Whiplash – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Whiplash, starring Miles Teller, J.K. Simmons, Melissa Benoist, Paul Reiser, Austin Stowell, Nate Lang, Max Kasch, Damon Gupton. Directed by Damien Chazelle.


TheLAGaming99 says:

Maan… it’s so unfair, You do a Whiplash movie review sooner than any
other youtuber (a month ago right now), you get 50k views,
but if JeremyJahns does a Whiplash review he gets 150k views under a week
while yours was the earliest…

HPislegend248 says:

ALREADY!!!! Attack on Titan came out a month ago >:( Follow through,

Nils Engman says:

Everyone in the U.S is bitching about having to wait for limited releases
for a few weeks or a month while here in Sweden we always have to wait like
3 months before they (indie films and dramas, aka the best films) premiere
here – and that’s only in the large cities. I doubt I will even get a
chance to check out Whiplash until the blu-ray release unless if it wins
best picture. If it does then I’ll probably get to see it, in like march.
To sum it all up: Sweden sucks ass if you’re a movie fan :-/

xisumavoid says:

I love music & movies, this is a no brainer for me :-)

shonmorley homez says:

Chris Stuckmans Top 5

2)The Babadook
4)Dawn Of the Planet of the Apes
5)Captain America The Winter Soldier

These are the movies he seemed to live this year

therupertbob says:

JK Simmons devours Miles Teller in every sense of the word? uuuuh k

Curt James says:

I need to catch up on Miles Teller’s work because I see a lot of potential
in him. I’m with Chris Stuckmann on feeling isolated. As a lover of movies
it’s hard to share my passion with others. I can only do it with like two
other people. Talking to anyone else is a nightmare because I know they
don’t care to hear me express my opinion fully. It’s so annoying to have a
movie discussion that’s completely one-sided.

Conor McCluskey says:

Fantastic to know that Ireland has to wait until fucking January to for
both Whiplash and Birdman..

arthousefanatic says:

Best lines in the film-

“Fuck you, Johnny Utah! Turn my pages, bitch!”

“There are nothing more harmful in the human language than the words ‘Good
job’ ”

“I can still see you, Mini-me!”

Lemon Cinema says:

I know these type of messages always seem like an annoying child fighting
for attention, but we’re all here because we’re Stuckmannized. I’m a film
fan who loves movies (what a shocker) I recently started reviewing movies
to just post my thoughts and opinions on the web. I can honestly say that
Chris Stuckmann was the biggest inspiration in my life to do so. If you
could take a few minutes to view my channel or new Interstellar and
Whiplash videos I would be greatly humbled. Thanks so much to my fellow
Stuckmannized fans :) 

Brenden Johnson says:

Didn’t like how the film cut off, would have loved to seen a vocal
interaction before the movie ended after he gave that nod.

Mohamed Adam says:

X-Men days of future past had my favourite ending this year. Just

TheVideoInvader says:

Can’t wait. January here in England :(

Limpid View says:

Hey, so I just tried to make a review for Whiplash. Chris has been a major
inspiration for me and I finally built up the courage and effort to make a
review, if you guys could possibly take five minutes out of your day to
check it out and giving me feedback I would really appreciate it (seriously
it would mean the world to me)
Thanks and have a great day

TaniaDarcy Cult says:

I can’t wait to see it, I’ve been wanting to see it ever since I saw the
trailer, AND OMG YOU TOO CHRIS? My parents are that way as well. They want
me to go I college, get a terrible job, and get married etc…. I’m just
like NO!!!! I don’t want any of that, I want to follow my passion for
movies, art, and music.

hamish valeri says:

Chris obviously hasn’t seen oz

Dans Blair says:

Going to cinema with a friend tomorrow – we originally planned to see ‘The
Imitation Game’ but due to your review, I changed our plans and convinced
her that we have to see ‘Whiplash’ :D I hadn’t heard of this movie so far,
so thanks you!

Robert Jones says:

JK got that oscar. Favorite ending in many years. A+ totally agree.

CaptainNeedleDick says:

Chris i’m 14 my I’ve been always trying to tell people about my love of
movies like you in school and telling them that the movie they like sucked
like come one people liked the women in black 2 and Dracula untold AND JACK

Rafi Raihan says:

Even if you’re not a fan of music, or this type of movie genre, please give
it a chance. Best ending to a movie I’ve seen in a long time. Probably the
best that I’ve ever seen.

farfangled says:

I love Whiplash. Best movie of 2014 that I saw. (I’ve yet to see
Interstellar, Birdman, and Boyhood.) One of my all time favorites. 

territorionerd says:

Whiplash was just breathtaking. I was shaking by that incredible ending.
Soooo amazing! Sooo talented! Pure art. 

TheAlien659 says:

J.K Simmons looked really pissed about that A+. haha

ImpressionBlend says:

I loved this film so much! It really blew me away—I keep recommending it to
everyone. The acting and the way the film was shot made it so intense!
Definitely one of my favorite movies this year.

Abdul Delati says:

Insanely good! BUT WHY DID IT END RIGHT WHEN HE FINISHED. At least let us
see the crowd react! 

