Top 10 Comic Book Movies

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The Flick Pick’s Worst Comic Book Movies:


Chris Stuckmann gives you his picks for the Top 10 Comic Book Movies, as of September 2014.


theFLICKpick says:

I never said I was going to punch you… I said I was going to pick you up
over my head and break you Bane style. In all seriousness, solid list. I
would include V for Vendetta in there. 

CiarantheDirector says:

All this hate on TDKR and yet it still has an 8.6 on IMDB. It seems all you
haters are losing this battle.

Chris Stuckmann says:
Conor McCluskey says:

I envy the type of person who thinks TDKR is a bad movie, because they
clearly haven’t seen the actually shit movies that are out there.

down2earth says:

Where is KICKASS? the most underrated but awesome comicbook movie ever

mrprotoman145 says:

1.Captain America: The Winter Soldier
2.Guardians of the Galaxy
3.Batman Begins
4.X men: DOFP
5.Iron Man
6.Spider Man
7.X men: Fist Class
9.Amazing Spider man 2 (Yeah that’s right)
10.V for Vendetta 

Joey Henderson says:

10. Kick-Ass
9. Man of Steel
8. Guardians of the Galaxy
7. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
6. X-Men: First Class
5. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
4. Iron Man
3. The Avengers
2. X-Men: Days of Future Past
1. The Dark Knight Trilogy
Honorable Mentions: Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, X-Men, X2: X-Men United, Sin
City, V for Vendetta, 300, Watchmen, Dredd, Superman: The Movie, Superman
II, Batman, Batman Returns, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Crow, Blade,
Blade II, Hellboy, and Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

Caolan Dillon says:

According to these comments you’d think The Dark Knight Rises was as bad as
either of the Hulk movies or Fantastic Four or something. Can’t all we just
agree that superhero movies have generally got a lot better? :D

Kritic1Cing6 says:

Thank god TASM 2 is not on this list

Bilal Bhatti says:

Agree with this list mostly, but why do so many people hate on the amazing
spiderman and amazing spiderman 2? I think Andrew Garfield nailed Spiderman
perfectly. I think it gets a lot of hate only because it is a reboot, but
overall I, being a Spiderman fan, love all the Spiderman films (yes,
including Spiderman 3)

Max Burke says:

Wow. All these bitches saying cap 2 and guardians are overrated…

CHE6yp says:

Come on

1. X2

David Paradox says:

You missed Watchmen. 

Abhie Zibran says:


lyricsfromsweden says:

I’m probably the first one here to say that The Dark Knight Rises is my
favorite of the trilogy. I honestly don’t get why people are saying it’s
the weakest of them or even bad!

Gavin48 says:

Superman is a little low on the list. Does anybody respect the past
anymore? I swear everyone just craps on the past & overrates the future 

S Martin says:

Go watch honest trailers and see how The Dark Knight Rises sucks compared
to the dark knight seriously it’s like the most overrated movie ever

Jordan Gehl says:

I am gonna get so much hate for this:
10# The Incredible Hulk (Really fun action, great acting)
9# The Dark Knight Rises (Great story, action, and villain)
8# The Dark Knight (Meh story, great action, AMAZING villains)
7# Batman Begins (Awesome story, action, great villains)
6# The Amazing Spider-Man (Great story, action, acting, lame villain)
5# Spider-man 3 (Amazing action, acting, great story, and funny)
4# Spider-man (Awesome origin, story, lame action, and funny)
3# The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Phenomenal action, acting, villain, special
effects, and funny)
2# Spider-man 2 (Phenomenal story, villain, action, acting, characters
special effects, and funny)
1# Hulk (Am I the only one that loved this movie? Phenomenal action, story,
characters, villain, special effects, and final battle!)

hunterkiller1440 says:

Seems like Marvel is kicking DC’s ass so far.

My favorites
10. Dredd (2012)
9. Kick-ass 1
8. Spider-man 1
7. Batman Begins
6. The Avengers
5. (tied) X-Men First Class/DOFP
4. Spider-man 2
3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
2. Iron Man (2008)
1. The Dark Knight

TDK trilogy’s hate comments are so salty they can dry up a lake.

Almozayaf Roman says:

Dark Knight Was great
Dark knight Rise was Mah
Batman began was good

snuffypoo says:

I watched Unbreakable because of this video. LOVED it. The more I think
about it the more I love it. Thanks Chris!

StopChanging YT says:

Oh my. Signs is your favorite Shyamalan film?

superawesomeboy says:

No Watchmen?! C’mon, it’s easily one of the best movies ever and I’d
loooove to read the graphic novels!

I got surprised when I saw #2. I think that movie is severely underrated
and everyone should see it.

mahdogzbite says:

Man how about X2??? You gotta give the second X-Men movie by Bryan Singer
some love.

Zambrott says:

1. The dark knight trilogy
2. Guardians of the galaxy
3. The avengers
4. Spiderman 2
5. Xmen days of future past

TAnimation LB says:

Great video Chris.

1. The incredible Hulk (2008)
2. Man of steel (2013)
3. The amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)
4. The amazing Spider-Man (2012)
5. Watchmen (2009)
6. Batman (1989)
7. X-Men: Days of future past (2014)
8. The Dark Knight (2008)
9. Superman: The movie (1978)
10. Daredevil: Director’s Cut (2004)
11. Iron Man (2008)
12. Superman 2: The Richard Donner Cut (2006)
13. Batman begins (2005)
14. Captain America: The first avenger (2011)
15. X2: X-Men United (2003)

Mate Jako says:

Chris I love you man, but not including the Burton Batman into the top 10
comic movies list is unacceptable! Besides, I don’t think TDKR is a good
movie at all. 

Landon Bangerter says:

My list

10. Batman
9. X2: X-Men United
8. The Avengers
7. Superman: The Movie
6. The Dark Knight Rises
5. X-Men: Days of Future Past
4. Iron Man
3. Batman Begins
2. Spider-Man 2
1. The Dark Knight

Adam D says:

Batman Begins — 7/10 – Kind of Boring but it needed to be boring to tell
the story.
The Dark Knight — 10/10 – Heath Ledger’s best performance ever! With
great story and good dialogue.
The Dark Knight Rises — 8.5/10 – Tom Hardy killed it as being a
terrifying villain like the Joker. This movie was amazing!

Mariana P says:

Hi, love your videos by the way! I saw you on Screen Junkies and then I saw
your video about everything wrong with action movies and then I just had to
come over to your channel. Anyways, would you be able to make a review
video about either Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood or Death Note?
(assuming you watched them)

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