The Rover – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews The Rover, starring Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson, Scoot McNairy. Directed by David Michôd.


UR BONED says:

I just watched this yesterday and it restored my faith in Australian
filmmaking. Proud Aussie moment

likeastarbaby says:

I’ve always liked Robert Pattinson. Everyone shits all over him for doing
the Twilight series, but after it ended he made it very clear that he
thought they were terrible and he was highly pressured to continue after
the first one. He can be an excellent actor when he’s given the right role,
and some of his more indie movies are sublime. Here’s hoping he does more
stuff like this.

DannyBReviews says:

New Drinking Game: Take a shot every time Chris says “underrated” in a

SmashingEggMan says:

The ending kind of confused me, can someone help me out?

Chris Stuckmann says:
Роман Куцовол says:

The Good – Batman
The Bad – Joker
The Ugly – Maggie Gyllenhaal

Josef Hautala says:

A B+ in my opinion is way to low for this masterpiece. This is the most
powerfully moving movie I have ever seen, with some of the greatest acting
and minimalist dialogue ever put on film. The theme’s (particularly
regarding Dog’s) were so powerful and moving, and I just love the post
apocalyptic atmosphere. It really gave you this sense of dread that was
hard to shake off even after the movie was over. And also the sound track
was just haunting (except for the Pop song of course, that was strange lol)

A+ for me. Best movie of 2014 (this and Enemy) and one of my top 5 films

Mikio Murakami says:

Guy Pearce or Hugh Jackman should play Joel in TLOU movie.

Simon Stock says:

Hey Chris, you should review Forrest Gump since it’s being re-released in

Dmitry Abrakhmanov says:

Mad John Wick-Max

КиноманTV says:

This movie is a self-pretentious piece of shit. It looks great, but it
don’t have any plot, the characters is absolutely dull and director thinks
WAY TOO MUCH of himself. It’s even worse than “The Signal”.

goku0121 says:

I thought the same thing about the song. I got pissed off thinking somebody
taped over the movie sequence as a joke lol. Next minute Robert Pattisons
characters singing along. I really enjoyed the bleakness of the film, very
sad climax though, felt it was unnecessary although understandable given
the setting.

Paco delp says:

Loved that movie ! Btw, did you see / reviewed Locke (with Tom Hardy) ?

theprototypeguy says:

Cast Guy Pierce as Joel for The Last Of Us movie..PLEASE!!!

Howie says:

Great film. Great acting

SpannersGerm669 says:

These Final Hours, The Babadook, Predestination are three films that have
really set the standard for recent Australian movies! I haven’t seen The
Rover, but I will get onto it. Exciting times for my country’s film

dtanobo says:

What was the pop song and how was it out of place? I’m curious.

jason666king . says:

DUDE, Where’s my fucking car?

Kevin Jones says:

Best part about this movie was that they didn’t hammer in any of the post
apocalypse stuff. Whatever happened just happened and people still chose to
move forward

f*ck google says:

holy shit that was Robert Pattinson? damn, that guy can act! Guy excellent
as always, strong movie with amazing atmosphere, I loved it

hennyM5 says:

really glad Chris liked this film, i thought it was the best film I’ve seen
all year – sorry, Boyhood.

Michael Colby says:

I’m sorry butt did you also say that once Pattinson shows up the movie lost
its suspense? No it did not, the first time he talks there is a very
intense shoot out, and the 2nd time you see him there is a very intense and
suspenseful interrogation between him and Pearce, and almost immediately
after that there is another shoot out that is suspenseful. The scene at the
army base got suspenseful too. I don’t get that complaint at all. Also that
first conversation had some suspense too, like I thought Pearce would freak
out at any moment. 

Llynok says:

Someone just give me a yes or a no.
Is Guy Pierce’s character ‘so mad all of the time’ because he lost either
his wife or his child in the apocalyptic crash?

MrHumatang says:

If you ever make a branded shirt you should just have a black shirt with a
jizz stain that says “I got Stuckmanized.”

Abdullah Almosalami says:

What is under “THE GOOD” in his shirt?!?!? I’m going crazy!

BoySyndicate666 says:

can you do Animal Kingdom review? thats another Australian film that came
out in 2010, its got a wicked cast and is done by the same director as this

pmrize says:

To see Mr Pearce at his very best you need to check out “The Proposition”,
a truly magnificent cast including Danny Huston, also at his very best, and
a stellar sound track by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.
Nick Cave also wrote the film and John Hillcoat directed.

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