Whiplash movie review

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Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons clash as teacher and student in a movie about ambition, motivation, limits, and what it takes to be the best. Jeremy reviews “Whiplash”!

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Shape Shifter says:

Adrenaline starts to flow
You’re thrashing all around
Acting like a maniac

NEETwithAJob says:

Not quite my tempo.

Gevoian says:


when the girlfriend said she had a boyfriend, i thought she was gunna say
jk just like how she said jk when she said , “get away from me”

MrRapolas says:

Am I the only one who in the end says with Jeremy: Comment bellow, let me
know! No? no one? Okay.. :(

TheStealthPrince says:

Every-time I hear the word “whiplash,” I think of that scene with
Quicksilver in X-Men DOTFP. “Be careful for whip-laasshhh”

Patrick Ward says:

Jeremy I absolutely without a doubt, 100%, balls to the wall, completely
agree with you on everything you just said about this movie, it is an
amazing movie and I have a problem with anyone who dislikes this movie…
However I do see only one flaw with it
I found it pretty implausible when he got smashed by a truck and then
immediately got up from said accident and went to drum, I was like,
really?? Granted it was to illustrate a point but i’m just saying it was a
little bit implausible, but intense nonetheless.

Lanmater says:

where is the hobbit rewiew?

TheKersey475 says:

While this film is great, there is ONE flaw (psuedo-spoiler ahead):

THE ENDING IS ABRUPT. It just ends at the climax with no follow-through.

hamish valeri says:

Fucking watch oz or don’t even mention jk Simmons being intense 

Kyle Mcwilliams says:

“I will gouge your fucking eyeballs out.”

PigMan161 says:

Good dammit I live in uk and I can’t find this film anywhere online. It


See, I have a problem with this…when I first saw the trailer I was
thinking why is this kid taking all this verbal abuse and not doing
something about this from the start??…I know there are plenty of assholes
in the world, but for someone to take that kind of physical and verbal
abuse it just seemed a little over the top.. Furthermore…I would have
fucked that teacher up if he ever laid a hand on me…I mean I would beat
the shit out of him!…and that is why I will wait for Netflix to see
this..In my world it would never happen to me…NEVER.

Derek Boot says:

the only issue with the film, at least in my opinion, is that there was no
reason to give the main character a love interest. they go on, what, two
dates and then he breaks it off. they don’t kiss, they don’t follow through
with any real chemistry, and they’re not believable as a couple. Melissa
Benoist is a good actress, but she was given virtually nothing to do in
this film. pointless romance aside, the film is fantastic. Miles Teller and
J.K. Simmons are beyond amazing.

I_Need_Pants says:


Zhiyang Lu says:

I got lost after Andrew’s got tricked up because of the music they actually
gonna play. It totally looks like a personal revenge from Fletcher only to
ruin Andrew’s life. Even Fletcher gets surprised when Andrew comes back,
which implies that was not Fletcher’s plan. Plus the their encounter at the
bar is definitely RANDOM. Then why would this movie call “whiplash” if
Fletcher is not actually motivating (even though you could say he used to)
someone who makes him lost his job.

Daniel S says:

The last 10 mins… incredible

garner montgomery says:

When he mentioned Crimson Tide, I thought it was an Alabama fan joke. I am
a Mississippi State fan, but I went to the Ole Miss/Alabama game with my
dad. When Ole Miss took the lead late in the fourth quarter, I saw more
than a few Alabama fans crying. And when Ole Miss got the interception on
Alabama’s next drive, the Alabama section immediately cleared. The Ole Miss
fans rushed the field, and I saw them tear down a goalpost. That was a
great day.

James Porter says:

This movie releases on January 16th here in the UK and I am unbelievably
excited for it! I am willing to travel long distance to see this movie

Matthew Forbes says:

Best movie of 2014. I haven’t seen Birdman yet (although I live in
Australia so that will technically be a 2015 movie for me), and I’ve heard
that’s amazing, but this was close to a perfect movie.

tyskenfan says:

Are you nuts? There were quite a few little things that were completely
unrealistic. For example the end of the movie when his teacher takes
revenge on Andrew but he doesn’t give up and shows his teacher that he
really is able to shine. In that moment, his teacher “gets his way”, he
gets the top student he always wanted to have, which means that Andrew
never really gets HIS revenge on the teacher for all the abuse he suffered.
In the end, both of them are winners. I really didn’t like that.

