The Worst Movies of 2014

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Chris Stuckmann talks about his picks for worst films of 2014!


benway20 says:

The Purge: Anarchy was a good movie, damn it!!!!

Blu-Ray King says:

3 picks for Cameron Diaz? Damn girl get your career together!

ParaditeRs says:

I didn’t mind transcendence. The concept is something I’ve always been
fascinated with.

Artem Salikhov says:

I don’t like bad movies, and if you, or someone else, told me, that this is
the shit, I probably not gonna watch it. But here is the moviea, that I
unfurtunattely have seen.
10. Maleficent
9. Tusk
8. Transendense
7. Need for speed
6. Amazing Spider-man 2
5. Sabotage
4. Sex tape
3. Noah
2. Lucy

Plus dissapointment of the year go to Interstellar. It was’t bad, but I
wish it would be much more intertament. I will rewatch it, when it comes on
blu-ray, maybe I miss the point.

Ms. Service says:

Loved the list but the hunger games should’ve been on there as number 1.
Just saying.

The Scarecrow says:

I thought The Purge Anarchy was actually pretty good. It was alot better
than the first one which felt more like people trapped in a house more than
a “Purge” film and Frank Grillo did a great job in the film.

Adrian Thomas says:

My 6 year old, in the theater said “this sucks” whilst watching “Annie” and
turned around in her seat and literally went to sleep. This was at the
halfway point in the film. I think right around when Cameron Diaz had her
first or second solo singing performance. I laughed and cried at the same
time. I couldn’t leave because I paid for this crap so I had to stomach
watching the rest whilst my daughter dreamt up a better movie. 

Creative says:

TASM2 was horrible, awful, terrible…either one of those u wanna use. 

LeafDot1 says:

I think Godzilla should be an honorable mention as well. :p No character
development. Just banked on there being Godzilla. But there was hardly any
Godzilla. And i’m hating the whole “slow motion to a rising scale while we
reveal the monster and make some sort of ship creaking sound.” Sure they
could of done it once, maybe, but every damn time he’s there? Yeah i get
it, he’s fucking huge. But come on. So overdone. There was hardly any
reason for the people to be there in the first place, as far as i’m
concerned, the movie could just be solely about Godzilla. Why is the guy
even on this mission if he just ends up in a locatrasmotive in the end with
some snotty kid watching Godzilla tear shit up? Big monster comes to eat
nuclear waist, godzilla comes around to kill them. THATS IT. Why are people
involved in that? That is just worse then anything i’ve seen this year. But
thankfully I haven’t seen Tammy. Save myself there :D.

Devonte Weston says:

Battle of 5 armies was easily the worst 

Mark Johansen says:

The purge: Anarchy wasn’t that bad imo.

Murray Reid says:

The real top 10 worst films
10. Gone Girl
9. Nightcrawler
8. Imitation Game
7. Dawn of the apes
6. Whiplash
5. Birdman
4. Annabelle
3. Under the Skin
2. Transformers 4
1. Guardians of the Galaxy/Sin City 2 and X-Men DoFP

HISHE heb says:

1.Vampire Academy
2.Guardians of the Galaxy
3.Hercules Reborn
4.The Legend of Hercules
5.Left Behind
7.Sex Tape
8.The Other Woman
9.Into the Storm
12.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
14.I, Frankenstein
15.3 Days to Kill
16.Brick Mansions
17.The Expendables 3
19.If I Stay
20.Winter’s Tale

Henry Lu says:

I love anal sex

FillmFilms says:

No Ninja Turtles?

NeoSe7ens says:

The Purge Anarchy was OK IMO.

TMBRises says:

The purge anarchy was pretty good.

Greg Stark says:

Just had a stroke of GENIUS!!! Let people submit movies they like and you
pick 50 and go over all of them, just a few seconds per video. That ensures
everyones favs are reviewed and it’s also a cool idea i think. Just a 10
minute video roughly 30 seconds per movie. Some ideas;
Chinese Coffee
Midnight in Paris
Inside Llewyn Davis
The Theory of Everything
The Social Network
Kill the Messenger
Who am I (German)
Stuck (hehe) in Love
Killing them Softly
Just some ideas i guess. Do what you will i’ll always watch your epic

ALE280290 says:

For my luck, I just saw 2 of the movies mentioned in this video:
Transcendence and Transformers 4.
Other movies that should be mentioned are: Noah (awful), Godzilla (better
Emmerich’s Version), Mr. Turner (long and boring), Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles (horrible CG and story) and both 300: Rise of an Empire and Sin
City 2 (much worse than their predecessors).

