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Chris Stuckmann reviews The Thing, starring Kurt Russell, Wilford Brimley, Keith David, T.K. Carter, David Clennon, Richard Dysart, Richard Masur, Donald Moffat, Joel Polis, Thomas G. Waites. Directed by John Carpenter.


UR BONED says:

What are peoples thoughts on the prequel? I personally love it, I think
they did such an incredible job setting it up for the original, yet still
allowing it to be its own film, but still feel like the original. It has a
pretty bad rating so people mustn’t like it, Id be interested in why? 

Kat Reasons says:

most of my friends hate this movie just because its not as scary as the
movies are now a days but they dont realize that this movie is REAL horror.
without all the shitty CGI and jumpscares :/

rybrentmannftw says:

Great review Chris, this is definitely one of my favorite horror movies.
I’ll give my top 10 favorites
10. One flew over the cuckoo’s nest
9. Apocalypse now( theatrical cut)
8. A clockwork Orange
7. Psycho( original)
6. The shawshank redemption
5. The godfather and the godfather part 2
4. Once upon a time in the west
3. Vertigo
2. Taxi driver
1. The good the bad and the ugly.

Chris Stuckmann says:
rb hws says:

The Thing and Blade Runner.

Two of my favorites of all time. ’82 was a great year. 

b1OOdW4RRioR says:

A cool theory i heard was that when MacReady gives Childs the bottle of
Alcohol to drink it confirms that Childs is the Thing because it is
gasoline or something in the molotov and not alcohol and the reason he
laughs is because he knows he is to weak to escape and knows he did all
that for nothing! 

tomhulcelover says:

i’m so happy this is one of your favorite movies, i’ve always loved this
movie and completely agree its one of the best out there. my absolute
favorite thing about this movie is the music, just ominous and similar to
the feeling of your heart dropping i dunno how to describe it but it really
gave you the sense that you were out there in a desolate desert plane. also
the ending was just the fucking best omg 

David Kubrick says:

I love this movie! Is not one of my Top 10 or 20 best films I have ever
seen, but is mostly around 31 or 32. Here are my favorite horror movies:
1: The Shining(1980) My favorite movie of all time, Jack Nicholson is
amazing just like the how cast, thrilling, scary, basically the perfect
horror movie!
2: Psycho(1960) My 2 favorite movie of all time and one of the most tense
movies I have ever seen, amazing perfomances, scary and still original and
3: Rosemary’s Baby(1968) Possibly one of the most sentimental movies in
horror genre, scary and thrilling, Mia Farrow should be nominated to Oscar
for her role,great directing and script, and my 5th favorite movie of all
4: Carrie(1976) A very heartfelt movie, Sissy Spacek should had won the
Oscar, scary and very sad, my 7th favorite movie of all time!
5: Alien(1979) The best horror/sci-fi movie of all time, with one of the
most scary creatures of all time, and the most unlikely female hero:
Ripley, tense and very claustrophobic. My 11th favorite movie of all time!
6: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974) Scary, disturbing, and for me surprise
the characters are relatable, my 12th favorite movie of all time!
7: The Exorcist(1973) Scary, with wonderful perfomances, tense, sad, a
perfect mix of drama and horror, my 17th favorite movie of all time!
8: The Thing(1982) Does I need to say anything about it?
9: Halloween(1978) Thrilling, scary and original, love it!
10: The Birds(1963) This is movie is directed by Alfred Hitchcock, do I
need to say more?

Sean Johnson says:

You have 17 hours to like my comment, or I turn the world into a giant

overTIMe says:

Such a great movie ! I love it so much 

Thomas Guy says:

Great review. You should definitely review and/or analyze Collateral, as
you said in your Blu-Ray collection video. I love Collateral and feel like
it is somewhat underappreciated. Anyways, keep up the good work Chris and
as always I will see you in your next video.

Down In Front says:

You forgot to mention Kurt Russell’s beard. One of the best in any movie.

Daniel Staab says:

I love how this movie is so ambiguous. And it leaves such clever tidbits of
info as well! Like who got to the blood? Well when windows walked in and
saw bennings getting assimilated he dropped the keys and was blair already
infected when he was appearing insane? Because he would have had to get
those spacecraft parts from the chopper and tractor he destroyed

BadassArabianMofo says:

One of the best horror movies hands down.

gunish sharma says:

Chris looks like tom cruise to me at times.