And then there were those small little things. Like when Andrew crushed his
car, is able to crawl out and is able to orient himself. He should have
broken bones and deep concussions. He shouldn’t even be able to walk, yet
see! Or the fact that he trained drumming until his hands bled every single
night. But next the next day a couple of hours later he can play drums in
class without any problems. No muscles soreness or muscle fever, no wounds
that open again, no shaking hands and fingers. From a realistic view, if
you destroy your hands like that, you can’t even write, yet alone drum a
sixteen meter beat without delay.
And I personally found that the short romance he had was unnecessary for
the plot. The only reason why they put that relationship-subplot into the
movie was to show how much time Andrew consumed for training. 

Joe Elyahchouchi says:

I don’t think it is awesomtacular, it’s a blu ray rating at best. Sure it
was good, I liked it, but it’s not awesometacular. 

Eric Cartman says:

dont get me wrong, movie was good, but not quite my tempo……… ;-)

Dani Chen says:

Just watched this movie tonight and holy shit it was indeed intense. Loved

JeremyJahns says:
Kit Zoey says:

I liked the film somewhat, the music was great; although this movie
completely misrepresents Jazz and what Jazz is about … The themes of
bullying are what drew me to the film – having had a character far worse
than Simmons played in this movie in my own life. It really creeped me out
how it ended but that’s just me

Chuck Norris says:

i smiled when jk simmon’s character said to the red head guy, “eh. not
quite my tempo!” i was like, this kid is gunna get it. 

N0rthT says:

I was completely deflated when the student’s life and the lives of others
were brought into jeopardy so that mr. whats-his-name could make his band a
tiny bit better. Yeah, I think the entire world who saw this and loved it
are stupid.

BIG Dave says:

*Spoilers* When his Dad kisses him after he walks off stage. His Dad says
“Come on, let’s go”. I probably would have left. My life sucks.

Garrett says:

The flaws are its presentation of jazz. Seriously, the rushing scene was
ridiculously stupid. No jazz instructor counts off like that. No instructor
asks musicians to get rid of their music and then asks for measure

NordinDutch says:

What movies got an awesometacular this year? Let me know

bryan Kinser says:

A bit overrated. Good movie but yeah he did it to himself like car accident
must play drums. He was more obsessive then anything the teacher did. He
was an asshole & treated everyone like shit too. 

doody magoob says:

While Birdman thrives off of its technicality and intricacy, Whiplash
excels with delightful simplicity- yet still remains so profound with its
sharp-witted script and stellar performances all around. This is easily the
best movie of 2014.

TheIntunecatu says:

This shit happened to me in highschool. I had a hardcore teacher and i was
shit at french. After 4 years of insult and making fun of me in front of my
colegues i became the best in my class. Still i hate that bitch to death

abmarable says:

“Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons clash as teacher and student in a movie
about ambition, motivation, limits, and what it takes to be the best.
Jeremy reviews “Whiplash”! ”

Nope. It was a movie about bullying.
And it was great.

Eziokilla9595 says:

J.K. Simmons is one of the best working actors today.

Synister Shreds says:

So… uh… I’ve been a guitar player for like umpteen years and my brother
wanted to play drums and I basically was the asshole mentor for so long and
I would work him to death. He would bleed, fall off the throne, it was
intense and I’d go home and just be devasted. It hurt me to hurt him but I
couldn’t let it show cause he was getting to be incredible. Now we write
and play music together and he’s incredible at it and we finally talked
about it all and he punched me in the stomach and we got drunk together
lol. As mean as it may come across, it can affect both victim and tormentor
but you both go through it because of your love for the hobby/art/craft.

I know no one gives a shit but I wanted to share my short tale :/

Arshad Khazi says:

One of the most spectacular movies that I have seen in a while!

Dimi Kaye says:

Best movie of the year, best performance of the year.

Delon Luu says:

I love this movie :DDD

YuGiOhDuelChannel says:

Actually most people never work to their bones for greatness, this movie is
a cautionary tail on the cost of greatness. 

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