Thor: The Dark World German Trailer (2013) – Chris Hemsworth Movie HD

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Thor: The Dark World German Trailer (2013) – Chris Hemsworth Movie HD

Faced with an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor must embark on his most perilous and personal journey yet, one that will reunite him with Jane Foster and force him to sacrifice everything to save us all.

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MOVIECLIPS Trailers says:

New Thor: The Dark World German Trailer:

Raghu Seetharaman says:
Cineplex Passau says:

Hammermäßig :-)

Capes on Film says:

Enjoy the ‘Thor: The Dark World’ trailer again, only this time in German. 

Shivam Meena says:

8th like

ToeBoy says:


Toft M says:

heilige, not hi nigga xD

VonSchillerr says:

Loki is from a North Germanic Mythology, Germans are a Germanic ethnic
group. so yeah…

christoffer says:


ISeeWhat YouDidThere says:

its moments like these that make me happy im german :P

saiinth says:


Felix Haller says:

sehr gut synchronisiert…

Goldenboy617 says:

Why do you listen to idiots like this guy? as an American..i salute you.

Toft M says:

why? do you have german subtitles when its in english? nope but no need
really, hard to find a german that doesn’t speak english, because in europe
we learn more than one language! fact!

adminmovie says:

waiting for N Korean trailer !

xellart says:

How about you learn german, the english people are the ones that go to
other countries and do not even try to speak another language. I know alot
of english people that live for 20 years in Spain and when you see them on
the street they say “Hello” so really….

nougatbitz says:

German voice acting rarely hits the right tonality with these kind of
movies. Sometimes I wish they would not bother and just show the OV …

Lukas Valatka says:

Ich brauche dein Hilfe!

David Mack says:

Hail thor!

lord war says:

oh hail germany

twilight viking says:

der schwarze ist kommen

Liam Oberem says:

Nog eimand? Haha

VonSchillerr says:

Deutsch ist die bessere Sprache :3 Englisch ist nur eine simplifizierte

seramorn says:

Yeah that is some very confusing habit from the studios in Germany. Some
titles stay the same, some are translated and some are changed for whatever
damn reason. Maybe there is a already a Dark World movie title trademarked
or something like that.

AppleWasMyIdea says:


John Stossel says:

LMAO!! And look at how popular those movies were! Most I haven’t even heard
of! Haha…

Nicholas Frazzitta says:

Yea yea us Americans are going to learn Spanish French Italian German
polish etc… Someone has to learn someone else’s language. It happens to
be english.

shooshooshooshooter says:

“Your”? you don’t say ..

Luis Felipe Hirose says:

You can just read the title and ignore it….

warrior100girl says:

0:38 Can we do this again? lol

earlcielmichaelis says:

The voice actor for Tom actually sounds a lot like him. But then I heard
German Thor…pfft XD

Toft M says:

xD it doesn’t mean anything

Jaque Martin says:


Jimmy B says:

How do we stop foreign language trailers showing in our subscriber feed? or
should we just un-sub from MovieClips…

WhiteScorpio2 says:

I love the way German language sounds. Just the word “Dunkelheit”. I’m
going to learn it some day.

michdeen16 says:

heilige …balls:p

0prometheus0 says:

How many german movies and tv shows have you seen lately? Don’t
missunderstand me, I am german I prefer to watch the rnglish original
versions, but why is the synchronizing a problem? Movies and tv shows are
also translated to Spanish, French and other common languages. The only
exception is English. Why? Because most US-American just wanna watch Movies
produced in the USA. Because they wanna see things they already know and
some patriotic stuff.

TiagoMagalhaes21 says:

0:36 Hi Nigga!

palpzak says:

kleine hype

seramorn says:

Let me think… City of Angels (Himmel über Berlin), Oldboy (Oldboy),
Quarantine (Rec), LOL (LOL), The Man That Loved Women (L’Homme qui aimait
les femmes) and so on … yay Google! You’ve probably never heard of it…

FrostyGAMES says:

Ja, jeg kan satme godt forstå dit fede forpulede lorte sprog.

Luis Felipe Hirose says:

I think it will be in all languages

darkdowngrade says:

Finding a german that doesn’t understand a word of english is like finding
a plot in the Twilight series. Go figure.

xReece2010 says:

0:36 hi nigga lmfao

ULTRON says:

if i was german i wouldnt even wanna watch this in german, stupid ass voices

soren ansari says:


Danko Cuevas says:


MaxxWe says:

no? Germans barely speak english. That’s why all their movies and tv shows
are audio changed.

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