Wildman Gets Beat Up (Behind-the-Scenes)

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Cobbster sort of teaches Wildman a lesson.

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SK Podcast says:

@joshmacuga & Cobbster go at it… AGAIN! @schmoesknow

Jonathan Flores says:

I think Macuga & Cobbster are destined to do this forever. 

Justice Suks says:

You should get the women figting, Tiffany Smith vs Alicia Malone would be

Jordan Wiltshire says:

KRISTIANS face ast 0.42 made me burst out laughing, please can Ken beat
someone up next


Freaking awe sum sauce


Freaking awe sum sauce

Jeremy Rivera says:

I want like all the guys fight then Ken to come out and kick everyones ass.
Could have Brett Harts music playing and everything lol. Then for shits
and gigs the lights and music cut out and all u hear is “Hickory Dickory
Dock”. The light cut back on, Its Fucking Finnstock lol. Undertaker and
Kane style.

BeatMasterNew says:

The best one yet!!! Love how Kristian and Ellis were all casual about it,
as if them going at it was completely normal.

Borat69able says:

I just realised that the M and K in Schmoes Know are red because they are
the first letters in Mark and Kristian’s name…

TricksterVision says:

Well done, cheers.

MrHebrewGuy says:

These videos are better than most Action movies!

Michael Hickey says:

Powerbomb Ken through a table next

Nick Bruce says:

I’m expecting Ken to be delivering some elbow drops in the next fight!

DH22295 says:

Seriously, we need to see Ken in on this!

Ollie Maltby says:

I need to take a moment to say that Macuga is an incredible human being.
The second he’s spoken to, he’s smiling like Ellis fresh through the doors
of Chilli’s. What a man.

Robert Griin says:

more of this!

Kevin says:

i love these

Dcalmagic says:

I’d say it’s better then the Raid

aaavelar says:

Ken needs to do this but take everyone on at the same time and beat them

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