The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death movie review

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The first Jump Scare fest of 2015 begins!!! Jeremy reviews “The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death”!

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TakTheFox says:

I feel bad for jumpscares honestly. They ARE a valid form of scare and
horror, but just like any aspect of horror, you use something too much,
it’s just not scary.
~Standing there creepily with a smile can become unscary.
~Not showing the monster the entire movie and building on the characters
and their fear, can become unscary.
~Dolls can become unscary.
~Clowns can become unscary.

The difference between all of these is that jumpscares are EASIER to do.
It doesn’t take practically ANY writing to surprise someone in a horror
movie. There are jumpscares that do take effort to make them GOOD
jumpscares by means of build-up or knowing it’s coming but still being
afraid when it happens, but unfortunately in society today it’s just THROW

Joey Marlin II says:


Allen Babylon says:

Pretty unrelated, but I think of the Marvel Phase 3 announcement as that
tuba BWAH noise from Inception, while the DC Justice League announcement
was that squealing/howling “Bweeyoo” noise from Prometheus.

CraigAA1028 says:

So did anyone else move away from their monitor when Jeremy began the jump
scare example?

ssj3darkvegeta says:

ehh I was really expecting a Dogshit rating. kinda disappointed, oh well,
IK its coming soon 

Max Payne says:

What most modern horror filmmakers don’t understand is that horror is based
on a combination of suspense and surprise. All the best horror movies use
this. Psycho shocks you with the shower scene, but builds tension whenever
other characters come to the motel. The Shining interrupts continuous
tension build-up with extremely gory moments. The Thing constantly
alternates between the two because of the ever-present paranoia.
Without suspense, you get a pathetic movie that’s trying to startle you
every few minutes to keep your attention, like most modern horror trash.
Without surprise, you get a boring movie where the tension is decreasing
with every minute, like The House of the Devil.

50Calabyte says:

Back when Markipiler was good and not just American PewDiePie he said
something that I paraphrase (and he probably was quoting too) to this day:
“There’s a difference between scary and startling.” A jump scare isn’t
scary, it’s just startling. True horror, true dread, comes from a lack of
noise. Being scared is a state of being unsettled. And movies like The
Woman in Black 2 do a disservice to true horror.

Estivel Garcia says:

Scary movie makers need to write a code about jump scares. 5 jump scares
maximum per movies. 

Hellagay69 says:

Spoiler alert: This movie is so bad I Left half way through, I got my money
back, I came back to the theater later and lit a bag of dog shit in the
lobby and said If you ever play that movie again I will burn this place to
the ground 

Brian Ramirez says:

I’m gonna watch this movie tomorrow

Isaxus says:

Read more (1238 lines)

Alex R.H says:

it should have been DOGSHIT :c 

Braly5 says:

I saw Unbroken instead, and it was actually pretty good IMO. I’m hoping
you’ll get a chance to review that. Proof not all January movies are shit.

Paul SZ says:

Wait a minute there Jeremy … Don’t you ever dare to miss Quote Vaas he
said :”The definition of insanity is , to do the same F*cking thing over
and over and over again and expecting Sh*t to change” 

MrWearily says:

This movie was terrible. It felt slow and I actually almost fell asleep at
one pint in the theater. The only scary parts of this movie are jumpscares.
At one point the chuck hits a bell and of course it’s super loud to scare
you. Awful movie; I would give it a dogshit rating.

Ishmale Tack says:

For one thing jeremy you gotta admit that fact that is pg-13 and it’s
really a movie to scare the young teen demographic to shit their pants. Us
adults that know better …well know better.

Ed C23 says:

Some jump-scares just make no effin sense. Like when a friend or some
character just jumps onto the screen and yells “HEY!”

I mean, who approaches people like that?

Sometimes jump-scares can be an art form though… Like the dogs jumping
through the windows in Resident Evil 1 (game), or the bus scene in Final
Destination which we all saw coming but still shat in our pants.

Christine Brown says:

what a crap film. so far the past two years of horror movies for me have
been a absolute disappointment. i expect to be hanging of the edge of my
seat or hiding behind a friend when watching these movies in the cinema but
often find that i’m saying to myself, ”why the fuck did i waste my money
on this bullshit?” screw you 21st century. i’m going back to the classics 

Misho Toria says:

I laughed my ass off on: “you are a creepy kid”

GreenSteele111 says:

Just say no to PG-13 horror. Since the violence has to be toned way down,
there’s always too many scenes that go nowhere, and more scenes of
characters talking about the ghost or demon than actually seeing anything
scary. This is all to fill up 90 minutes as you patiently wait for some
sort of payoff, which sometimes doesn’t even come if the villain turns out
to be lame. The horror genre is best at an R-rated level. 


Damn, I really like how you’re starting to change up your videos a bit with
the little recreations of the things that pissed you off, great video!

