TOONAMI – Retro Rewind w/ Steve Blum & Christopher Sabat

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Welcome to the first episode of RETRO REWIND! In this new series, I take an in-depth look at something from my past that has inspired me along the way. This episode is all about TOONAMI, Cartoon Network’s action block that helped popularize anime in the 90’s. I’m honored to have voice actors Steve Blum and Christopher Sabat included in this video to discuss their experiences! Enjoy everyone!


chavez person says:

Toonami needs its own channel!

superherofanboy24 says:

Anime > American Cartoons.
Anime has better animation, story telling, character development, humor and
action than 90% of cartoons. Cartoons either only appeals to kids or
adults, and all they have is potty humor.

1994fishcake says:

Best Chris Stukckman Video Ever

zanzibawrr says:

i wish they would show jojo’s bizzare adventure or monster

Alex Sc says:

feel like I missed out. wish I had TOONAMI it sounds amazing!!!

Snow Anaya says:

You just made me have a flash back running home from 1st grade running to
my grandmas house grandpa asleep in a chair smokin my brother already home
cause he was in kindergarten just ran to watch Sailor Moon and DBZ . Both
my brother and I were obsessed with DBZ and Sailor Moon. Yes, my brother
loved the shit out of Sailor Moon. Cause it’s Sailor Moon. Doing the moves
and singing the theme songs. I’m still very into anime and manga, but that
was truly a happy time. Like those moments sitting on the floor watching
Toonami. Thanks for the nostalgia trip it was nice. 

Laserclops says:

A time period where it was uncool to like anime?! How times have changed

Malcolm Belmont says:

Everyone what is your Top 3 Anime of all time for me it’s:

3. Trigun (I may have not grown up on Westerns but holy crap do i love this
show. Vash is the perfect lead – not generic, not broody just the perfect
blend and despite how long it’s been since it’s aired i still freaking love
it. Fantastic

2. Madoka Magica ( This is how you do a deconstruction right, it tackles
the typical magical girl anime and flips it on its head creating a dark and
realistic take on the genre with great characters and amazing visuals
especially during the witch segments.This might have been number 1 if the
ending of Rebellion didn’t piss me off so much)

1. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood ( I love this show, i have watched
these show 3 times all the way through and considering how long it is that
is no understatement. It’s my favourite series that is animation and there
is a great reason for this. A fantastic world they build full of
interesting characters with tons of backstory. The action is superb and the
finale is one of my favourite finales to any series ever. A true classic in
my eyes )

areasevenpro says:

Hey Chris, did you ever shop at Suncoast back in the day? That was the one
place to buy anime before Best Buy.

superherofanboy24 says:


Heisenberg Lannister says:

I have to admit, I’m not a big anime fan, but after chris recommended it, i
saw Cowboy Bebop in like 3 days, then watched Black Lagoon in 4, Attack on
Titans on 3 and many others. Thanks Stuckmann for making me watch something
i never would, now i love it

aidan sim says:

love steve blums voice 

Murray Reid says:

ANIME is for sad paedophiles who can’t get a real woman, so they want to
imagine what it is like to get fucked by Mewtwo

JIX9ISLER1986 says:

Im 28years old

I was an anime fan before toonami in the early 90’s…back then anime was
hard to find and you had to search really hard to find anime. I seen
Dragonball before i seen dragon ball z in the 90’s …anime would come on TV
on random stations at really late or early times …

when toonami came along in the late 90’s it was the beginning of anime
becoming mainstream in USA… I always knew anime was really something

Chris Stuckmann says:
Concon says:

This video made me realize how much Toonami was in my childhood. I use to
watch the JL cartoons and DBZ’s. I remember DBZ’s used to come late at
night around the time my gparents used to send me to sleep and I hated it
cause I only see like 3/4 of each episode. Damn probably a very angry
memory lol.

Mayofanboy says:

Maybe if toonami started improving their lineup with better shows instead
of the same crap their viewership would get better. 

Heja wolf 0602 says:

I love this video!!! Toonami was also a big part of my childhood and I
loved watching all the shows they have aired, particularly Dragon Ball Z,
Justice League, Batman, Batman Beyond, Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho,
Superman, and many, many more! So many great memories!!!! I’m so glad
you’re doing this segment. Retro Rewind, and man, I love how you closed off
this video! Man, I love this!!!! :D

Alexa Black says:

Today’s anime is mostly generic fanserive about and for schoolchildren.
Classic anime had substance.

Moossa Morales says:

Anybody recommend any good anime movies? Just movies and don’t worry about
if I’ve heard of it or not. Just hit me. Thanks in advance. 

Ben Foster says:

Does Chrises wife have cancer?

PowerOfTheKing says:

Who would come here and honestly dislike this amazing video? Jump off a

Captain_of_Solitude says:

40 people never new the amazingness that is Toonami. 

Sharath SH says:

Wait.. Cartoon Network is airing Attack on Titan?? Isn’t to kids?

OfficeHanchoBoxing says:

Wished he gave credit to SlimD716. He was responsible for remastering all
these classic Toonami promos back to life to make people really appreciate
we had something truly special. All PV clips shown in this video as well as
on Toonami aftermath is Slim’s remastered creations.

PACR66 says:

I remember myself on the school, everybody watched DBZ, I used to watch the
original DB, but I hated DBZ mainly because its popularity, and because I
watched Spider-man, Batman and Superman cartoons, those were my heroes, and
I was alone, so I hated DBZ, I have watched DBZ.
I love Samurai X, I liked Inu Yasha, Yu Yu Yakusho, Cowbow Bebop, etc, but
I can’t like DBZ.

xcross20 says:

i would love to see a great anime series but dont know where to start ,
only ones i seen growing up were dbz , saint seiya (my fav) and sailor moon
, couple of years ago i saw another one forgot the name about this boxer
his name is ippo i believe which was really good , any recommendation ? im
thinking naruto , a friend from work mentioned another one death note i
think he said 

john brinkman says:

I loved the video. I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt more nostalgic in my
life. I was born in ’90 and can vividly remember the exact feeling you
described. The rush to get home and watch a new episode of Dragon Ball Z.
Thank you for the video; it’s a perfect summary of Toonami.

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