The Napzok Files with FINSTOCK

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Ken Napzok has his own podcast and we decided to put episodes of his show where he gets in depth with the SK crew.

In this episode, Ken interviews Finstock.

Enough said.

The original air date of this episode was in June 2014.

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Jim Mills says:

All the young trolls gotta cut him some slack hes just a white man living
in a Chinese world….poof

KhalDrogon says:

finstock is my fav part of the show

steven torres says:

Finstock will stand before God in the day of judgement and the one thing
he will not be punished for is Exodus 20:16 You shall not give false
testimony against your neighbor. 

kyle reese says:

bobbys the man 

LolmileyElvin says:

listened to this when it came out on itunes and i loved it, so now i can
favorite it on youtube.

Chris Austerman says:

Was that Finstock and Jahns in that photo?

mat joh says:

haha finstock is so fucking funny

Jonathan Maroon says:

I have seen this like 3 times on Itunes.

Joseph Johnny Hartwell Albertoo Heisenberg says:

I listened to this on iTunes haha

LINKTheReaper says:

this is a pretty good podcast

Ryan Powers says:


Brentsfriend says:

I really enjoy Finstock!!!

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