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William Wyke writes:

Hey guys and gals. Love the show! The next Star Wars movie looks amazing, but I’m worried that the quality of the movies will diminish because they’ve planned too many. What worries me more is that Star Wars will be crushed under the weight of a bunch of mediocre novels and comics. The old EU was never canon (thank God!), but I’m worried that too much Star Wars will kill my favorite movie franchise. Your thoughts?

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Matt Murdock says:

mediocre SW comics? Bitch the newest SW comics from Marvel are spectacular!

Konstantin Semenyuk says:

Too much Star Wars? There is no such thing!

redstormfighter29 says:

I bet Star Wars will eventually crossover with Marvel lol :) 

DMLDisciple says:

I believe that Star Wars needs to be left to rest. People need to move on.
Look at Tolkien, far greater than Star Wars, so great that it was a book
series first and was basically a pop culture icon in the world of
literature and fantasy and then it breaks out on the big screen. Three
unforgettable epic journeys in which you live the adventure with the people
of Middle Earth. An still after all of that people have let it rest in its
proper place. But oh no not Star Wars. People will refuse to let it rest in
the annuls of cinematic history. No, they keep digging up its corpse and
desecrating its monument with more more more. I wish that they would stop
and show respect. I wish that many of the fanboys would show it some love
instead of behaving like a bunch of obsessed sharks who cant stop
themselves from feasting on the chum of more more more and would instead
show themselves to be true Star Wars lovers and respect the memory of Star
Wars by not supporting all these new Star Wars things, fascinating no
doubt. Star Wars was finished with episode three, flawed but still finished
and still enjoyable to this day. It is a six part movie about a galaxy far
far away and that adventure has ended and is firmly cemented in our hearts
and memories. Its creator and perfector George Lucas has stepped back and
has left it in the hands of others for some reason and these people need to
respect the work of George Lucas, but probably wont because they care more
about themselves instead of the greatness of Star Wars. Take this word of
advice from an artist and lover of Star Wars: Stop desecrating it, stop
treating Star Wars like ingredients in an Alchemic transmutation, stop
trying to craft a Star Wars in your own image and design. Stop taking art
and destroying it. Its not Geroge Lucas who is destroying Star Wars, it is
the ones who now own the rights to it. YOU people are the ones who are
destroying Star Wars and not George Lucas. I bet you didnt even know that
Midi Chloreans were in the original idea for Star Wars. My friend has a
book with pictures of George Lucas’s original drafts for the original
trilogy and they were on the sheet of paper.

john finck says:

Campea talks out of both sides of his ass sometimes. Back when he was on
his “Spider-man won’t come into the MCU” rant, one of the things he always
harped on was that Marvel wouldn’t be able to fit him into their movie
schedule – “Marvel can only put out 2 films a year”…but somehow Star Wars
can double that output, no problem? Not very consistent, John. I think
there IS reason to be concerned that Star Wars could possibly be stretched
too thin. I hope I’m wrong. I just wish John would be consistent and not
blindly think Star Wars can do no wrong, just because he’s a fanboy.

Taylor Huston says:

I never understood how people can see that a number of planned films of a
franchise could mean that they are going to be bad or good. For me, it’s
all about how each film is done and what it can offer as a sequel or
prequel to that franchise. We’ve seen the X-Men go down hill just because
of X-3. But then came along First Class and Days of Future Past. Those
two films put the X-Men franchise back on the map! I believe that, if J.J.
Abrams can do it right, Star Wars can give us great continuations from the
original trilogy. I hate it when people say that a franchise is heading
for disaster because of the announcement for a new sequel. I bet no one
saw Empire Strikes Back coming, or Aliens, or Terminator: Judgment Day.
What made those movies so good and faithful to the originals was because of
how they did their characters and story-arcs. 

Kingslayer64 says:

Once again John….you come up with the most retarded analogies
ever…Breaking Bad analogy? Apples to oranges. That’s a TV series that has
a dozen episodes a season…this is a movie series…if you are going to
make an analogy, at least have it be in some way applicable

Tim Jordan says:

The AMC can’t judge something they haven’t read or seen but word of mouth.
They act like dumb blondes being in mud for the first. I still like these
guys but get two people, one EU fan and one for only movie and TV fan. Both
can like their own version of Bill Nye vs Creation but with Star Wars. Both
have 2 minutes and get a say on the limited hand picked questions. At the
end AMC people can say what side they choice and ask what side we choice. 

Enrique Medina says:

I´m worried about that too. Why? Because Star Wars aren´t super hero movies
or James Bond ones. Something that made them special was that each movie
was separated from the next by years. Not to mention that there were only
two trilogies and that took a while.

Now Disney is going to milk this like there´s no tomorrow.

Besides, as so many people have said before.. IT´S AN ENTIRE UNIVERSE! Why
do they have to make movies around the same characters? If at least they
try something new…

Macconator2010 says:

The Force Awakens haven’t event been released yet and people are asking,
“is this too much?” Are you kidding? What about Marvel? You don’t think
they’ve done too much? Bring on more Star Wars, new Star Wars. I have faith
in JJ, his past record has been good.

