The Theory of Everything movie review

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The life of Stephen Hawking is brought to the big screen, and brought to life by a brilliant performance by Eddie Redmayne. Jeremy gives his review of “The Theory of Everything”!

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Brad Wright says:

Who else keeps constantly checking into Jeremy’s channel to see if he has
reviewed final Hobbit yet? XD

AlanKey86 says:

*Nerd Alert! Nerd Alert!*
Errrrrmmm Jeremy, I think you’ll find that the, umm, supermassive black
hole that you, err, mentioned is actually in the centre of the GALAXY not
the Universe!!
Nerdily yours,
A nerd

ShartimusPrime says:

Nice!! I was really curious about this movie, now I def wanna see it.

TronPowerNode says:

Fun fact: Steven Hawkings cheated on that main chick, his first wife, with
his NURSE. Seriously, imagine being the chick who got cheated on by a
wheel-chair-bound cyborg-voice-boxed disabled dude.

TartTooth says:

I’m jealous of Jeremy’s thick hair. I wish I had hair that lush.

Devin E. says:

i would comment “first,” but I’m above that

Jack Gruber says:

I mean, I don’t want to underrate Stephen Hawking’s achievements, they are
all truly incredible. But, he’s not the most brilliant mind of out time,
nor he is the greatest physicist alive. He has an important voice in the
scientific community, and his outreach to the masses through his books are
amazing, but he isn’t THE physicist. He’s not close to Einstein (no
scientist has revolutionized physics in the same manner since him, so no
there hasn’t been any Einsteins), and there are more successful physicists.
Also, he did not come up with “The Theory of Everything”. The “Theory of
Everything”, that is, a theory that unites General Relativity with Quantum
Mechanics, does not exist as of yet. Stephen Hawking just believes that it
will be found, but he or any other physicist has not solved the problem. So
like, he’s great, but let’s also not super overrate him. 

Carlo Martini says:

Jeremy, not sure if people have called you out on this yet, but I just have
to (sorry): there is no “center of the universe”, as far as we can tell. I
haven’t seen the movie but I bet you’re probably thinking about the theory
that states there’s a supermassive black hole at the center of every

ByRTD yO says:

He didn’t come up with the theory of everything you idiot. No one has.

ogfunk187 says:

It’s clear the filmmakers were thinking about American audiences when
halfway through the film they changed Hawking’s accent to an American one!

6pakUnited says:

Jeremy please review Foxcatcher when you get a chance, I’m genuinely
curious about that movie and I want to know if it’s worth seeing. Plus I
can’t find a showing anywhere lol.

ImmaDragon Zord says:

Theory of everything? Simple, chocolate milk.

wthomas1995 says:

Sorry Jeremy, this movie was boring as all hell. Not because it’s a
romance/biopic, but because it was a mediocre romance/biopic. Redmayne and
Jones give great performances, but outside of that, there was nothing
remotely entertaining.

bandgeek89 says:

After finally seeing Nightcrawler I thought Gyllenhaal was in favor to win.
Now after seeing this, Eddie Redmayne is my new choice, seriously it was
like Day-Lewis’ performance in My Left Foot.

ThirtySix says:

If you ever did research on Stephen Hawking, it’s amazing people think he’s
a genius. It’s more like they’re feeling bad for him. Also doesn’t help
this movie sucks as bad as the theory

Michael Andrew says:

Not necessarily directly related to the specific content in this video, but
whats the deal with the term oscar bait? I have heard it a lot and it
seems to mean any movie of emotional value that isn’t an outright action
movie or dumb horror/thriller. 

bryan Kinser says:

Buy on blue ray? How about watch it once. He is so sick for most of this
movie it’s really uncomfortable to watch for me. That million dollar baby
was a big baby if she asked Clint Eastwood to kill her when real life
Stephen Hawking lost more then her & wrote a book. 

Queen Elizabeth II _ , says:

Scientists constantly complain about the wrongs of religion, yet what led
us to creating a nuclear bomb? Not religion but Science oh yeah and
biological warfare blame that on science. Pollution comes with science, you
know what fuck science it creates more problems than solutions. 

Apostol407 says:

This movie could have been better, but no. The writers don’t realize the
implications of what Stephen Hawking discovered, instead just giving us a
cliched biopic romance. How is it that the mind blowing immensity of the
universe is never used in any significant way in this movie? Sorry, but
this is one of the most overrated movies of the year.

