Upham Gets Beat Up (Behind-the-Scenes)

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Kristian teaches Upham a lesson or two…

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Dennis Smith says:

I like how Kristian punches him one way and Cody’s head moves in the
opposite direction he punched

SK Podcast says:

@kristianharloff beats up @therealcodyhall

Cathal Thomas Coleman says:

Darth Harloff using force punch so as not to break his fists. Smart.

Rene Carbajal says:

Cody no-sold

Greeno86 says:

ha, oh poor Cody

CCScorseseVideos says:

Note to self: Never get on Kristian’s bad side

Dean Webb says:

wow thank looked like it hurt

gabrieldelossantos3 says:

Avengers has nothing on this

goddamn zordan says:

hahah this was funny

prixat says:

You didn’t use the green screen! lol

Jonathan Flores says:

The Wrath of Harloff. Poor Cody :(

Jonathan Ellison says:

ouch poor CODY easy HARLOFF he’s only little

d3xm96 says:

i’m watching this at 2 in the morning. I have no life…

Shane says:

Laying the smackdown on Upham

Trevor wignall says:

I saw the thumbnail and knew it was fake but I don’t know why I clicked
here anyway

DominatorGaming says:

This was my favourite one. Heyyyyyyyy baby doll what’s going on?

fetB says:

he tried to smile… hit him more xD

BeatMasterNew says:


AA1891 says:

Pillow Hands Harloff

Tiberias says:

That has to be the best BTS ever!

starkiller14100 says:

And at the very end ” you hit like a bitch” **** falls****

Nolan BArth says:

Darth Harloff really came out in this video! 

Garrett Cross says:

The beginning is absolutely hilarious! 

AP Studios says:


Scott Sieg says:

Laughing out loud right now. That was hilarious 

MrMaximum91 says:

lmfao. love the schmoes sense of humor!!!

BelieveInMyDaydreams says:


Vlad Bayard says:

The special effects are horrible :)) That CGI Kristian was so unbelievable

Michael Beatty says:

Hahaha what?

tuboneium says:

Poor Upham didn’t stand a chance against Darth Harloff

EliasMovies says:


gorillapancake says:

Is he in the hospital? I hope he’s OK.

nicbam14 says:

I love Cody but he can’t even get beat up right!

Mrmyagi132 says:

That was some real uppercuts!

jonnyb45 says:

If this was real i think Cody would be dead haha this was hilarious 

MadTV says:


Wujek Stryjek says:

OMG the combination of AWESOME SOUND EFFECTS and mind-numbingly terrible
acting is simply HILARIOUS!!!

Lycon Xero says:

I like the beginning of the video the most. The setup for the supposed
fight was interesting but the actual beatdown scene was just so blah that
it kind of lost me. Now it would have been totally awesome and probably the
best BTS EVER if Harloff had actually gone Darth Harloff and forced choked
him out after initial setup.

Brentsfriend says:

LEAVE UPHAM ALONE!!!!!! Please… Leave him alone. 

NarutoRasengan says:

Man after the main show left this channel has just gone downhill

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