Revolucas says:

Who cares about official canon? It’s whatever the viewer wants it to be. If
I want to think that Kotor really happened then it did. If you want the
movies to only matter and forgot about silly shit like The Clone Wars, you

Seldz1 says:

That is a valid question- too much Star Wars is definitely a possibility.
How can you compare “Breaking Bad” episodes to upcoming Star Wars movies?? 

Guy Turner says:

Great picture in the background – I loved the yuuzhan vong story lines in
the EU

DanV900 says:

I am sorry, but Kritstian is completely wrong when it comes to the old EU
with continuity. Continuity was really important otherwise what was the
point of Leland Chee’s job? It is not like the authors got to do whatever
they wanted and it was just random stories. People who say that canon
didn’t matter obviously didn’t follow the EU and don’t understand what it
was. People would ask for permission to do certain time periods and
stories and would be granted it. Since it was the official continuation of
Star Wars, the authors would have to ask permission to do certain things.
That is why the Big Three were never allowed to be killed off since George
Lucas would not let them. They had the timeline up to 138 years after A
New Hope. George Lucas would not let the authors kill off Jacen Solo and
had them kill off Anakin Solo instead because he didn’t want people getting
confused with Anakin in the movies which never made any sense. In the
final book series of the old EU, the authors even tied in the villain as
the Mother from the Force family in the Clone Wars.

It is a ridiculous thing to say that the old canon did not have a timeline
and was not over seen because all of the books, comics, and video games all
had a timeline and continuity before which lasted over 20 years and was not
an issue. There were retcons when the Clone Wars TV show came out because
they would pick and choose from the old EU when the comics and novels did
the three year war already. People had to work together to get the
timeline right. Then with the show, suddenly all of those events took
place in the first year of the war with the show doing the last two years
when it was not nearly as good. They killed off characters who either died
earlier or were still alive and then Leland Chee would have to say that it
will be worked out and things have changed since the show overrides
everything. The show did not even do things in chronological order for a
lot of the beginning of it and was much more chaotic than the EU. There is
no reason why they could not have kept all of the EU up to the prequels at
least. I am sure the reason is because they want to put their own spin on
it, but it is pointless to me since I have already read those stories with
the origin of the Jedi and Sith and so on.

In Darth Plagueis, there are so many cool references to things that have
happened in the EU. It even said on the inside flap that it was canon
since people were questioning it before it came out! Lucas would not let
that story be told for years and then finally allowed it. Not nearly
enough credit is given to the EU honestly and it annoys me because the
popular thing for people who were not that into it is to say “now
everything is canon in Star Wars with games, books, and comics and a lot
was not that good” which is completely wrong because newsflash, Star Wars
was already doing it for over 20 years with the continuity and a lot of it
was pretty good. If you are just a person who counts stuff that you have
seen like the movies and show, that is fine, but to basically discount the
old EU is asinine.

Olek_Gannon says:

it mean’s they are supremely confident in the main title.

Mick Joseph says:

There can never be enough Star Wars..

Kendall Coachman says:

I agree with the movies they should be alright but jon right about the rest
we’re gonna get sum things that will be bad no one bats .1000
Since when does Disney make great movies all the time? Videos games? 

Dancier Hall says:

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just mistaken, but it seems there have been a sloth
of Star Wars novels and things to come out. Especially regarding the
original characters. In part because no one ever thought there would be
more movies. I’m lost in what they are saying. Maybe I’m not nerd enough.

Joao-Pierre Ruth says:

I just wanted to see Mara Jade in all her glory and beauty on screen.
Sadly, this will never happen now. She won’t exist and I feel like
something has been stolen from me…

Raiken Xion says:

You can never have too much Starwars, but you can have too much JJ Abrams.

Rachel Wagner says:

Look how many James Bond movies there are. Some work, some don’t.

barret dalrymple says:

for me all love most of old star wars books so I disagree with this

Kendall Coachman says:

Having a movie every year is good doesn’t give people the time to reflect
took a while for people to admit the prequels weren’t good 

The Banana Tree says:

Comparing a tv to a movie franchise?

Pearla Moon says:

It’s going to be a complete overkill.

Jack Cone says:

Camped is right

thewickedbill says:

They finally answered one of my questions!! :) Too much content can be
bad. Look at Star Trek. We had TOS, then TNG (Both awesome)…and then it
eventually degenerated into Voyager. The old Star Wars novels started
strong in the early 90’s, and then they just kept pumping out crap for
years. IMO

Jack Cone says:

10th comment

Enrique Godinez says:

take for example the James Bond films there have been 23 films and are they
ruined? no. Besides this movie hasn’t even come out and people are already
complaining or bitching.

SubZero ™ says:

Star Wars will never beat Avatar At the Box office LOL.

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