Top 10 WORST Movies 2014

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With every top 10 best list, there must come a top 10 worst list. Jeremy brings you his picks of the top 10 WORST movies of 2014!

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Vergil Sparda says:

I say the top 5 worst movies should’ve been
5. Ouija
4.Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles (Fuck Michael Bay)
3. Legend of Hercules
2. Transformers (Fuck Michael Bay, again.)
1. And fucking Frozen. 

Joey Marlin II says:

The comedy genre is dead right now. I haven’t laughed at a movie since This
is the End came out.

John-Mark Cican says:

Omg I lost it at the prostrate peeing imitation xD

James Night says:

Jeremy, I am disappointed in you. This was the perfect opportunity to screw
with all the die hard “Interstellar” fans that have been nailing you since
your review! You should have put it at number one and gave the reasons that
everyone said you had for hating it just to mess with them, then give your
real number one. This was your golden opportunity! I would’ve laughed my
ass off!

UltimateShamrock says:

Ouija was the best comedy of the year

Alexander Supertramp says:

I saw one called “Gods Not dead”. Worst fucking piece of shit I ever had
the misfortune of watching.

honeyhotsauce says:

Fuck the Micheal Bay haters! Bunch of hypercrit fucks. bashes his movies
but will go see it anyways. If you hate Micheal Bay don’t watch his movies
if you do you’re just hypercrits fucks. 

Cassandra says:

The worst movie I saw this year was X-men DOFP

YujinXshadow says:

Oh man….January’s coming. That means one thing, shitty horror movies

Hidious Vanity says:

2014: Year of the Shitty Christian movies.

1. Kirk Cameron Saving Christmas
2. God’s Not Dead
3. Heaven is for Real
4. Noah
5. Exodus: Gods and Kings. 

Zain Peterson says:

Top 10 worst:
7.The Hobbit (Another one)
6.Captain America 2
3.Guardians of the Galaxy
2.Transformers AOE
1.I Frankenstein

Murray Reid says:

Why do people see the transformers films any more, if it has Michael Bay’s
name on it, it obviously isn’t good. Michael Bay is a genius, he is able
to get so many idiots to see his shit films and still make them come back.
Stop bitching that transformers films aren’t good! Just don’t see them!
worked for me. 

10isthisthereallife says:

01. Winter Sleep
02. Under the Skin
03. Mommy
04. Inherent Vice
05. The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
06. The Grand Budapest Hotel
07. Norte: The End of History
08. Boyhood
09. Gone Girl
10. Birdman
11. Whiplash
12. Foxcatcher
13. Force Majeure
14. Two Days, One Night
15. The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness
16. Ida
17. A Most Violent Year
18. Love is Strange
19. Palo Alto
20. Interstellar 

KevinJoshua JohnAnand says:

My top ten worst movies of all time

10. Psycho
9. Halloween
8. Batman begins
7. The lion king
6. Devil’s Due
5. Transformers 4
4. The Dark Knight Rises
3. Scream 4
2. Captain America Winter soldier
1. The Dark Knight

Elliot Diez says:

When you see the NO. 1 WORST MOVIE, “Devil´s Due” or “Ouija” on this
list….I´m sorry, “Transformers” and “Paranormal Activity: The Marked
Ones”…were just too good for this list. Guess Jeremy did not see

Ed Kolis says:

Someone explain to me why “Ouija” is pronounced “Weegee”? I get that “Oui”
is French for “yes” and “Ja” is German for “yes”, but in German, “ja” is
pronounced “yah”…

Rise of the sugars says:

And for my best: 1.Birdman 2.Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. 3.Whiplash 4.
The Grand Budapest Hotel 5. Captain America. 6. Guardians of the Galaxy
7.Interstellar 8. Live.Die.Repeat. 9. Fury 10. Everything is Awesome!!!!!!
(Lego Movie)

MaximumMadnessStixon says:

I will admit, for me “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones” was a guilty
pleasure. I enjoyed the first and third films quite a bit for what they
were. I’m a total geek for supernatural horror/paranormal thrillers, and
am interested in the implications of real life “ghost hunting”, so I found
them effective personally. (Though I can understand how some could find
them boring.) And I thought “The Marked Ones” was a nice variation on the
formula- I thought it was interesting that rather than just trying to scare
everyone like prior films, the demon actually tried to sort-of “seduce” the
lead character by acting like a “protector” at first. I enjoyed the fact
that the main character was a lower-class, young man who is technically a
minority, as opposed to the well-off white folks that populated the first
four films, since it gave a different perspective, and made him more
identifiable to me as someone who grew up in a lower/middle class
environment. And I thought it had enough effective scenes to make it worth
renting once or twice. It kinda gave me hope for the franchise after how
bad the fourth film had turned out. (But then hearing that the next film
is literally called “The Ghost Realm” kind of dashed those hopes… it’s
gonna be hard to take it seriously when the title sounds like a rejected
episode title of “The Real Ghostbusters.”)

