The Purge: Anarchy movie review

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Another year, another Purge day. At least that’s how it feels. Expect about 5 more of these movies before the franchise burns out, but hey….at least this isn’t a generic home invasion movie. Jeremy reviews “The Purge: Anarchy”!

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Peter Johnson says:

All Anarchy means is “without rulers”. It doesn’t necessary mean chaos,
people who are rulers want people to think that without them there will be
choas, so they can continue to rule.

GermanDirkfoot says:

Jeremy can you have sex with me?

Warrior9983 says:

You should review “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods” when it hits theaters for
that limited time.

TheMrSealclubber says:

I tell you what’d be alright for the next one.

The main character is a purger, a fucking good one at that, and it’s about
him prepping and then going nuts during that.

There could be some kind of plot, like while he was out purging his family
got killed and now he’s mad and doesn’t want the purge to happen anymore.
Or that he blames the government and goes full fight club on the
establishment and gears up to make it so that the government gets fucked
over in the purge after that.

But in all honesty I just want to see a purger butcher and create TDK
joker-like anarchy.

beastwork says:

jesus christ jeremy you just said that none of them die… fucking
suck. stop spoiling movies in your reviews. unsubscribed

JustDavid0823 says:

I just want to know – Does anyone steal any money, rob a bank, break open
an ATM?…why does everyone focus on murder? Crime is legal!!! Get rich!!! 

bnrproductionztv says:

did he spoil the ending?

clint matthew says:

Is it just me that thinks the daughter was maddd annoying through out the
whole God Dame movie??? 

DunGivehFuk says:

Woah, Chris Stuckmann gave this movie a D-.

One of the first times I saw their opinions so varied.

ShadowDx27 says:

the best part of Anarchy was when the black guy came back from the first

JWUniverse says:

Great review Jeremy. This was better than the first but it could have been
slightly better C+ Maybe the third film could be about a Bus Crash and they
have no idea about the Purge and have to survive the night!

BoxOfMyst3riez says:

so you could just assassinate the president on the purge night? Obama
better watch is ass

Dirvinator says:

The Purge: Mockingjay Part 1, coming soon…

Braly5 says:

…Speaking of revolutions and Mockingjay…
Jeremy, I would love to see your reaction to the teaser trailers for
Mockingjay Part 1, since you’re one of the fans who hasn’t read the books.
Us readers have been finding said fan’s reactions to be fairly amusing, and
I imagine yours would be a perfect example of this.

francis wwe says:

They should make a movie on a plane while the purge starts and people where
the bad guys with mask secretly are all ready on the plane

joey flores says:

Idk why people are giving this film bad reviews. It was freaking awesome!
These types of films….you don’t go into them thinking “wow, this is gonna
make me think real deep or blow my mind with action fight scenes and CGI
and have this super epic story to it that’s gonna stick with me for
days”… You go into these movies expecting to see shit blow up.
People get shot and stabbed and overall chaos and that’s what this movie
had. It also had a pretty good story to it as well. Nothing outstanding or
award winning, but it was a pretty good story. Not like the first one where
it was basicly Panic Room 2.0. To each their own obviously, but id say go
see this movie. If you hated the first one(which we all did) still go and
watch this one. Its so much better in every way. I really hope theres a
purge 3. I loved Anarchy.

jcampos299 says:

I think they can maybe focus on ALL crime… Not just murder… ALL crime
is legal during the purge… Show it from the perspective of one of the
criminals not a survivor… That would be interesting… But seriously…
Bank heists, stuff like that PLUS the murder would be nice…chaos… I
wanna see chaos lol

Carium says:

why does everyone like this movie, you know people would be killing
eachother but so what, i wanna see a mass cartel ring in the city, a black
market out in the open, trafficing, riots… why just murder, do the
writers even know what an imagination is?

Dylan Fix says:

I haven’t watched the purge, but from what I’ve been told the whole reason
behind it is because the prisons were overcrowded, so to cut back on crime
they invented the purge, and I thought that was dumb, why would they
sacrifice innocent lives (not to mention violating their rights) just to
allow people to get their anger out? if your going to violate someone’s
rights like that, then do it to the prisoners, once a year just send a
squad of soldiers to each cell and shoot them, and that’s something that
got me thinking, how much cooler (not to mention more realistic) would it
be if THATS where the purge took place? like, some poor shmuck got one too
many tickets and he gets thrown in prison on the purge and the officers
basically said “alright everyone!” one day a year you all can kill each
other and you don’t get any extra time added to your sentence” then we have
a legit horror movie instead of a teenage snuff fest, the dude could
partner up with another criminal, and actually have people you care about
if they live or die, while everyone else is shanking, shooting and eating
each other, and you cant tell me with all the gangs and psychopaths in
prison they would ask the question “what do we get out of killing
everyone?” they do that anyway without something like the purge, so why not
a scenario where they are told they can do what they want (within the
prison) and they do get in trouble!

