Tusk movie review

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Kevin Smith takes a stab at the “horror” genre with a comedy/suspense/twisted movie for your inner gorefiend. Jeremy reviews “Tusk”!

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john hansen says:

trick r’ treat and sinister were the last horror movies that actually did
anything for me

Kenneth Steichen says:

I wonder if Jeremy realized that the inspector “Guy Lapointe” is Johnny

Rembrandt says:

Review shrek 

PurpleIsALetter says:

Jeremy…you COMPLETELY missed the ENTIRE point of this movie. I’m
disappointed in you.

JohnStripedfur says:

Hostel. The only movie that almost made me throw up.

Skynet666official says:

you want disturbing, watch 2 girls 1 cup. 

myoldvan119 says:

I know it sounds lame but the movie Signs creeped me out big time with that
alien scene on the tv

breasthound says:

Kevin Smith is the Ed wood of his time. he makes pretty bad movies but
fucking loves doing it. 

ericdecosta89 says:

Huge props to Kevin Smith for making a very risky movie. This could’ve
really crashed, but it didn’t. It’s a good movie, no alcohol required for
me. It had plenty of memorable scenes that I won’t soon forget. It’s going
to be fun to see how Tusk is viewed over time. 

Dima idf says:

Why? WHY?!?! Why I allways have to choose wich reviwer to watch first? You
or Chris Stuckmann??? Maybe you two should work together!!!

Stephon Yacub says:

Just watched this movie and up until the walrus is shown its kind of ok.
Definitely a 4/10 until the Walrus is shown and then this movie turns to
garbage, “Dogshit” actually. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rotten Tomatoes
gave this a 9% or something. Transformers 4 was better. 

Jack Spratt says:

I can respect what the movie is more than enjoy it. I loved the development
behind it, loved watching it grow from a one-off joke into an actual film,
and I can respect Smith sticking to his guns.
But – and there’s always a but – I didn’t like the movie. Maybe, as a
Canadian, I liked the Canada jokes (“You can be red and white but never
blue”), but really nothing else. Crying shame.

Amazing Amy says:

Omgoddd! The detective rambled, rambled, and fuckingggg never shut up.

Movie was creepy w that music, holy shit! But the ending?????? C’mon?

verj1l23 says:

Se7en. That last conversation in the car with the killer is such a great

ImTotallyOver9000 says:

I loved Johnny Depps character he was the best part of the movie 9in my

delilah022809 says:

the inspector guy was jhonny depp, and actors meet the demands of the
director lol. They don’t get to pick how to act lol They get pitched a
script and then they decide to take the job or not. So yeah I agree the
detective was a very silly cartoony character but tt was by choice of the

nodinitiative says:

lol…realised a few weeks ago, that the concept of this movie was not that
original, no, it was not a rip-off of “The Human Centipede”, but rather a
movie classic called, “Sssssss”. Look it up.

John Clausen says:

Why does everyone think Kevin Smith is a good director?

aces high says:

I’ve watched a lot of horror/b/sci fi/banned movies that most people I know
wouldn’t watch, and I HATED Tusk. Not to mention the fact that all through
this movie I was thinking of the Fleetwood Mac song with the same name,
hoping, hoping, hoping they wouldn’t go there… and… yep. THAT was
funny. Otherwise it sucked.

Red John says:

At least it was original, but yeah,not a great one, but then, Has kevin
smith ever made a great movie? 

monkeekiller20 says:

i disagree with your view of kevin smith going for all this shock value.
i’m sure he made this movie how he wanted and didn’t let things like “shock
value” hinder his creative process. just because you took a scene or
something as shocking or crazy doesn’t mean it wasn’t the creative minds
behind it actually trying to pull something off. 

bizmonkey007 says:

I stopped caring about Tusk after Justin Long made his full
“transformation.” There was no reason to care about him or his struggle
after that. Unlike Misery, where there’s a good balance of forces between
the protagonist (the injured Paul Sheldon) and the antagonist (the insane
Annie Wilkes), Tusk just throws Wallace (Justin Long) into the wood chipper
without much of a fight. Smith basically wanted him to be a walrus, but
didn’t put enough conflict in the story leading up to his transformation
for us to care. 

Roof1975 says:

REVIEW the game DESTINY soon man! Saw Angry Joe’s review, now curious to
see your view! Just be honest! Good and bad!!

Canadian Food says:

Maybe it’s just because I’m Canadian but I liked the weird French Canadian

D Vass says:

The most disturbing horror film I’ve ever seen is The Texas Chainsaw
Massacre (1974). I’ve only seen 2 Kevin Smith Films – Mallrats and Dogma.
Both are good in their own ways and they show that Kevin Smith is a pretty
versatile filmmaker and that he deserves to make a comic book movie. Which
reminds me – I’m still fucking pissed that they scrapped his ideas for The
Green Hornet movie and made that Seth Rogen abomination instead!

TheCycloneable says:

I wasn’t aware that the inspector you were talking was played by Johnny
frckin’ Depp!

Knuckles The Echidna says:

Anyone else think Kevin Smith is annoying?

Elliot Robinson says:

Does he turn him into a walru

Mondo Connie says:

I love Manhunter. The relationship between Will Graham and Hannibal Lechter
is always disturbing.

Ahmed says:

I Hated this movie.. It was just fucked up. I liked the Human Cetipede

aa brown says:

It’s awesome how Johnny Depp would star in a movie like this and receive a
tiny paycheck instead of his twenty million dollars….what a true actor,
who only wants to have fun on the big screen. What a true talent!!!!

Keith Harris says:

I never thought I’d see a movie that made me feel worse for Justin Long
than Jeepers Creepers. The ending was totally ridiculous of course, but it
got to where I didn’t even care because the film as a whole was just
joyfully insane. I can honestly say I haven’t seen a horror comedy this
good since Tremors. Different tastes will provide different reactions of
course, but I personally found this one of the scariest and saddest
scenarios one could find themselves in. While many complain about the
walrus costume, I actually found it believable and one of the top worst
fates one could experience. This is one of the defining B- horror classics
of this generation, a campy, over the top, implausibly crazy flick that
doesn’t care how dumb it looks. It basically did to us what JAWS did to
swimmers, I will never look at walruses the same again. Bravo Kevin Smith,
now PLEASE make Clerks 3 already, just one more to redeem the franchise
from that God awful Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and the short lived
Clerks cartoon!

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