The Walking Dead – Season 2 – Episode 2: A House Divided game review

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A Telltale Games gives us the next chapter in season 2 of their Walking Dead game. Filled with questions, doubt, and some of the biggest game changing moral choices seen in the series. Jeremy reviews “The Walking Dead – Season 2 – Episode 2: A House Divided”!

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JeremyJahns says:
Andrew Ryan says:

I’d like to see Telltale make a Last Airbender game.

PauLtus B says:

I want that firefly TellTale game.

Captain Jugular says:

I’d have a fucking heart attack if Telltale made Firefly. That needs to

Gašper Veligovšek says:

where is episode 3

fishleaf18 says:

Yeah, youtube thumbnails ruined the Kenny’s return for me in this episode

Brennan Dunn says:

This episode was amazing.

DarkKai 33 says:

I was with kenny until the very end exept
The end . I shot him, why would he do that, why would jane do that sigh.

Tim MacIver says:

Episode 2 was intense!

smellmycatbro says:

screw bonnie in 400 days, I loss trust of her, but not the other guys…

Scottish Man Merica! says:

See the way I played was that only that professor guy died, everybody else
lived, then that’s when the aliens came and I had to go hunt the mystical
Rhino of the north,
I could have just imagined that last part….

Iratha M says:

So Walking Dead Season 2 has wrapped. …. So you should review it. Lol 

jacob barry says:

Yay Kenny’s back.

suhaib791 says:

Holly shit this game is so epic

Old Man Jenks says:

Fun Fact: The creepy asshole who’s name I can’t remember is voiced by
Michael Madsen.

Hazel Kaye says:

THERE MUST BE A FIREFLY GAME! That would be SO fucking shiny.

Sylvurdragon7 says:

ok final game has come out…hope to see the walking dead season 2 review

TheOne12990 says:

This just shows how fucking amazing this game is. Shit, I’ve got the knot
in my throat too and hell even a teary eye as clem hugged Kenny… That’s
because Kenny is family… The only living Person around you who has met
Lee and gone through hell with you… If this is not a reason to stick with
him through the entire game I don’t know what else could be :’) 

Abdul Shahid says:

You’ve got to play episode 3! Its good! And why haven’t you played The wolf
among us episode 4?? Or maybe you did and you didn’t review! Either ways
they are EPIC! Can’t wait for the next episode!!

Lazy Comments says:

Review the last episode at least. It is out now. :P

Humberto Del Rio says:

Really i thought it was gonna be Lily because we didn’t really know she was

Angus Slade says:

Episode 3 review?

Gia Tuệ Tôn Nữ says:

Hey! When are you going to review the rest of the episodes!? 

manic221 says:

Freaking loved this episode finally all caught up with season 2 now i’m
just waiting for Jeremy’s review of episode 3 for me episode 3 is one of
Telltales absolutely best episodes in any of there series it was just

Dominykas Pauliukonis says:

everyone hugged Kenny. every spoilery review, every playthrough… everyone
hugged Kenny.

Zee A says:

Jeremy seriously, episode 3 of the Walking Dead Season 2 and episode 4 of
The Wolf Among Us- I neeed these reviews ;-;

TheMadDogpunk says:

You sound like shaggy when u said Kenny 

Nic I. says:

where’s the review of the rest? getting lazy on us Jeremy?

Humberto Del Rio says:

Well i will enjoy Carver and Bonnie’s death possibly 

Sir-Meats-a-Lot says:

Where the fuck did Christa go?

DragonHunter1 says:

This episode was really great, although i won’t be getting it (along with
the other episodes) until season 2 is released on disc

Troy Barger says:

I didn’t hug Kenny. I didn’t sit with Kenny. Kenny was a dick.

Mr_Adlam says:

episode 5 is out? maybe a review soon :)

Dylan Liu says:

Season 2 episode 4 is awesome.

peter sloan says:

Spoilers if you haven played season 2 – Episode 2: A House Divided yet. I
remember hating Kenny near the end of season 1 until he jumped into that
room ta save that girl (her name escapes me atm). I thought “Well done man
you made up for being such an asshole before” So when we see him again I
assumed he had learned and grown as a better
person…NOPE……within minutes hes acting like his ungrateful asshole

IlllIIIlllIIIlll says:

can’t even aim straight.

drackiseries says:

I feel sorry for people who played this episode where 2 people got killed..

Jimfamous4334 says:

I got Walter and Alvin killed, I love how u see what many other people
choose to do u and it makes u question maybe I did the wrong thing. And did
anyone else not steal the watch, I wish I did so that I could have given it
to nick I think his name is( the one who shot Matthew) 

Dr.Sir Bruce Armstrong Mother Fucker The Third says:

wen eye wus plain da walkin bed aftr haven sexxx 2 TIMES wit sum sexxxy
gurls i wus at thee prt were dick wus drinckin buuse an bein a fagot so i
tould em 2 quet bein a fagot an he kept bein a fagot FUCK so i tuk da game
and ramed et upp mai dogs asshole

Aidan's Channel says:

Review more Jeremy!!!

daustin8888 says:

Are you going to review episode 3? And on a side question: What do you
think of the Nostalgia Critic?

ZachTheAwesometacu1arGamer says:

Review Epiosde 3!!!!!!

TGOX says:

Watching this at 50% makes you sound like you’re totally wasted XD

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