joshua powell says:

had an epic idea. combine the purge with batman. the purge has been
introduced in gotham city and the police are not allowed to “save” people.
the night befor the purge the joker, victor zaz and scercrow break out of
arkham. jim gordan batman and nightwing try to stop people from geting hurt
while trying to take down the joker and a mob of angry citezens.

jshields0302 says:

purge Washington DC

Miguel Franco says:

There’s are purge 3 guy’s yeah

TheMobileApple says:

Yay someone who likes this movie too!

Shankar Raghunandan says:

Spoiler: I think the person who said “Don’t shot we’re here to help you”,
was the homeless guy from the first Purge movie. 

cx1735 says:

100% designed by committee. Hacked and sculpted by focus groups, just the
way you like it! Fast food for your fucking eyeballs.

Frank Hill says:

I’m a Pineapple

ds37 says:

I’m giving this one a shot. First one had a cool premise but the execution
was a massive letdown because it was only an home invasion movie and the
plot device was a stupid decision made by one of the inhabitants of the
house under siege.

On your purge 1 review someone said that they had better make a 24 episodes
long season based on the purge, while each episode = 1 hour. That would
have been really great.

Then the trailer for this one came out and I thought to myself that someone
somewhere finally listened to us. But I’m not so sure about the government
conspiracy part in this. Plus is it mindless fun or are they trying to be
allegorical while having totally non necessary deaths or events happening
for the sake of having people dying because murder is legal?

I mean I wouldn’t kill anybody during the purge I’d lock myself in my flat
or go out and rob banks, video games stores or shit like that.

USHistorySchool says:

Highlight of the movie: Matt Saracen

TheMagicalSloth- says:

The purge:Good time if your drunk
The purge anarchy:Dogshit

ajkdhsalfgnewidpcvjcjqd8w9agvespfld]j cmkpiwsgxq says:

All crime is legal, yet I haven’t seen any people going out to grab those
new smartphones in 2023 or rather some 100 inch 3000D TVs, neither were
there any minors drinking alcohol, demolishing skyscrapers nor rape and

AnnAnnieMouse says:

Why the hell did he have to get to this “friends house” to get that stupid
car??!! It said ALL crime is legal for 12 hours, so why didn’t he just take
a frickin car to go commit the frickin murder??? Frick!!

Mr jaegerbombastic says:

This doesn’t sound like a good concept. It sounds like a really dumb
concept. Who the heck would ever let all crime be legal for a day. I feel
like the story would work better if it was in an apocalyptic setting. Like
maybe an EMP goes off over a city and the city just goes Into kayos 

Gianni Jameson says:

I LOVE the first one I going to get the 2 one but witch is better?!

Kristian Camp says:

the first purge, sucked ass in my opinion. I havn’t seen anarchy

Aleira Kiran says:

Whoever likes the movie must have got hit on da head by the god dude its
rubbbish and not scary

Caligula says:

And what happened to the other girl in the end, who than wanted to purge

scottieman2 says:

I know killing is more suspenseful, they should do a heist movie. Since the
banks hide the money and rich people hire guards they should have people
some people on the inside try to rip them off. Some rich people have their
own vaults in the basements in case banks get ripped off and hire people to
guard it and that said guard is greedy and ties them up and takes the

fenwickwrestling says:

The thing people keep missing is the political commentary, and how close
dangrously close we are to a situation the US is in during this franchise.
The NFFA are CLEARLY the tea party. The Purdge night holiday is CLEARLY an
extention of thing like……. The Stand your ground law, and the death
penality coupled with the increaseing lack of a middle class divide.

This movie is an OK horror/fantasy movie but a GREAT political concept

DoctaDaKing says:

I don’t think the government thought this through…what if an important
government official or businessman is murdered during the purge? Imagine if
everyone just storms D.C. And takes out Obama just because they can. I
don’t think that would warrant the statement that Purge is a good thing.

darrolljr95 says:

Jeremy Jahns >> Nostalgia critic

Joshua Pickett says:

I didn’t care for the couple AT ALL in this film. I was just waiting for
them to die to be honest. They just annoyed me XD

Arjan Madan says:

This is the best movie ever in my opinion

Matthew Wagner says:

This one was far better than the first one and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Salvador Allende says:

you didnt mention that Omar is in the movie!!!!!! Omar comin yo!!!!

PERsecond hackz says:

Everyone should just go watch Apes on Horses for a second time

victor dotm says:

The fact that he gave this movie a better review than Transformers 4 really
angers me.

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