Maya Mintegui says:

I loved Kids on the slope, the characters felt really natural and human.
The ending surprised me quite a lot I must say, it wasn’t the traditional
“happy ending” but it was very well written and leaves a warm feeling. The
animation was kind of atypical for anime standars, it sort of remind me old
2d Disney animation style with the shading and color selection (but with
anime character design of course). Also, the music is beautiful.
I like your reviews :)

IamJohno says:

Yawn such a boring film, films like this are so overated how is this film
better rated than Shutter Island? jokes

maximuscesar says:

The most interesting about this movie that it takes all the
musician/overcoming film cliches (the own teacher/student thing is a
cliche, an overcoming at the end, heavy “murphy’s law events”, sports
overestimation, etc) but execute them in a masterfully way. The movie is so
well executed that you forget how unlikely certain situations in it are.
Other interesting aspect is that all the reviewers that I’ve seen talking
about this movie so far had something personal to relate to it and to the
main character (so as myself).

Jacob Minger says:

This movie was great. I love J.K. Simmons, and he was fantastic. So was
Miles Teller, and man that last 10-15 minutes was awesome. 

Jackson Burris says:

When a movie like this doesn’t do its research, to the point at which it
becomes a comedy for any musician, you have a dumpster fire. Seriously, I
laughed my head off the whole way through. A potentially great movie comes
off as nothing more than a shitflick.

StreetFightingMan1967 says:

This movie is without a doubt a masterpiece!! I’m a huge fan of jazz and
blues music and I have jazz and blues trivia to a tee(not to sound like a
pompous assface). But this movie blew my mind.

April Chems says:

0:35 Every sense of the word devoured, except literal…

Steve F says:

A+ is kinda generous. Well acted yes, but the plot is rather contrived and
felt like large chunks of character development were missing. The whole
movie felt kinda rushed. I guess not quite up to the hype, but worth
seeing. The love interest felt like a pointless footnote too. Painted
with a broad brush and parts just glossed over. The bleeding hands were
absolutely ridiculous too, as well as other things I won’t mention that are

BTW, if you had a Brooklyn accent you could pass for Edward Burns….or
brother at the very least.

Brian Eduardo says:

I like that you don’t feel the need to use expletives.. like your
reviews… gonna subscribe…and you are very very cute

Far Far Khokhar says:

You have some blu rays not on ur brown shelf why didn’t u say them in ur

sijjiin says:

So it’s basically Hank Schillinger (Oz) becomes a music teacher.

ramiro costa says:

cool review man! thanks

Aroreiel says:

I get the isolation thing. Loving films, I never felt I really had any
moral support when I did my Drama degree. It wasn’t seen as a valid enough
route to take in terms of a career or ambition. Then there’s other people
around you not taking you seriously and not realising just how difficult it
is or how hard you have to work. It’s frustrating and deflates you a bit.
Oh btw, this film was a winner. Intense stuff and J.K Simmons owned it.

wekicksome says:

Oi, slightly disappointed because you didn’t mention the absolutely KILLER
renditions of Hank Levy and Duke Ellington in this film. Jazz fan desu ne?
Mention kudasai. 

maylee mclisky says:

Thank you for mentioning Kids on the Slope, as soon as i finished watching
Whiplash i ran home and sat down to watch it all over again. Enjoyed your
review as always

Myy Dulcea says:

10 thumbs up lol completely agree, movie was awesome 

Gitai Vinshtok says:

This movie PISSED me off. As a musician who studies in a conservatory, I
can tell you 100% that no one in this movie knew what playing music is
really like. Miles Teller did not sell to me that he is enthusiastic about
the drums. They used cheap strategies to show it like having him watch
drumming videos and drum on his leg and talk about Buddy Rich, but he did
not show to me that his character is truly passionate about music. (It
doesn’t help that all of his drumming in this movie was noticeably
overdubbed, so even though he may know how to play the drums, no, that was
DEFINITELY not him you heard, not even once.)

A true musician who loves music understands that when you are performing,
you are entering sacred ground, so to speak, and you have to respect the
music and the conductor, and the clarity of the performance is the #1
priority, not your childish emotions. This is why the ending pissed me off,
because NO ONE in their right mind who loves music would do anything like
throw in a song, knowing that one of the players did not know it or have
the sheet music. That also goes for the fact that a good drummer plays in
the groove, and starts and ends a song clearly — not solos with all his
might long after the conductor ended the song. That makes him an awful
musician who doesn’t understand the point of performing, and frankly a
pretentious douche.

When they showed Miles Teller practicing, oh my god… I’m not a drummer
but I know that practicing anything doesn’t mean banging on the instrument
until your hands bleed; it means practicing with precision and sensitivity.
Realistically any musician would go home and play slowly to a metronome.

I could go on about this for days, and you may think I’m nitpicky,
ignorant, or even pretentious for making these things such a big deal. But
they are. Because the discipline a serious musician must have and the
harshness of some teachers is a beautiful thing that a brilliant movie
could be made about. But as a musician who has been in these situations
with these kinds of teachers, I can assure you that this movie as a whole
was a bad reputation of what playing music is like. It is an art, not a
race to see who can play the loudest and fastest. And many parts in this
movie were both laughable and painful to watch, because of how little
everyone involved in the making of this movie seemed to know about the
real, competitive world of playing music.

Perhaps as a psychological battle of these two stubborn musicians, this
movie was good, but as a representation of the harshness of the music
world, this movie was overly dramatic, inaccurate, and honestly a little
insulting. If you make a movie about music, research what it’s actually

Oliver johnson says:

You give a retard a calculator he’ll try to turn on the tv with it-J.K

jack napier says:

Clever link between crunchy roll and Kids on the Slope…
Well played

Deleted Account says:

Being a fan of jazz and good films this was a no brainer this movie spoke
to me in so many levels we all had that psychotic teacher who you think is
a piece of shit when in reality hes the only teacher that actually gives a
shit about your future the scenes with teller and jk are insanely intense.
Please watch this movie if you haven’t yet, moty imo

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