The Loft movie review

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A murder mystery among friends “Clue” style that’s twice as effective as Ambien. Jeremy reviews “The Loft”!

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Sonder says:

Probably won’t watch this movie, still need to see whiplash

TheAzertjuh says:

The original Belgian version of the loft is actually amazing with great

Eli DEVITT says:

“It’s Clue: The no-one gives a shit addition” #QuipOfTheYear 

VansenandWellsCo says:

The Loft, The Room. Seeing a pattern here >_>

Walter Kovacs says:

Veronica Mars (especially seasons 1 and 2), Zodiac and Watchmen.

tropicAces says:

Don’t think I’m out of line when I say this is one of Jeremy’s best reviews

Brad Wright says:

Jeremy you are the man. I still hope to see you in a ScreenJunkies Movie
Fight some day!

TheGameJunkie says:

The Family Guy murder mystery on who killed James Wood. 

deck444 says:

i think I speak for all the non-americans when I say: IT´S NOT CLUE IT´S

Justin Carpenter says:

That really sucks I thought this looked like it had potential. 

roarshach13 says:

My favorite murder mystery? Besides Clue? Because it actually IS a good
murder mystery on top of being hilarious? The first story arc of Fables. A
murder mystery in which Snow White is the sister of the deceased and the
Big Bad Wolf is the investigating detective.

Dark Mountain Productions says:

My new favorite murder mystery is Deadly Premonition. Yes, the video game.
Check it out, Jeremy. It’s awesome.

But if I had to pick a movie, then probably Minority Report.

Georg Veramme says:

I dunno, I liked the original Flemish/Belgian version so I want to give
this movie a chance. Hell the coke snorting guy actually played the same
guy in the movie. Yeah he is a Flemish guy with a proper American accent!
You didnt know that did ya?!

Jaime Yeyoquin says:

Twin Peaks and The Killing

and books And Then There Were None, really great time reading that one

As I was typing this I remembered that you did in fact ask this before I
think, I could be wrong lol

cannedcream says:

Hey, Clue was great, don’t be bringing it into this mess.

Kieran Soma says:

Jeremy! Hey, I don’t know if you heard but a movie recently came out that
took 12 years to make! It’s called Boyhood and since it took 12 times
longer to make than schindlers list and pulp fiction it’s actually TWELVE
TIMES better! 

JeremyJahns says:
DemonofHell48 says:

You should review Clue! No one has done it so far!

captainjustice33 says:

Hilarious, I laughed so hard at the end. You make even the worst movies

Drew Schneider says:

Can u do a game review in 5 nights a Freddie’s?

The Nathaniel Videos (ASMR) says:

I only knew and saw this movie because of Wentworth Miller. Even he
couldn’t save it.

King Morganite says:

I just had to watch the trailer to know this would suck, like “The Seventh

KnightsaysNi says:

I love “Clue,” so thank you from sparing me from being tricked into
watching it’s horrible imitation. So yeah, “Clue” is my favorite murder
mystery, but “The Hound of the Baskervilles”–the one with Christopher Lee
in it–is pretty decent.

Mario Morales says:

Hahaha! Hilarious review. So straight to the point too. Thanks.

DeepEye1994 says:

Favorite murder mystery? “Watchmen” LOL =3

YokotoJr says:

Watchmen was THE BEST murder mystery ever

Caer Ibormeith says:

The youtube add for the Loft was shoved down my throat so hard that i
started to think it might be a decent movie, but I’m not surprised.

Tici Toty Tony says:

Damn January you tried i mean you had only a couple of good movies come out
but in the end your performance was shitty and underwhelming

You win no points and we’re sending you home I’m sorry

*hugs January goodbye* good luck in your future endeavors

Now only 11 more contestants remain who will win next week on 2015 Movie

Seacrest! OUT!!

CKLionheart says:

Does ‘The Others’ count as a murder mystery? 

denNicola says:

There are 7 million people who know about this movie, saw the original and
didn’t go see this predigested remake for American audiences… greetings
from Flemish Belgium :)

Hannibal953able says:

Mississippi Burning. Now that is a great film. You should review that one. 

TaydebearProductions says:

Love the concept, but so glad this review happened so i don’t have to see

Ray says:

No respect for Wentworth Miller AKA Micheal Schofield.. Thumb down and
dislike !! 


i personally liked it 

Jon Ericson says:

From about 1:20 to 1:40 reminds me why I like your reviews so much, even if
you don’t like the movie, you’re being funny about it, unlike some others

Ryan Barnes says:

Wow two dog shit movies in one month. Must be a new record or something. 

AlcaHolicGamer says:

You should totally check out some Scandinavian crimi i’m tellin’ you, that
shit’s good

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