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Twitter Question – March 31, 2015 

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Xavier Taylor says:

Halo could honestly be the next Star Wars, but they’d have to do it with
the trilogy in mind, not taking it one movie at a time. and it’s okay to
include info from the reclaimer trilogy. imo it makes it more interesting.

rodrigoL921 says:

Mass effect film would be spectacular

Mr Django says:

I hope we get a Halo & Mass Effect movie in the near future.

Elmin Legend says:

Yes. A Halo movie needs to happen. A Halo cinematic universe! They have to
think big. Think franchise big. Do it like Marvel and DC, plan out your
films. I wanna see Halo 1-3 made into movies and then Halo 4-6. There’s so
much lore in the Halo universe, so much awesome lore. Imagine seeing Chief
and the Arbiter fighting together. Imagine seeing Chief giving the covenant
back their bomb. Oh man, make it happen!

projectbpain44 says:

The number #1 reason video games movies failed in the past was because one
simple reason. The video games they did NEVER had stories to begin with,
they made the films simple because they were popular and studios did cash
grab attempts because they knew fans would come swarming because of the
game. Mortal kombat, Mario, Doom, Double Dragon, Street fighter, house of
the dead. COME ON! It was obvious they would fail. These were made when
video games were JUST GAMEPLAY AN 0% STORY. There was no plot what so ever
in the games. Recently video games are BECOMING MOVIES! They have plots,
character development, lore, etc. When games are reviewed they are first
checked for story. Heck there are even games with better story then movies.
Mass effect has 3X the lore star wars has and has the potential to be the
next, NO even better then star wars. In short video games back then had no
plot or story at all that is why they were so bad.

Kaman da says:

John if you play video games you will know that Halo is as popular as ever.
I don’t know where he got that idea from.

TheSilverstang66 says:

Marvel should support the idea of a Halo movie since they do comics of Halo

Collin L. says:

I really want a Halo Movie! I feel as though it would be a huge success!!!

TheVideoInvader says:

Halo has one of, if not, the best soundtrack for a video game. Ever.

shiZGFX says:

I swear everytime this girl reads a thing she always fucks up, please fire

Kyle Basham says:

It would have to have the best of everything to succeed.

tamzgaming says:

If this ever happens, I think David Ayer should direct it.

DaveGX says:

ere did they get a 3rd from? OK, Halo: NightFall, but…..? Live
action-wise, Forward Unto Dawn was awesome! Screw these guys, they most
likely aren’t even gamers!

Sjono says:

We’ll get an Angry Birds movie before a Halo movie. Also Sly Copper, Sonic
the Hedgehog, and Ratchet & Clank are getting cinematic debuts earlier

tostoday says:

A no-brainer I think…games are addictive, music is memorable, novels are
imaginative. This is THE HALO LEGEND and not Need For Speed. 

rashad jackson says:

i have a list of movies that can easily be made into movies if done right
with a great script and director…

the evil within
gears of war
the last of us which is already being made into a movie
watch dogs also being made into a movie
dead – rising another game being made into a movie!!

you list right there

TaekoZ says:

What video game movies need to do is have people that take the source
material seriously and get good directors, someone like JJ Abrams,
Guillermo Del Toro or James Cameron would be perfect for Halo

Mandalore117 says:

halo 4 and 5 have alot of depth in regards to character development and
story. with halo at the moment they are implementing a heavy theatrical
element into master chiefs story. i doubt they would make a movie on halo
because without having to make a cinematic movie 343 have expanded the
universe through a variety of different contents such as books, t.v series
and the games especially ect. Marvel is a different story because they were
only limited by comics but what expanded the marvel universe and made it
alot more popular was the movies. but there are a ton of games out there
that can be a potential movie e.g ratchet and clank.

Alex Chumley says:

Jesus Christ, just let schnepp do the halo movie lol. The man is dead on.
Everything he said, if done like he said it, would make the video game film
market viable. 

Dougla Don says:

Agree with Snepps

4K Classic Games says:

Damn good speech Schnepp!

TheLeemur48 says:

I personally wish that Halo 4 was a movie and not a video game. Playing
that game felt like a movie and I thought it would make a great adaptation
to the screen.

jakob dickson says:

To be honest I want to see how the Spartans were created if they decide not
do that they I want to either see them at the very beginning of the whole
halo wars or in the view of a foot soldier and show us the audience why the
chiefs are so B.A. 

El Nacho says:

they made two halo movies already.. wtf guys

ScarfLess117 says:

Shnep is a genius

ian kirwan says:

There is already a halo movie or am I just being stupid I watched it

Diogo Guerra says:

The only thing im afraid is that they dont include master chief at all, or
use the original voice cast, idk, inthink that iff 343 had full control it
would be better than having a hollywood publisher behind them!
It should be masterchief/cortana centered, he is always alone and that
relashionship between them is what makes halo halo, its what drives him to
Imagine, movies starts, you see the beggining of halo 1 in FULL “Prometheus
scale and quality image/art/fx) with the original score… Jizzz 

Michael Castillo says:

Halo nightfall directed by Ridley Scott was alright I think someone just
needs to go for it Halo should slap down some millions and pump out some
Halo series. Because the one thing that movie lacked was a good firefight
what in the hell is Halo if not shooting down the enemies. John Schnepp
exactly get it right don’t over think it.

TheKnownHazard1996 says:

A Halo movie would have to be a franchise, it has the potential to be as
great as the star wars movies. Just as cinematic and story driven

ScubaSteveIsThaShizz says:

I would love a live-action Halo movie assuming it is of the same if not
higher quality as some of the live-action marketing material, some of which
is fantastic. I wouldn’t want a direct adaptation of any of the games,
however. Don’t give us a retelling of the games, we’ve already played that.
Give us something original that adds to the franchise wholly. 

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