Steven Lee Florak says:

Hey Jeremy, you should watch this films, because I think you are going to
enjoy them a lot.
The Imitation Game
The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Raid 2 (and the first one, but definitely the second)
What We Do In The Shadows
Believe me, watch those gems and you’ll remember me. :)

Mr Anderson says:

honestly i might get alot of hate for this i loved the movie but it was a
giant OSCARBATION i mean the movie got like 4 or 5 nominations and i bet
its gonna win atleast 3 of them 

Cláudio Monteiro says:

This movie was extraordinary.

Todd Smith says:

Science dork here. He didnt come up with a theory of a “supermassive” black
hole at the center of the universe. Those exist at the center of galaxies,
like our own Milky Way. He determined there was a pattern in the way the
universe was shaped and how it was expanding. He used the theory of the
black hole and the seemingly infinite mass & energy one can hold at its
cingularity (an atom size point) and determined if you took a “full black
hole” and it exploded outwards it could theoretically have enough energy,
NOT MATTER (at first) to spew forth what eventually cools and forms into
our universe. Of course he now has very different beliefs on black holes
and believes they eject a large quantity of matter and energy previously
believed to be fully absorbed by said black hole. But I digress, his “big
bang & expanding universe” discovery/theory is unrelated to what are known
as “supermassive black holes”. Otherwise, great review!

3027085 says:

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed by the movie. There is one really
easy way to describe it: “A Beautiful Mind 2″
It is pretty much exactly the same story. I also found it a bit
disappointing that it was really dumbed down. This is mainly a love story
with a few kernels of very basic physics thrown in there. And his disease
is mentioned once, and after that it is just “there.” Now I didn’t expect a
physics lecture in the film, but nobody I talked to after the movie could
accurately tell me what it was that he discovered. Black holes? Nope,
people knew about those before. That the universe is expanding? No.
Something something beginning of time. Why? Because reasons. Seriously, if
you are going to watch a movie about one of the most known physicists, then
you expect at least a little bit of physics.

Chalsey Alina says:

How have you not reviewed the “Penguins of Madagascar” movie yet?

shockwave 16081 says:

Just saying jeremy but there is no centre of the universe as everything is
the centre of the universe seeing as it is contantly growing so if u turn
back time the universe would start from a single point 

Maarten DJ says:

Just to clarify: Nobody says that the center of the Universe is a black
hole (it is the center of the galaxy) AND Stephen Hawking never came up
with a theory of everything. That is kind of simply what many theoretical
physisist are currently working on but haven’t achieved (yet). It is a
catchy movie title though.

OnlyRusseLLHD says:

The Theory Of Everything, An Amazing Film. About An Amazing Man, With An
Amazing Story :)

joana dark says:

Hey jeremy, i’m still very angry at you because you didn’t give the best
movie of the year ( best movie of all time in my opinion) a decent rate.
Half of the internet was saying INTERSTELLAR was the best movie they have
ever seem. And when I saw your review I was speechless. You understand so
much about movies, how could you not be transported to another dimension
with interstellar. Besides its littles “mistakes” the film reached what
every movie producer wishes to rich; making a person even forget that he
exists while watching a movie and wishing something would delete your
memory just so you can watch the movie for the first time, for the second

It will forever hurt thinking about your review of this movie. 

MadMax052 says:

Never saw a review by this guy before. Won’t be seeing another one lol.
Won’t be finishing this one actually… what an idiot

Deepa Thangamani says:

The movie was good but it did not blow me away. The actor did a great job
potraying him. I was a little disappointed that they did not cover more
about his accomplishments in science. I honestly expected a little more. 

yukieteno says:

Just saw it… he didn’t “come up” with the theory of everything though O_o
it says he’s still trying to work on it before the end credits.

MrAsianKid says:

So they turned one of the greatest minds of today’s, story, into a love
story… GG Hollywood… GG…. 

Buttered Toast says:

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that to well the last thing goes, is well the grey matter of the goo,
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zeusbacchushades says:

SPOILER: Jeremy, I thought Stephen left his wife so she could have a happy
life with Johnathan but other people told me that he left her for another
woman and that he was a dick for doing it. What do you think?

waste of time says:

What are the odds the smartest guy in the room also survived ALS. I thought
that disease was always fatal.

MrGaugeBoson says:

Stephen Hawking didn’t come up with the theory of a black hole at the
center of our universe.Firstly our universe has no Center. He probably
meant a singularity at the beginning of the universe.

Riketz says:

I thought Einstein started the theory of everything?

Parish Kopite says:

The reference to the ice bucket challenge hahaha….. lol

Blaze The Movie Fan says:

That sounds like a very interesting movie.

Felicia Indriani Bunawan says:

And the cinematography of this movie is simply gorgeous and breathtaking.
Thanks for the review, Jeremy :D

Dantain Films says:

After seeing his performance, I now know why he was nominated for Best

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