V/H/S: Viral – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews V/H/S: Viral, starring Emmy Argo, Amanda Baker, Rim Basma.


The Nintendo Project says:

You totally ripped this film apart…and I respect that.

camersworld says:

I don’t know why but when Chris says fuck, it always shocks me and catches
me off guard 

Daniel Huynh says:

I honestly don’t understand why the media portrays teenagers in a negative
light. The teens I know would never do drugs and pretty honest people. You
got 30 year olds who are probably doing worse s*** than what 95% of
teenagers in America. But people will not get it.

Hammond Denzel says:

It’s a shame because the franchise has lots of potential. They could’ve
simply given some amateur directors a shot & chosen some of their videos.
For example, holding a competition worldwide where amateur/beginner
directors get the chance to produce a short horror story. I think in that
way, they’ll end up with millions of creepy videos from around the world
containing different crazy ideas.

Waleed Khan says:

Holy shit. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard you say fuck. It must’ve
really sucked lol.
I’m so sorry you have to go through these films to deliver us reviews,
brother (but well thanks for doing so x’D). I saw the first VHS last night
based off your recommendation and really really liked it. The film wasn’t
really original and did have a lot of cliches but at the same time
something about it felt fresh. It was absolutely terrifying at times. I’ll
make sure to check out the second one and well probably avoid this one.

Kate Jackson says:

Much like Chris, I couldn’t stand this movie, it was just awful. The first
two are excellent but this is one of those that put very little effort in
and it really does show. Avoid at all costs, absolutely terrible movie

YupImNuts says:

Being such a huge fan of the first two, I have to see this one anyway but I
figured it would suck. I feel the opposite about The ABCS Of Death. I think
part one was horrible but part two was fantastic. Question: what could they
have done to make VHS: Viral worthy of a watch?

Scott Raby says:

This movie was the WORST. Not even close to VHS 1 and 2. Your review is
spot on. No inventiveness. No creativity. Lazy filmmaking. The creators of
the entire series should have oversaw this film and scrapped it. Or have
gotten better filmmakers to make better short stories within the main
story. The Magician story was the ONLY part of this that was somewhat
enjoyable. Whoever the powers that be are over this movie franchise should
have just said ” this is not up to our level of movie standards for this
franchise”, it has to be as good as 1 and 2! The fans are too smart these
days. Luckily I just rented this. 

Jordan Bertsch says:

Let’s see all they had was 1.main film ice cream truck 2.dimension thingy
4.and magic guy if I can remember
Not even the same amount of films as the 1 and 2nd one its not worth buying
as he said..its true rushed and stupid stuff I was really hoping it would
be good as the last 2 but wasnt

fourth1000 says:

I enjoyed the skater kids. The segment felt like a lift from the 90s movie
KIDS. It had some dialogue and scene lifts.
But they didn’t bother me. They felt like real kids. The punk types that
hang out and roam around the neighborhoods. It was a refreshing light to
see youth portrayed in. Not all teenagers act like they do on Dawsons Creek
or American Pie.

sean love says:

I actually liked the magican story the rest was mehhhh ✌

Andrew R says:

I think what ruined this movie was the wrap around story, which was just
plain stupid, and the fact that there were only 3 tapes. That’s actually
why I came to this video because I’m looking for info on “Gorgeous Vortex”

Robert Freeman says:

I’ve seen the 1st two V/H/S movies and loved them, so I was excited when I
actually purchased the third movie. Chris hit the nail on the head! The
skateboard kids short had me wanting to throw my whole DVD player out of
the window! If they make a fourth movie, they have to go hard and make up
for the crappie third one!

NicoKay says:

I can totally understand you. I am a huge fan of the first two movies,
especially V/H/S/2 with “Safe Haven”. Viral was so unbelievably bad… It
was cheap, confusing as hell, sometimes too over the top and even kind of
ridiculous, it has the worst actors you could probably find on this
planet… and, as you already mentioned: it was NOT SCARY AT ALL. maybe the
first tape with the magician a tiny bit… but still nowhere near to the
first movies, where I was close to shitting my pants at many points.

