TWITTER QUESTIONS – March 3, 2015 – AMC Movie News

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Twitter Questions – March 3, 2015

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Yugi Muto says:

Freddy vs Jason vs Ash (from Evil Dead) was supposed to be the sequel, and
it is in comic form. I’d love to see Bruce Campbell reprise Ash for the

neurocosm says:

They (whoever THEY is) need to do an Avengers style horror with every
horror icon there is. They save the planet from Aliens! FUCK IT.

Freddy Krueger
Jason Voorhees
Ash Williams
Micheal Meyers
Rawhead Rex

I mean what the fuck, just do it.

Caith Hunt says:

I don’t care what anybody says, Freddy vs Jason was awesome! I loved the
tone, I think they captured what was best about both characters. The only
change I would make would be to introduce some really horror to it. I
agree that it would be a great way to kick-start their individual

Sammy Lane says:

There WAS a FREDDY vs Jason 2!But that sequel got spun into a near full on
comicbook franchise with Ash Williams and Leatherface meeting Freddy and
Jason and all them going to Washington and the Dream Warriors uniting and
it was such a awesome blood shed of a story.

Mavis Abe says:

The first Freddy vs Jason was just terrible. It doesn’t deserve a sequel. 

Adam Coffland says:

I’m pretty sure Paramount now owns the rights for the ‘Friday the 13th’
franchise, so we won’t be seeing a new ‘Freddy vs. Jason’ any time soon,
unless New Line Cinema gets the rights back in the future. That’s fine with
me, though, because I would LOVE to see a new Paramount ‘Friday the 13th!’

Christian Tenorio says:

not really digging the new studio kind of like the old one better!

Marcus Jr. Brink says:

I got to the movies 2-3 times every month. Löv film

necrom21221 says:

First comment yes sir!!!

SuperShanko says:

How about a Freddy vs. Jason kind of movie with a dash of Cabin in the
Woods where the government or whatever “Evil Corporation” is heavily
involved in this bullshit and basically do a summoning Loki thing with
Freddy and…. I don’t know, somethingsomethingsomething BIG FIGHT!!

Craig Farnham says:

Yes, Schnepp, right on! Get going screenwriters!

immortal Warrior Genius says:

my dream is to see freddy and jason michael myers and maybe
chucky leatherface all in one movie fighting see who wins

Angelmon Gone says:

Nooo jason is unfair nottonchin a mamas boy

Chachi El Amante says:

Kickass 3???

Kieran Begley says:

I went to go see Kingsman because of what you guys said. Your opinions do
and have an influence, thanks for the videos.

ToiChinGon says:


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