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stephen schiffman says:

Robin? No, he wouldn’t have a place in this dark and gritty universe.
Nightwing? Hell yes. I would love a Nightwing movie, or even a simple cameo
in future Batman movies.
Even Red Hood could probably have his place, but not Robin.

Justin Silot says:

Robin is in Arkham City and Arkham Knight. He’s pretty gritty and cool
looking compared to prior incarnations. They can use the version from those
games in the new movie. 

Retro bats says:

Red hood and Nightwing would work wonderfully in the DCCU

HELLASgate7 says:

He is seriously over exaggerating spidermans strength. 

Alberto Gonzalez says:

I thought Jena Malone was gonna be Robin. I guess it was a rumor.

Marc Renaud says:

Oh spare me this “oh its realistic why would he bring a young kid to fight
dangerous people crap” a young robin could work

Kenneth Bright Jr says:

You must not know about Damian Wayne. lol.

Oisín McMahon says:

Difference between Robin and Spiderman

You look at Spiderman and the MCU: match made in heaven

You look at Robin and the DCCU: torn in a thumb 

nemass26 says:

I totally disagree. Having robin in the dc cinematic universe if done
properly can add alot more positives. All this stuff of batman endangering
a child is non sense. Hitgirl’s part in the kick ass films showed that it’s
possible regardless of it being a complete farse. The dc cinematic and
marvel films are not biographical films. They are comic book films. Meant
for people to enjoy being entertained. Not for anyone to get so bent out
off shape. Had robin has been depicted better at a much earlier time
instead of what we were given everyone would be much better Off

ShamanGrayson says:

Bring in Nightwing and Red Hood!

MercWithA YouTube says:

Damian Wayne = Male Hit Girl 

Maljeir Coleman says:

I thought that one chick from the hunger games was in talks to being Robin
since Robin was a girl in the comic. She was scene on set, she cut her hair
short like hers and resembles her. 

Sjono says:

We forget how powerful Spider-Man is because everytime he punches street
thugs they don’t break apart like this alleged “crushed truck”

Matt Murdock says:

I just want to see Nightwing for once dammit.

D4inJPN says:

An alien from another planet that can fly and move mountains…
A psycho vigilante roaming the streets at night in a bat costume..
An amazonian princess from make-believe island…

But a 16 year old kid fighting crime is just too much to suspend your
John says a 20+ old Robin isnt “Robin”. Well I say a Batman without Robin
isn’t “Batman”. Robin is such a huge portion of Batman as character no
matter what “incarnation” you are making.

I remember an iconic scene from young justice that has the justice league
in a meeting discussing on whether Shazam should remain a member of the
justice league due to his actual age. Batman defends him but Wonder Woman
makes a negative comment saying shes not surprised due to the fact that
Batman felt it was right to indoctrinate robin into a life of fighting
crime at the age of 9.
Batman: “Robin needed to bring the people responsible for his family’s
murder to justice.”
WW: “So he could turn out like you!?”
Batman: “So that he wouldn’t..”

Batman and Robin are a package deal. One without the other is neither the
one nor the other…

Sanwal Yousaf says:

Arrow did roy and now they are heading for mia deerden

ProDeedZ says:

Anyone who says that the robins wouldnt fit dont kno the robins. Jason
Todd’s story is extremly dark and philosophical. Damian Wayne is a ninja
assassin. Nightwing is badass. Red robin is badasss. Both dick and tim also
lost their parents so batman feels like he needs to save himself by saving

LelekPL says:

Having a mention of Robin dying would be equally stupid as having him in
the film. Batman is the world’s greatest detective right? So did he really
need a life lesson to not bring in a FREAKING child to the world of crime
fighters? That would just make Batman seem incredibly stupid. I mean, what
did he expect would happen to a child? :P

ghostwhisper666 says:

Of course you could have Robin, just look at what Kick-Ass done with an 11
year old girl…

Sjono says:

Robin already exists in the DCCU since Joker has been reported to have
killed Jason Todd. Nightwing has to also be a figure to further expand the

Rorey Gaya says:

What about Damien Wayne’s Robin? The kid has been training with the League
of Assassins from birth, he’s the undisputed heir to the demon, he’s at
least almost as smart as Batman, he can go toe to toe with even
Deathstroke. As someone else said below, he’s the male equivalent of
Hitgirl but better and Hitgirl worked on the Silver Screen.

Rev55 says:

a 13 year old robin with the strength of a full grown man is believable,
hes a guymnist hes an acrobat, hes a finely tuned warrior and an athlete.

i bet a proffesional boxer, MMA prodigy can beat up most men who dont do

no robin cant fight joker he died doing that, no he cant fight killer croc,
no he cant fight 2 face, he cant fight bane? he cant fight clay face, but
fat bastards like penguin? mob bosses like Maronie? random thugs? beat up
nerds like the riddler? yeah thats believable.

the problem with a 19 year old robin is, its wierd? why would bruce take
an interest?
seeing a little kid doing incredible gymnastics, and acrobatics better than
a grow up professional athlete thats impressive. seeing a 19-20 year
old?… not o much. hes an adult professional hes suppose to be that good,
and hes already done being raised.

he said it best himself, so robin wouldnt end up like batman end up
consumned by vengeance. batman took robin in to raise him as his son, to
instill in him a code of justice,right and wrong, an unbreakable morality
set in stone.
a 19-20 year old is already grown up, hes alreday raised, he already has
his own sense of morality, its dumb for bruce wayne to take in a full grown
plus alittle kid with the skills and abilities of full grown adult athlete
all he needs is the ninja skill and he can fight crime.

NO ADULT ROBIN,and if this is the only option then lets just stick to girl
robin and thats it, we dont need a repeat of the last dumb batman and

ProDeedZ says:

Well after the 2nd robins death. Batman was done taking on robins. The 3rd
and 4th robin litterally fourced themselves on Batman. 

Dhruv Bhardwaj says:

Have you guys seen the leaked set photos of dick Graysons grave? 

CIarKent says:

didn’t Robin find the batcave in the last Nolan film and became nightwing?

Mario Ortiz says:

If they do put Robin in the DC films, they should make him more like the
way Robin is in the Teen Titans. 

ThatOnePixel says:

Do it like in the Arkham games; robin and nightwing are in their 20’s.
Batman could have adopted the robins as kids, like in the comics, and
trained them until they were old enough to become robin/nightwing

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