Captain Curse says:

Seriously why is Nicholas Cage is so many damn awful movies?? What the fuck
is he doing with his carrer? Does he do it in purpose? I mean he has to
know about it!

RenMan says:

I know I’ll to get hate for this, so I’ll just get it over with. My Top 11
Worst of 2014:

11) Snowpiercer (The action scenes were great, but the film’s politics, as
well as the ending, rubbed me the wrong way too much.)

10) Captain America: The Winter Soldier (I wanted to like this. I TRULY
WANTED TO. But the formulaic story approach, the TV-style cinematography,
and the lack of stakes made this dull and uninteresting. Aside from the
first 10 minutes and the battle sequences with the Winter Soldier, minus
the final battle between him and Steve Rogers, this was a massive

9) Neighbors

8) Freezer

7) Mercenaries by The Asylum

6) Rampage: Capital Punishment by Uwe Boll

5) The Amazing Spider-man 2

4) The Other Woman

3) Maleficent

2) God’s Not Dead

1) Blended

Make of this list what you will.

SimonsSaysGaming says:

Chris I’m just saying.that thumbnail though LOL. I’m posting a “Best games
of 2014″ on my channel…hint. There weren’t that many good games this year

MisterTutor2010 says:

Think this Left Behind is bad? Try watching the Kirk Cameron Version.

kellenabner says:

I agree with you fully on Left Behind being the worst of the year. It was
terrible. I’m a strong Christian, like as in a future missionary, and I’m
not a big fan of Christian movies because they’re usually low budget and
cheesy. But this movie just hit a new low of how awful it was.

ThatGuyCalled Isaac says:

Chris, I love you and your videos but dear god, PLEASE STOP TRYING TO BE

supermariofan03 says:

I’m very surprised Ninja Turtles, No Good Deed, That Awkward Moment,
Sharknado 2 and Paranormal Activity weren’t at least his honorable mentions

Marcos Salustiano says:

The hollywood movies today is a sea of cliches.
The terror movies is the worst.
The counjuring is so stupid.
My hype for this movie was so big and i get the blu-ray and when i watch is
a bunch of stupid cliches.

Chris Akazone says:

I almost disliked this movie out of pure hatred when i saw the other woman
come up on my screen. That movie was one of the worst movies ive seen in a

tomhulcelover says:

lmfaoo i see patrick bateman behind you xD

Danny Carvajal says:

I wipe my ass with socks 

Dale Whyte says:

Is there a “So bad it’s good list”?

james williams says:

chris is clueless and a snob.. the interview one of the worst. and
transendce was a solid movie..chris is a moron and a poser, wanna be movie
guy lol his girl friend is a clueless moron too

Disney Dan says:

What about The Last Naruto Movie? I think that’s the worse.

Dilek Denis says:

The purge anarchy was good.

John Doe says:

How dare you not like Tammy, fat shamer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 And you
don’t like Cameron Diaz, fucking misogynist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 And you hated
Annie, fucking

Dan Nugent says:

Lol I saw left behind, thankfully I didnt pay for it

farrex0 says:

I am so glad I did not see any of the movies listed here, even the ones in
dishonorable mention.

Luke Webster says:

You forgot The Amazing Spiderman 2 and Divergent

Saiyan Nappa says:

i like his shirt 

lindinle says:

#1…..why the fuck would you see that to begin with?

gcolbyp says:

The worst movie I’ve seen all year is gonna shock some people but it is *drum
roll*… If I Stay.

Remember The Alamo Productions says:

You really remind me of Adam Scott. Specifically Ben Wyatt. It’s great.


Transendence was shit

Cosmin Locic says:

oh. you said that cameron diaz didn’t want to “go there” in the movie sex
tape. the funny thing is if she did that she’s a hypocrite, because she
used to be a porn star :D, so yeah. (oh and whoever wants to bicker with me
about it just google it ;) ). i know, she doesn’t do that anymore, but
still, the movie is still called sex tape.

Sebastian Garin says:

Chris can you review “Weekend” (2011) please

Bethany Smith says:

The legend of Hercules was terrible oh my god it was horrible. A waste of

Steve says:

I laughed when the only person to die in Annabelle was some random
bookkeeper. I just started cracking up right there

Brennan Cain says:

Transformers 4 was fucking horrible. Not one good thing about. Worst of the
year. If you like it, that’s good for you, but to me, this movie was the
epitome of dogshit

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