What’s Up With All These Trailers Being Released Lately? – AMC Movie News

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Ryan writes: 

Hey AMC Love the show . This past week trailers for Antman, Starwars the force awakens, Batman v superman, Fantastic 4, and Jurasic World have been released. Is there any particular reason why all these trailers are being released in one weeks time, and does it hurt or help the marketing for all the films? Love to hear your thoughts, stay nerdy and proud.

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ShinbrigTV says:

It funny, because NOBODY is talking about the new Terminator trailer!!!! xD

ricky93100 says:

Avengers comes out next week. I think they want their trailers to premiere
with the movie considering it’s tracking to have the biggest opening
weekend to date.

Joey Henderson says:

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
2. Batman v Superman
3. Jurassic World
4. Tomorrowland
5. Fantastic Four
6. Ant-Man

I thought all the trailers for these movies were great.

N Slater says:

Trailer Wars!

MavenCree says:

Batman v Superman was supposed to come out on April 20th. Last week there
was a teaser trailer for the teaser trailer saying the date it would come
out. Then it “leaked” and the early released it.

AP Studios says:

It’s because of Avengers hitting theaters 

Lucas Kambeitz says:

8. Terminater Genisys – Trailer was not that great and ruined the twist.
Not very excited for this one which sucks since I love 1 and 2.

7. Jurrasic World – Idk why but I’m it that pumped to see this. Just feels
like it showed way to much and the more I see of this the less I’m excited

6. Fantastic Four – This movie is starting to get me excited, but the thing
looks a little goofy.

5. Tomorrowland – Pretty excited overall for this one.

4. Ant-Man – This trailer really stepped it up and I’m excited to see this
way more now.

3. Batman V Superman – Could’ve shown more but it was still a Decent

2. Rogue One – although short, I am so pumped for this.

1. Force awakens – It’s star wars, what do you expect? 

Peter Jackson says:

They are all great except for the Terminator one. That one is telling of
how shit the movie is going to be

Patrick Bateman says:

Second comment ;) 

HELLASgate7 says:

Man these guys awesome 

David Bent says:

Lick my fucking sack you freaking ugly lookg fegget

Taco1011 says:

John Reppin’ that Canada Jersey.

sexyvita88 says:

PEOPLE and i thought BvS was the best becuz im young

necrom21221 says:

Star wars is the weakest.

Ralph Krolczyk says:

Do individual reactions then. As far as all the films they’ve mentioned on
the video, I think Jurassic world will be the worse movie. I’m not saying
it will be a bad movie just wouldn’t be as good as all the other ones.
Don’t know why. Just have that feeling, but if you add terminator to the
mix than that will be the worse movie both bad compared to the others and
just a bad film altogether.

Darius Hampton says:

Well all of these movies but Batman V Superman come out this year. 

Algrim Kurse says:

I somehow think they see it wrong. They know AoU comes out next week and
those are all movies that fit the audience of Avengers, therefore it is
strategically the best time to release them.

Jordan Brown says:

Schnepp is hilarious 

Tommy Pheap says:


Joshalots says:

It’s getting everyone excited for movies right before summer starting with


Loved the batman v superman trailer not a star wars fan so didn’t do much
for me everyone else was pumped about it because of the star wars fan base
it has. I think by winter people tunes will be changing about batman v
superman looks great. Glad their taking batman in a direction he’s never
been in on film 

Victor Dominguez says:

Didn’t they all come out so that they could show them in front of Avengers

Death Stroke says:

BvS shit’s all over them bitches

tompparaideri says:

I loveeee Ashley Mova!!

MrKrypton73 says:

Yep even at the end of this video John cracks a joke Kristian pure straight
faced, either something is bothering him personally or all he can see is
Star Wars and everything else in his life means nothing.

Leo Hernandez says:

Do a live reaction to the infinity war part 1 teaser whenever that drops

Ryan Powless says:

Holy shit they took my question! :D

DreamEaterNo1 says:

First comment ;)

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