Top Five – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Top Five, starring Chris Rock, Rosario Dawson, Gabrielle Union, Kevin Hart, Tracy Morgan, Cedric The Entertainer, JB Smoove, Sherri Shepherd, Anders Holm, Romany Malco, Leslie Jones. Directed by Chris Rock.


Iceman89 says:

Not going to lie, i have been watching Chris’s reviews for a year now. i
thought Chris Stuckmann was one of those reviewers who doesn’t like African
American movies and only watch predominantly “white” movies. i was
definitely mistaken and love that he reviewed this movie since there are
other youtubers who dont pay attention to African American movies like they
should in order to show some type of diversity in Hollywood. just my
opinion and wanted to share

ArdentFilmGeek says:

I heard only positive comments and this gets a B+ a little confused Chris 

Tregg Fisher says:

My favorite comedian.. JOHN FLICKSTER

McMoney69 says:

Bill Burr would have to be my favorite comedian right now. His ability to
take a controversial opinion and make it completely relatable is amazing.

The Flash says:

Ok so obviously robin Williams is up there and I love him to death but
Donald Glover just makes me laugh no matter what whether its on Community
or stand up

Adriano Vazquez says:

Chris you give a B+ and you said nothing negative. Explain please

XRJ92 says:

Has anyone seen Chris Rock’s movie Head of State? I thought that was a
pretty funny movie. And as for the comic question, despite recent events
I’m going with Bill Cosby. Because I can separate the art from the artist.

Athavan Rajasingham says:

Is it wrong if I say my favourite comedian was Robin Williams or is it too

Mike Wazowski says:

I think I’m first…

sonicgum15 says:

My favorite comedian may not quite count as one, more as a game reviewer,
but fuck it, I’m gonna say it……. CADDICARUS!!!

Jake Bat says:

My favorite comedian of all time is George Carlin though for currently
working comedians I’ll say Louis CK or Gabriel Iglesias though I think
Christopher Titus is really underrated.

Chris Lacy says:

Comedy comes in different flavors so it’s difficult for me to pick just
one. However, if I would have to say Eddie Murphy is the best all-around
comedian in my opinion.

Stand Up Specials: Delirious (1983) and Raw (1987) are still just as
hilarious as they were back then. Don’t be surprised if you see today’s
comedians using bits and pieces of Eddie’s material.

TV Work: It’s amazing to see a young Eddie Murphy steal the show on his SNL
stint (e.g. Buckwheat, Stevie Wonder impersonation, James Brown
impersonation, etc.)

Major Motion Pictures: Eddie took his talents to new heights by starring in
films like 48 Hrs, Beverly Hills Cop, Trading Places, Coming to America,

Not too many comedians (past or present) can measure up to the body of work
that Eddie Murphy has left behind.

Boyan Dong says:

George Carlin, to me, is the greatest comedian of all time. Over an
incredibly long and prolific career he has demonstrated unsurpassed
capabilities of a whole spectrum of comedy styles, with materials that
range from walking down stairs to the earth, god and the whole universe.
However, he is definitely not for everybody. His political incorrectness
would make Bill Maher snap his asshole shut so tightly he could shit

You tried says:

Louis CK. He’s absolutely genius. His stand up is iconic and his show is
ground breaking for a comedy series.

Chris Stuckmann says:
Doug Vehovec says:

Terrific review, natch. How do you think it compared with Funny People?
Seems quasi-similar. Also, props on a great use of “guffaw”

Dirk Dirden says:

Mitch Hedberg…canceled his show I had tickets too and then died.

Jinxxed0 says:

I don’t think people understand just how brilliant Chris Rock is. Watch
anything he’s had creative input in. Watch Everybody Hates Chris. this guy
is legendary and wont be fully appreciated until we’re all long dead. but
maybe that will change.

rylan davis says:

I cant say one so my top 5 is eddie murphy,chris rock, kevin hart, mike
epps, and lil duval that just have me goin all the time

MetaBoo110 says:

My fav comedian has to be Dave Chapelle. He and his show are always

Alejandro Esparza says:

That’s great man, now could you maybe review Pink Floyd’s The Wall

Heisenberg _ says:

stephen colbert is a comedy genius, even though he is not technically a

Savvysap777 says:

Why a B+ Chris? I actually expected an A or A+ from the praise you gave it,
but if a B+ why no explain why it’s a B+ ???

TheVideoInvader says:

Eddie Murphy, Frankie Boyle, Milton Jones, Stewart Francis and Dave

André Gomes says:

I’m proud of your viewers, I’ve Ctrl+F comments and I saw no Adam Sandler
here, good, cause he sucks.

Blackbullnova69 says:

My favorite comedian is obviously Louis C.K.

Lori Wolfcat says:

Wrong review! This is how I know I shall do this review. It’s sort of
funny, but mostly shows LOTS of “adult” content.

hhziab says:

Hannibal Burress.

His standup is great and he does a amazing job on The Eric Andre Show

Keoni Anderson says:

Favorite comedian, tie between George Carlin and Bill Hicks

siddharth shekar says:

3:17 thats how he laughs??!??! Nice knowing u chris…. cya :P .Also I will
enter the COntest so that my fav youtuber gets a tv. Even though I am in
India and I am pretty sure they wont sent to me :(

Edit: For US residents only??!?? fku LG :P

MissRemedy082012 says:

This movie was an absolute train wreck . Can’t believe you liked it. It was
terrible !!

KnightofDuroch says:

I knew it was a longshot, but if this movie had beat EXODUS at the box
office, I would’ve laughed my ass off for days.

Nicholas Schubert says:

Favorite comedian: Jim Jeffries 

Rasoc ojoy says:

This review was so true. I just watched this film and I got embarrassed
when I laughed in the movie theater. This was Rocks best film in ages and
it was relevant from both a comedian and an artist perspective. A few
scenes in the film I could have dealt without but they were necessary for
the plot. I think the B+ was right for this film although I’d give it an A-
just because I have never laughed so hard in a movie in years.Chris Rock
needs to make more films like this.

OptiMizter says:

Ricky gervais

Seth Robinson says:

Best comedians for me are Louis CK and Patton Oswalt

Jonathan Y Wu says:

Russel Peters, but I like Mr. Rock as well.

Darnell Lee says:

This is a great review but you gave this a Bt and Foxcatcher the same
grade. I believe you are being to nice to Foxcatcher it was ok nothing
great. The actors were great but it was too slow plus you said it was a one
view movie which doesn’t scream to tell people that its any good.

mrconcept says:

I want a hey arnold tee

fraud1980 says:

All this praise and a B+? I dont get it. 

ARandomGuy says:

Anyone else saw the title and thought he was making a top 5 movie list?

Curtis says:

Charlie day is my favorite comedian 

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