Corristo89 says:

The Transformers movies suck and yet they keep breaking box office records!
WHY?! There are so many movies which never get a sequel because they only
did okay financially and Transformers gets sequel after sequel after
sequel. Which get worse every time.
They’re the cinematic equivalent of a turd covered in glitter and frosting.

Manny619 says:

Worst movie that I’ve seen this year? ‘The hunger games: mocking jay part

Jacob Mendez says:

please bring “IM NOT FUCKING AROUND” for just these list.

Karis Lee says:

i like transcendance and transformers

Kanjoos Lahookvinhaakvinhookvin says:

The prostate thing is such a good metaphor.

Shane Delaney says:


8.the raid 2
7.the grand budapest hotel
6.the box trolls
5.the edge of tommorrow
3.devils due
2.paranormal activity

Nils Engman says:

The Legend of Hercules has to be one of the most hilarious movies ever made
– in all the wrong ways.

ThePegusisterLucy Yolo says:

Oh my,ur 2 is my one!!!!!!!!!I can’t like transformers,I can’t whach the
cartoons with my brother anymore.

Nyran Stanton says:

you were pretty nice about transcendance. I thought it was MUCH worse than
you described.

Sim ChaFitness says:

I want Jeremy to be in a movie where he is a mob boss in a wheel chair
(where his legs don’t work) But the wheel chair have special tools like
R2-D2 for fighting BAD guys.

He’d be the most feared mob king pin in the city dealing ruthless for
anyone who crosses him from his terrible wheel chair.

But then at the end of the movie it’s revealed in the final showdown
between protagonist and antagonist that he has prosthetic legs that allow
him to walk and beat the crap out of our hero. (Jermy would have to pack on
at least 25 pounds of muscle to play the part)

He would make such a ruthless villain. “So you think you’d just lose my
shipment of 10 kilos of diamond dust and think I’ll let you of Scott free?
No! No! You will now be chopped up into tiny pieces”

Natsters Willams says:

Obviously he forgot about TMNT

Lord Hades says:

Interstellar was border line shit, and also greatest movie of 2014 all
combined. And it was nothing to do with the acting or the script, the movie
is awesome in that aspect. I’d say the last 30 minutes of the movie didn’t
have to be there and story twist with all the bullshit dimension place
thing was just not needed and talk about the ending, I think it was shit.
It just was, it wasn’t even a cheery ending to the movie. However, before
it got to that stage I was loving this movie. The whole interstellar travel
thing and going to other planets was awesome, I’d love if they had gone to
more planets instead of encountering the second one where there’s a douche
bag Dr Mann (Matt Damon) which practically makes humanity unlikeable in a
different dimension. You have these guys trying to save earth somehow and
then you have this one guy that wants to fuck everything up…. I think the
movie should have kept with the first plot after they encounter this guy
and have it end in a different way instead of going “I can see into the
past, inter dimensions, wow” bullshit. I don’t dislike that bit towards the
end of the movie in a way that it was pure shit, I just think it was pure
shit because it went into extremes of Sci-fi when the movie is
already sci-fi, I just think it wasn’t necessary in the movie and it
probably could have been made into another movie alone.

Most of the movie was awesome, the last 30 minutes or so when he goes into
the black hole was pointless (not necessarily to the story), it was
pointless because it altered the movie plot or the way the movie was
playing out and it just hit randomly all of a sudden. I didn’t really like
that bit that much, it think that twist was shit. Still the movie was also
great, Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway were great, as well as the
whole cast was pretty good. It’s just that bit that makes the movie really
shit… When the movie is mostly really, really good.

David Maglioli says:

Lucy is my number 1 worst movie this year. You should review it. I’d love
to see you tear it apart

Sam DeRenzis says:

Well the original District 13 film was good fun, Brick Mansions took it to
seriously and made it into drama. That’s why it’s kinda goofy

okkima says:

I don’t think the Transcendence was bad because it was moving with slow
pace, it was actually really interesting movie but the movie had really
shitty ending. Started going wrong when the main character started planting
nanobots to other humans, not only to keep them healthy but just take
control of them at will. I was like “wtf?” and then he starts to turn super
creepy against his girlfriend. Instead of making stupid decisions he should
have already known the answer to how humans would react, thus making
himself look pretty harmless, but the government would still work in secret
a project to end him.

And the ending was the worst part, other than that it could have been


My Top 10 Worst Movies of 2014:

10. Robocop
9. Sex Tape
8. Dracula Untold
7. Non-Stop
6. The Other Woman
5. The Nut Job
4. The November Man
3. 3 Days to Kill (How convenient! lol)
2. The Remaining
1. Maleficent

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