need to see some colour on that

As things stand she looks like a Xena impersonator. With some legitimate
colour then it’s probably fine. At least until we see if she can actually
pull off the character.

nunouno001 says:

Awesome Superhero movies? Why is he bringing up Batman V Superman then?

roscoegino says:

I grew up on the Lynda Carter version. While some of the episodes (esp. in
later seasons) were cheesy and appealed to mainly to kids I’ll give Lynda’s
portrayal points for not making WW more formidable than she needed to be.
Never allowed WW’s powers to overshadow her femininity . Made her more
appealing, at least to me. I dont think I’ll see that here with this

Andre Betita says:

Can’t believe how many people are complaining that she looks like Xena.
They’re both warrior princesses, what the hell do you want? That’s like
complaining that Black Widow looks like Catwoman (or vice versa), or that
Thor looks like a Lord of the Rings character, or that Game of Thrones
costumes kinda look like LoTR costumes, or that Hercules looks like Perseus
looks like Achilles looks like Gladiator. Jesus Christ, people will
complain about anything.

smashin says:

I didn’t care for the metal batsuit in the teaser they made. Wonder Woman
looks fine, not sure about Gal’s acting but the outfit fits how WB makes DC

safy907 says:

She still looks skinny with bad hair. Sorry, it had to be said. The hair
isn’t good. But I hope it will work out well in the movies. It’s just…
after seeing Adrianne Palicki in Agents of Shield, she’s such a bad ass
fabulous woman, that she would have been a fantastic Wonder Woman, and I
can’t keep from making comparisons until I actually see the movie. 

Seth Stone says:

This guy’s kind of an idiot. First he says that Wonder woman being in
something sexy would be distracting. Since when? Also, it doesn’t stop
other superheroes from being covered in muscles, in skin tight suits from
showing up in movies. I dont care what you say. They’re all sexualized too.
So apparently it’s too distracting, yet he says that the only people who
would buy a comic, with an attractive woman on the cover are 13 year old
boys. So which is it? Is it distracting for everyone, or just 13 year old
boys? Well, news flash. Men in general are more likely to buy something
with an attractive woman on it too, because it’s 100% normal. Theres so
many more men like you in this day and age. So called men who are ashamed
of being men.

chris Moore says:

Everyone is so busy with the concept of a batman superman movie that they
are missing the information that makes this project a mass failure.
1. Batman premiering in a superman movie.
2. the man of steel 2 has the plot of dark knight returns.
3. dark knight returns is batmans last battle so how are we getting it
first and in a superman movie.

I think three is enough but there is so much more that makes this film
fundamentally wrong.

Problems that should have been addressed in concept phase.

Laserclops says:

I did a review of it, but i actually love the Wonder Woman picture :D
hopefully it shuts up those “She’s to skinny” and “Her boobs aren’t big
enough” people and proves she can be an awesome Wonder Woman

Daniel Page says:

Xena: Warrior Princess; that is all I see in that outfit.

JSFIFA1011 says:

the tiny ears thing on batman, I’m sory i can’t take it seriously

N Slater says:

Zack Snyder is a great visual director. He isn’t a great storyteller,
This movie WILL look fantastic, but without a proper writer (like, say
Scott Snyder) I’m afraid this film will end up being as controversial as
Man Of Steel.

P_E1994 says:

Just so much sexist comments over here. Its unfair to Gadot. If you ppl
actually read her comic, she isn’t portrayed as super buff.

Brian Bingman says:

i am so hot dang sick of people taking a look at a girl with a little bit
of muscle tone then making the female bodybuilder comparison. it’s such
short sighted let’s lump everyone bullshit. and it’s usually done by out of
shape nerds like stuckman. this girl they cast as wonder woman is a stick
figure. i wouldnt believe it for a second. they need to quit rewarding
under fed actresses and reward girls who keep it real in the kitchen and
the squat rack. if you want to know what wonder woman should look like go
google amanda latona. that’s wonder woman. suck it stuckman

Jason Norris says:

For the most part I agree, I think the costume looks great. And she looks
good in it, I’d still prefer someone a little more muscular, not someone as
ripped as the one you showed, but a little more definition.
However, is it just me or does it looked Photoshopped, and I don’t mean
just to add the background? I mean with the direction the lighting seems to
be coming from, that area between her left arm and body should be shaded
not a bright white spot. I’ve never seen a light shining off a person’s
body that comes out as bright white with no hint of what its shining on,
unless that thing was white too. I admit I could be wrong, and if I am
please someone tell me.

alozor13 says:

My concern with her isn’t her body… It’s her acting skills… She stinks
and that’s not my opinion, it’s a fact. 

Bobby Jay Kennerley says:

Wait a second… Why is Chris acting as if he didn’t like Man of Steel,
saying it had bad writing and depth? He gave it an A in the original
review. How peculiar…

Douglas Logsdon says:

Invisible Jet! Muhahahahaha

RAM BO says:

Im loving the look!! Sucks for you that don’t. I just really hope the
writing is good. :)

EATMAN888 says:

Chris your wrong…Gina Carano would makes great Wonder Woman with an
impressive physique 

Ahti Jansson says:

my problem is that wonderwoman my bf his mate and a comic book store owner
i know agrees with me that wonderwoman looks too much like xena the warrior
princess and lacks colour in her outfit

nikosafer1 says:

Of my opinion Wonder Woman it must have she own movie

Michael A says:

Yeah it’s a great costume… if you were having Xena in it.

The costume looks nothing like Wonder Woman. It’s akin to taking the
Superman costume and making it all dark gray.

4supernatural says:

UR right on point…!

Double- Jay says:

It’s way too Xena.

Rob Snow says:

People complaining about Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is even a straight up
hater, or they have insane standards. Im actually in shock how much people
complain. “She needs bigger boobs,” “More muscles,” “She’s not pretty
enough.” You people can go suck a saltless peanutt! The Wonder Woman that
is drawn, (Yes, she is a fictional comicbook character) is based on godlike
good looks of a greek warrior princess, wich is next to impossible to find
in a normal girl.

The image is incredible and i will judge it, after i’ve seen the movie.

juan grisanty says:

she does not look modern to me, she looks like a viking

dearartistic1 says:

Zack should be cinematographer and not a director. 

Francis Rodrick says:

I know I sound pervy but her boobs still aren’t quite big enough. But it
would go the same for men with superhero qualities. If you cast someone
with Adrien Brody physique as say superman, everyone would be a up in arms
about it. Big Fail… The costume doesn’t remotely look like Wonder
Woman’s.. Looks more like a cheap Halloween Wonder Woman costume you would
get at Value Village. Too dark. Wonder Woman was optimistic, feminine, an
Amazon. The new one is dark, somewhat ambiguous. Too Xena like.. I
understand an update to the costume, but an entire re-do…thumbs down.

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