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Wilson (Harrelson) leads an awkward, lonely life, but he’s spurred to find his ex-wife Pippi (Laura Dern) after his father passes away. After tracking her down, he learns that their baby, whom he thought she had aborted, was actually put up for adoption. Wilson and Pippi track down the unhappy teenager, Claire (Isabella Amara), and Wilson feels for the first time that this makeshift family might fill the hole in his life. However, past tensions end up landing Wilson in worse trouble than when he started out.

Given though source material, the cast, and even the director (Johnson’s previous film, The Skeleton Twins, was quite good), Wilson should have been a much stronger film instead of something that attempts to coast on Harrelson’s performance, naughty language, and mawkish sentiment.

Rating: D-

Wilson opens in limited release on March 24th.


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