Tusk – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann and John Flickinger review Tusk, starring Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment, Genesis Rodriguez, Michael Parks. Directed by Kevin Smith.


Alex Sc says:

Congrats on your marriage chris. Your wife has got Stuckmannised

John Doe says:

I wish Stuckmann and Jeremy would do a review together, maybe for
Nightcrawler or Foxcatcher LIKE IF YOU WANT THEM TO DO A LIVE WEB-CHAT

Chris Stuckmann says:
tleeg74 says:

I actually like seeing Flickster reviewing with Stuckmann.

On Johns channel hes so fucking obnixious and annoying when he does reviews
that i literally cant stand to watch a entire review. Hes loud and acts
like hes on speed. At least with Stuckmann, John is mellow and tolerable. 

Multiplex says:

I feel like if you hear the premise of TUSK and are not immediately
interested in the film, it’s not for you AT ALL

07foxmulder says:

That John guy annoys the fuck out of me. I couldn’t care less about his

TaniaDarcy Cult says:

Everytime I want to watch a video. The same fucking commercial of an ugly
fucking chick pops out. Does anyone else get annoyed of commercials on
videos. The same commercial all the time.

Steve Brule says:

You’re getting married? I’m sorry to hear that. You have my condolences 

Mark R. says:

congrats chris for getting married! did john dress up as batman at your
wedding? lol

Blake F says:

I like Clerks way better, and Zack and Miri Make a Porno is a guilty
pleasure of mine, but I like Tusk better than what else I’ve seen of Kevin

The one scene that hurt the movie big time, in my opinion, was the one with
the cameo that lasted WAY too long. Also, the comedic scenes were touch and
go for me, but I got the sense that it was because Justin Long’s character
was written to think he was funny, when really he wasn’t.

Boyd Bissell Jr. says:

This movie fucked me up. I was like “Wow Mr. Smith, wow.” That’s all I have
to say about that.

Brad Laws says:

Believe me, I haven’t enjoyed all of Smith’s films but Tusk was a pleasant
surprise. Never before have I laughed so hard and been so off-put at the
same time.

Holly Roxy says:

hey…i liked secondhand lions. granted i was really young when i saw it
but i really enjoyed it & thought it was great. as for haley joel
osment….wow wth happened to him???

Marlon Davis says:

They are just stroking kevin smith’s dick so hard. I AM THE WALRUS GOO GOO

Izzo Warrior Academy says:

Does Justin Long ever NOT get messed up in a movie? 

likeastarbaby says:

mehh im not gunna watch this movie but just spent a solid five minutes
looking for a picture of the walrus man as im quite curious
now…unfortunately it doesn’t appear to exist on the internet yet

Jesse Threads says:

It’s amazing how differently you guys think to Jeremy Jahns. You’re the
only 3 reviewer’s I’m subbed to, because I find I’m generally somewhere
between the opinions I see on each channel. But wow, he bagged on this
movie big time, and you guys are saying it all mixes together perfectly.
Not really sure whether I should see it or not now…

RelapseGalore55 says:

I’ve never laughed harder then when they reveal Justin first becoming the
Walrus..the zoom out on the camera then zooming in killed me.

MsShadowPaint says:

Haley Joel Osment has actually been doing a lot of voice acting lately.
He’s most well known role is Sora/Vanitas from Kingdom Hearts.

John Tran says:

You John and jeremy should do a review together

TheGamerThing says:

Not sure about this camera setup Chris! Nakes it feel somehow cheesy

wahhmann123 says:

this movie was cRAZZY

kane carlson says:

Dogma was pretty awesome but
Chasing Amy is my favorite movie of his

MrDoucheMagoo says:

I watched like 3 different reviews of this movie and came away believing it
was a vampire movie up until I saw it. Holy shit, I hated it lol if only i
knew what it was actually about before going in.

AhemGoodSir says:

If they say this is Kevin Smiths best movie, they clearly haven’t seen

WolverinesNation92 says:

Clerks II is my favorite Kevin smith film. The first 2/3 is amazing. It
slows down in the 3rd act though :(. 

Kyle West says:

I love the fact that Kevin Smith gave us Red State and now Tusk. I didn’t
have a chance to see Tusk in theaters (it didn’t come anyplace close to me)
but I know I’m going to love it. I really hope hes serious about doing
Moose Jaws.

Tyler Reurink says:

This movie was terrible. It was complete garbage.

ProWrestlingFan 486 says:

This movie disturbed me.

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