Claire Fiegl says:

Tbh I enjoy the movie I thought they had a solid plot with good acting and
the movie actually went somewhere from start to finish I saw character
growth and what not but I do agree with you about the jump scares there
were way to many it got kind of old 

megaplayboy007 says:

*spoiler alert* besides the jumpscares in the movie being so predictable
and the drearily the only way the writers understand ‘horror’, and sick of
movies like this, or paranormal activity milking this movies beyond
necessary, I mean the end is always open so you can have one more movie
just to make movie and each one sucks more and more, and the end of this
movie is the same. And not gonna watch one more of this horrendous and
boring movie, just like I didn’t watch the last 3 paranormal activity
movies, or the las 6 saw movies or I didn’t last the first Wrong Turn
movie, which I can’t believe the made like 6 more. Please just let it die,
nobody is asking for a sequel or reboot or nothing else, please try to
bring something new, don’t keep rehashing the same stupid ideas over and

MickeyBeast says:

1:24 Shouldn’t have scared me! ugh. 

Cougar12 says:

I like your version of a jump scare. lol

TheRootsMan says:

Was there any real plot to this film? I just got back from seeing this
movie only moments ago; and clearly, the whole thing was nothing but jump
scares. The little boy had a very similar look to the boy in THE OMEN from
1976 – that was a very clear rip off. I want my both my money and my hour
and a half returned to me with an apology.

Cynthia Utz says:

You know Instinet once said that Insanity keeps happening over and over
again. I used to go to February movies once but not anymore because I am
not insane like +JeremyJahns 

tenzing chogyal says:

Hey @jeremyjahns why didn’t u review the movie babadook.
Its the best psycological horror movie of the past decade.
If u havent seen it please do watch it.

Coopergal33 says:

This is why I listen to creepy pastas. They rely a lot on suspense and
horror based on anything.Not just your slendermans or Jeff’s

Dann Morales says:

I’m surprised that u haven’t done a review of The Babadook. It is awesome!
Seriously! I u already watched it, I don’t understand why u haven’t done
it. Since I watched it I recommended to all my friends in my job and it was
the boom of the month.

Alan Leong says:

please review V/H/S Trilogy~!!

Lisa W says:

1:26 LMAO! Damn you’re hilarious!

DragonSlayerVlogs says:

Jeremy…you might not be insane but you’re Insane in the membrane

nicodemous52 says:

Yes I did see it, and now you owe me $9.50… You lucky I don’t charge you
for the soda and popcorn, that would be another hundred bucks.

Naw, I kid, I haven’t seen a movie in theaters in years(I honestly think
Source Code was the last movie I saw and only because my girlfriend at the
time wanted to see it and I’m fairly sure it was Deathly Hollows part 2
before that one). In fact, there really is no good reason for me to watch
this channel. Yet I do and plan to keep on doing so.

Dontae Mable says:

I didn’t see it ! Thank you tho ! 

Giovanni Foulmouth says:

Y u spoil the hole in the ceiling scene u asshole?

ShrinkingViolla says:

I predicted this the second i started watching the trailer. This movie is
pure trash. 

Synister Shreds says:

It’s funny that you open with that because I’ve never heard someone say
that “definiton” of insanity thing before Far Cry 3. Now it’s in 98% of
videos. I made a private Playlist for videos that say it and it’s at 213
videos all dated after FC3’s release date.

I’m not trying to be a dick, I just had to rant this somewhere :/

I think your vids are awesome and that you’re a cool dude. I just really
despise that phrase with a fuckin passion. 


So the first one was good? Cause I saw this and gave no fucks.

Taylor Huston says:

Please do Avatar: The Last Airbender!

Damphampster says:

I loved loved loved the Women in Black, but this one seems to have some bad
reviews. Should I still go see it?

EduardoInYoFace says:

am i first or naw?

bamboosa says:

Jump scares are nothing compared to editing out pauses between sentences.

blazeovich says:

I don’t get why everyone keeps shitting on the Star Wars prequel trilogy –
I thought they were awesome! Christian Whatsisname’s acting could have been
better as Anakin, but that was all. Jaja Binks, Qaigon, Mace Windu, Darth
Maul, Count Dooku, Yoda’s fight scenes – what’s not to love?! Tell me?
What’s not to love?

OneEyedJack1970 says:

The biggest jump scare I ever had was when the giant moray eel popped his
head out in The Deep. I spilled my drink all over myself and had to sit
through the rest of the movie wearing a wet shirt.

Jack waz ere says:

I will be onest but I thought the first one was good but the second was a
bunch of horseshit it wasn’t scary and the acting was te only thing scary
in this movie I really hated it but thank good for me my girlfriend
enjoined it so in didn’t have to make up to her 

Samwise thenotsobrave says:

I think jumpscares are misunderstood. I think they are meant to make it so
that if you look at something potentially frightening and you see a slight
movement in your peripheral than you might subconsciously be creeped out.
Granted, it doesn’t work that we’ll, I just don’t understand this automatic
hostility. Also, people only seem to hate jumpscares in horror movies. I’ve
never seen anyone lose their shit over the scene in Deathly Hallows P1
where the snake jumps through the floor. Can someone tell me why? Thanks

sharksbean says:

I saw the first one and really enjoyed it! But that’s exactly the reason I
refuse to see the second one, because sequels are usually not as good as
the original, but horror movie sequels are always and mean ALWAYS

Mike McLean says:

I saw it today and it sucked.

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