The Napzok Files with Scott Mantz

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Ken Napzok has his own podcast and we decided to put episodes of his show where he gets in depth with the SK crew.

In this episode, Ken gets a shot of happiness from the energetic and passionate Scott Mantz (Access Hollywood, Profiles w/ Mantz & Malone). Find out how Scott went from quiet Philly kid to the heart on his sleeve, force of nature film critic, choose Star Trek and The Beatles over Star Wars and The Rolling Stones, and found the great love of his life a bit later than he planned. It’s fun, in depth, and, most important, positive episode of The Napzok Files

The original air date of this episode was in August 2014.

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Radagast Brown says:

Love you guys talking about life. Scott and ken you are the best!

DominatorGaming says:

I love me some Mantz!

Guy Turner says:

I’m with Ken & Mantz – it’s AT-AT (@-@) and always has been ever since I
watched Empire in the cinema aged 7 and had an AT-AT for Christmas
later that year. Everyone I went to school with also called them AT-AT’s.
It’s like a TIE fighter – it’s TIE fighter not a Tee Eye Eee fighter. I
have noticed that it tends to be the younger generation that call them Ay
Tee Ay Tee’s.

Wade EPIC says:

Mantz is awesome!!!! i am hoping for a part 2

Will Nelson says:

I really love Mantz’s spirit and the way he describes movies in such a
poetic way.

Frank AndTheLoneStandingTuft says:

Never change Mantz! well if you do, make it a good change :) 

ThreeBlindMiceFilms says:

I effin’ LOVED The Love Guru too!!! And yes, the best way to watch it is to
be umm… Under the influence of a certain substance..

ultrajayy says:

Good shit!

Basscoversweekly ! says:

Lol I say A-Tee A-Tee. It must be a generational thing 

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