Sergio Leandro says:

One of my favorite movies, but I can’t agree the practical effects hold up
now. They look very fake.

Gerudo King Ganondorf says:

The thing was scary and there were no jump scares, modern horrors could
learn something from this movie.

Deimos says:

Chris review Prince of Darkness and In the Mouth of Madness please! I know
they are inferior to The Thing in terms of quality but barely anybody has
noticed that these two, coupled with The Thing, are what makes up
Carpenter’s Apocalypse Trilogy.

Di Oro says:

Thanks for this review! I feel the same way as you do. This is my ultimate
horror favorite of all time!

Eclipse Hero Studio says:

A+? It deserves a A++!

Poppy M says:

A movie that proves real life practical effects, if done expertly, still
hold up besides modern CGI and are even better and more tangible. Great,
timeless film with tons of very precisely timed suspense.

darkman4811 says:

My favorite John Carpenter movie of all time. Followed very closely by
Escape From New York.

Tate Hildyard says:

It’s cool how he trained his dog to go along with his opening.

skylx08 says:

I like that the cast is made of actors of various ages, body types,
personalities and not today’s standard pretty boy types. And the fact that
they all could actually act. What made me proudest is even though its
pre-CGI, when my nephew saw it recently he said it was so gory it made it
him want to throw up. : )

rdejano3 says:

Best dog perfomance of all time? Did he ever watch hachiko a dog’s story?

Bryan Zamarripa says:

That shirt… where can I get it?

Dr Famine says:

The Thing is the only movie that has left deep scars on me. I’m still
extremely terrified of this type of aliens.

ValentineReviews says:

This was a great review man. 

Jordan Gehl says:

*The* best horror movie ever made!!! This is the only movie where I had
constant fear throughout the film! Also one of my favorite movies of all

Ed Condado says:

do a review for alien

billybobtexas says:

Chris… I couldn’t agree more… especially the dog acting comment… So I
made the mistake of watching Lazarus Effect a horrible horrible horrible
movie… on any level… the only scene I liked was a moment where a dog
was slowly creeping up to a sleeping woman… I couldn’t help think back to
The Thing when I saw this … unfortunately It literally is the only 3
seconds in the film worth watching.

Jessica Schwippert says:

I have only lived in Minnesota (Twin Cities area) for 2 years now, but I’ve
come to think of 40 degrees as warm. I waited for him to add “below zero”
or something, but nope….And I thought to myself, “It’s been in the teens
here for the past few weeks, and it got up to 30 and there was much
rejoicing.” I hate living here, lol.

Morgan Callaghan says:


schwebk n says:

Take that, Air Bud.

MIMITransleted HE says:

My top 1 is…..alferd hitchcock’s movies i saw all the 50 movies and i
watch them over and over and over he is the master of suspance

Nathaniel Heron says:

but the ending……

Atle Sigmund Reigstad says:

Det er ingen hund, det er en ting!

talha rafique says:

please review “The Imitation Game’

Maddie Nagy says:

0:57 ohmaglob

Limacheck says:

Thank the lord, someone how actually respects and likes this movie. :D

Mr. Doctor Eradicate says:

lol I thought it was funny when he gave it an A+
the angels started singing and it showed the thing with its hood and the
bright light
it kinda went along with it….

Rj Macready says:

Should have talked about ennio morricones amazing score but otherwise a
fantastic review. Definitely one of my all time favorite movies

Mike Egbert says:

I remember watching this movie in the early 80’s on our satellite. Always
loved it. Loved the hopelessness and seclusion. Really added some some
dread to a highly unfriendly alien running around killing people. Great
review. Enemy brought me here…had no clue what that movie was about.

Hung Wae Lo says:

The ending of this movie is absolutely perfect.

Farrago says:

One of my favorites too, sir!

lokilonii says:

chris. can u analyze those horror serial-killer movie. can recommen some
best of them

Maniac Komplex says:

props for the mononoke shirt! this is my favorite horror film of all time!
although my first experience with it at the age of 7 in a run down hotel
while my dad was asleep was probably psychologically damaging. the new one.
hahahaha. right. thats suppose to be entertaining? nope nada no. anyways if
you like this film folks, you really should check out the best original fan
fiction for this film. 

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