Francos Tacos says:

Dead on with this review. Loves the first 2 never been more disappointed in
a movie I was excited bout seeing. Movie was garbage

Tom Reynolds says:

What a bullshit review, don’t take this guy’s word for it, the movie has
some excellent moments.
Yeah, it has some cop-out hacky stuff, but so don’t the first two VHS’ . .
they are far from masterpieces, in fact, the entire franchise is a
low-budget one.
The second story is worth the price of admission alone. Watch it.
I think it’s the best segment out of all three movies, and the writer was
thinking way outside the box on this one.
The whole Ice Cream truck wraparound thing was annoying and cheap as hell,
without any plot resolvment, and that seems to be the general consensus on
that one. I have no argument with that.
The first story about the magician was fun, fairly predictable, but
entertaining. The special effects weren’t bad either, for a low-budget
The third story I kinda liked, and I was rooting for the skateboarders to
escape the basin. So I don’t know what the problem was on that one. One
commenter said that it ended just as it was getting good, I would agree
with that, but it was still a very entertaining story.
Again, watch this for story two, all I can say is: Holy Shit!

matt cooper says:

I switched the movie off like 12 minutes into it as soon as the magician
started shooting sparks out of his hand. The worst bit of horror I have
ever witnessed ever in my life. I never switch movies off until they are
finished but I actually couldn’t stand it. It felt embarrassing watching

sluggz956 says:

I kind of liked the skater skit. But I think the best one had to have been
the parallel universe one I suppose. Viral was a big let down. I think
V/H/S 2 was the best and had some scary stuff. Especially the cult one that
one was creepy. 

Charles Hall says:

I thought the parallel monsters short movie was great, it creeped me out,
I’ve never seen anything like it! 

Robert Rosevink says:

I’ve seen VHS 1 + 2 on Netflix…. both were O.K. but NOT worth buying! Not
even on – here it comes – VHS! 5/10, both of them.

Mike Rosen says:

I didn’t know this movie was even out till I saw it on the new releases
stand at Walmart and i thought it might be just as good as the first and
second one so I bought this piece of shit for 13 bucks, man what a fucking
let down. I wish I saw this review before wasting 13 bucks on that 

silja lin says:

Just saw it yesterday with my boyfriend and I haaaaaaated it. Mostly when
we watch movies together we small talk and cuddle and stuff but this time
we just sat there in complete shock as we watched a franchise we quite
enjoyed die before our eyes.
I hated the ice cream truck-story, I hated the magician-story (it seemed to
tooootally forget that it was supposed to be a found fucking footage movie
and the acting aswell as the effects were ridiculous) and I also despised
the idiotic skater-story.
The only story I came any close to liking was the one about the portal and
that one literally dick slapped the viewer by the end. ‘Oh, you thought for
a moment we were going to actually TRY and make a good instalment for this
movie? HA! FUCK YOU!’ 

Rev0lutionIsMyName says:

Sounds like [REC]3 and Ninja Gaiden 3. For some stupid reason they
abandoned the formula for success and just pumped out a turd. What other
‘end on 3′ tragedies are there?

Tony Leon says:


The88shrimp says:

Can someone please explain this movie to me. I’ve watched a lot of horrors,
I’m actually a huge fan of horrors but this is the first V/H/S movie that
I’ve seen… Is it meant to be a horror or a comedy? seriously all I got
out of it was laughs. The only found footage film that I found scary was

==> SPOILERS BELOW… kind of <== What I understood from it was that lot’s of people wanted to become popular by making a viral video, what I don’t understand is well… Why is there a magician that can do everything but requires humans to feed his source of power (his cape) Why are people traveling to different dimensions where people have snake dicks and Venus Fly Trap vaginas that eat people. Why do skaters encounter a pentagram that summons worshipers that eventually turn into skeletons and at the end Godzilla comes out of a tunnel. I’ll also add that the skaters knock the heads off the skeletons with their skateboards and then blow them up with firecrackers with up-beat operatic music.

Dylan Antill says:

Horror movies are dead to me.

Jeehoondevil says:

I was such a fan of the first two movies that I still HAVE to check out
this movie even after watching this review.

Edit: K just saw the movie.. And holy shit… Terrible effects, terrible
CGI, the tapes weren’t even creative, and terrible acting. I can see why
you hated this movie. Definitely DO NOT RECOMMEND. Just rewatch v/h/s 1 and

smokin rollin says:

wtf i thought it was good just confusing how you enter the movie no more
house now this other shit is happening like thats all i had a semi prob
with and now looking back on it the skater one was weird didnt really make
sense but over all man it was a very entertaining just wish just like the
others had some leap of explanation on just WTF is going down 

Rycka Cyris says:

Am im the only one who taught that this movie was atleast twice cheaper
than other 2 i mean common there were like 0 effects in this movie and the
stories were so badly done and written that you want to ask what were they
thinking . Its lazy done its cheap not scary and i dont like it

C Petro says:

You are nit picking this to death, Chris. It is what it is. Dante The Great
was well done.

Wicked Vampire says:

Oh my God i just got done watching it 1 and 2 were so amazing.. This one..
HAD potential but the movies were cut so fuckin short, there was like 3
movies and then boom its done in a second wtf…. Im so mad right now, Like
the kids skating, that one ended right as it was getting good… the Portal
one was amazing i liked it, then the sudden abrupt ending of the movie out
of no where is like a big middle finger to the viewers, i feel robbed

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