Why Movies Matter – AMC Leadership Address

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AMC Movie News’ John Campea discusses the importance of film and why movies really do matter. Recorded at the AMC Leadership Conference in Atlanta.


LazyBazooka says:

Listen to this speech with ‘Time’ by Hans Zimmer. Epic as fuck.

MWMTEE says:

i thought dennis fell alseep at 5:00 lol

jrad410 says:

I really don’t get why amc doesn’t push the show more, they really do
something great that no other chain does on their level

Capt. Steve Rogers™ says:

Very nice speech Campea! Reminded me of the good ‘ol days when i used to
give these prep talk and motivational uplifts to my men of the Howling
Commandos, and men of my Infantry like the one i gave before jumping off
the plane on D-day at Normandy.

Raziël Makenshi says:

hey Campea, where’s your turtleneck sweater?

Alex MacPherson says:

Couldn’t agree more. Just imagine for a moment. Try if you
will………..imagine a world without film? Kinda sad really. If there is
ever a time where movies do not exist, I hope I am not around to experience

The Superhero Blog says:

Not just movies matter, not just the art of film making. But the art of
film criticism and discussion. I have a lot of bad days, but I get to spend
time talking movies because they give us this outlet. John, Amirose, Jon,
Dennis and all the rest of the crew, know that this show and what you do
means a lot to some people.

Gabe Moore says:

I love this speech so much. It’s amazing how often i refer to John Campea
in everyday conversation.

Kubanito2020 says:

John Campea= Captain America
Christian Harloff= Iron Man
Jon Schnepp= Thor

A Yap says:

As much as I disagree with Campea from time to time , hey AMC give this guy
a raise,
i you know your competitor is working on getting you tube people to
recreate what you have done

Tu Pham says:

Really happy for u guys and your success. I been watching u guys for about
a year now and love to get latest news on upcoming films and your insight
on the industry.

Truly stoked that you’ll be getting your own AMC Movie News HQ. Keep up the
great work guys!

CinematicGalaxy says:

Such an amazing speech! You guys are the best movie channel going right
now. Sure, I disagree with John on a number of things sometimes, but I
never question his passion and sincerity in what he does because it shows.
Same goes for Amirose, Dennis, and the rest of you. I really wish I could
have attended the conference, but I was busy, lol. But keep up the
excellent work!

Omar Correa says:

This was great. Thanks for posting it. 

Mario Krastanov says:

A great speech! I’ve never been in the US (I’m from Bulgaria), but I know
that if I ever visit the US, one of the things I’ll do is go watch a movie
in an AMC theatre. You guys seem so genuinely amazing and caring for your
audiences, and have always done an extraordinary job on AMC Movie News!
Hats off to you all!

Gump's Videos says:

Wait, after the speech you talk about the films of 2015. Were is that
video. By the way, amazing speech

5 Dice Productions says:

Brilliant and true! Whenever I am talking to somebody that I don’t know and
they say that they haven’t been to the movies in over a year, or they don’t
watch movies or TV that often, I get kind of confused and a little bit sad,
ha ha. They are really missing out on something special. Great speech John!

TheVideoInvader says:

Beautiful and I couldn’t agree more. For me, film incorporates many forms
of art into one whole piece. Whether its visual art, music and literature.
It brings them all together.

Chinedu Opara says:

Enjoy Jon Campea while you still can… sooner than later he will go “Full
Corporate” and you’ll never see him again outside of business meetings and
press releases. Wearing a suit.

Madara Uchiha says:

Beautiful speech John Thank You for all the work you do, you matter.

Jason Murillo says:

Awesome speech Campea, I have many fond memories with friends and family
that were made in AMC theaters. Here’s to many more!

Siddhi Desai says:

Such amazing passion reverberates from your words. Keep up the good work

Michael Arellano says:

I agree. John Campea = Steve Jobs = John Jobs. great speech sir!

suq madiq says:

Anyone who doesn’t like John for whatever reason needs to watch this. I’ve
been preaching for nearly two years that this man is the real deal. He
killed that speech.

NIIGHT says:

this shows how devoted campea is to this job

Mark Nutt says:

Wow. John is a fantastic public speaker! Well done!

rzc0624 says:

I’m not the biggest Campea fan, but I respect him more now because of this

Matt Mcandrew says:

Man…THIS is passion. This is what we all want. 

Baby Joker says:

Where can we watch the whole presentation? 

dragonrings14 says:

For me, movies arent as important as John makes out. I mean yeah they are
nice but at least 90% are bad. Most of them will fail at good story
telling. The flim industry just wants to make money and as long as they do
that, they don’t care who is going. But John you wrote your speech well and
said it quite clearly. A lot better than you usually do on the show.

Jim McCann says:

John Campea: legend.

Jan-Michael Franklin says:

John is now the Steve Jobs of AMC!

Issa Mckenzie says:

Jon this is what I felt my whole life. When I grow up and become a film
director I will personally thank you, and the whole team for lighting a
fire in my heart. I will play this video to remind me of why I do what I do
and why movies take over my life so much.

Rafael Rubio says:

One of the best things I’ve see honestly. Thanks guys 

Dennis Smith says:

That was beautiful!

robert dunaway says:

awesome guys …. movies do matter. I love going to the movie theatres …
no other experience. I love this channel … keep up the good work. I will
always support movie.

Manuel Orozco says:

Very heartfelt speech! I love the thrill of seeing a movie on the big
screen no matter how depressing the industry has become these days.

Shah Auckburaully says:

Why Movies Matter – AMC Leadership Address: http://youtu.be/t7aU6-C_0N8

Ahmed Helfawi says:

Beautifully done, and well said! I just wish I could see all that unfold
with AMC is in Toronto, Canada….. 

Jo Meeno says:

Fucking beast, John.

Peter Herff says:

John Campea/Steve Jobs – congrats man, you killed it!

kimo9449 says:

Thank u john!!! I work for a grocery store in DC for the past 8 years and
lately I’ve been feeling like my work isn’t making a difference. U have
remind me I do matters as well

Michael Alaine says:

All hail John Campea!

Seriously, I’ve glad that everyone in the comments is liking it. This is
the first video I’ve seen without a bunch of haters and trolls.

julian brown says:

Great speech 

kmerrill03 says:

Fantastic speech John. It speaks volumes of your loves for movies.

Zachary Pushee says:

Great Job John! Awesome and inspiring speech.

Any plans on uploading the rest of the presentation?

Riley Bursh says:

Hopefully we can see this whole presentation. If this was just the opening,
I cannot wait to see the rest. 

Boss White says:

Hey, can we get this video in is entirety please? 

MrDavidTheDancer says:

Great speech Mr. Campea! But you should have ended it with, #CanIGetAnAmen
or a #CanUDigIt lol

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