The Lego Movie review

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Whether you’re a new Lego fan, or a fan from a time when Legos required imagination, you can relate and love legos. Now, the fate of the Lego multiverse hangs in the balance!!! Jeremy reviews “The Lego Movie”!

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treebeard says:

SPOILER ALERT in this comment
What is Jeremy referring to at 2:09 ? The super heroes? 

KingKrally says:

Call me crazy, but I want this movie to win Academy Award for Best Animated
Picture of 2014! 

Vercalos al'Corlin says:

Everything is awesome

Also, I love building models with legos. I do kinda miss just playing with
legos like I used to as a kid.

TreeroyJ says:

What is wrong with Americans?! The plural of Lego is Lego, not Legos…

JahnTrawn says:

This movie got better the more it went on.

I wasn’t really enjoying it at the beginning but as it went on and built
the world a bit more it got funnier and I was enjoying more of the

Feraligatr says:

I loved me my Lego Star Wars, I’d have plenty of battles with my clones and

JeremyJahns says:
Sunny Candy says:

I thought I would never watch this…but it is one of the best movies I’ve
watched and the message and stuff is awesome

FoulPlay ShadowMan says:


sad that Bionicle was only shown as a lego world and was never fully
featured tho

Jacob Carpenter says:

This movie was great. Animation, heart, comedy, everything.

Overall for animations this year, for me, I’d say it’s BH6 > Lego > HTTYD2.

What about you guys? :)

KomodoDojo says:

This movie was suprisingly brilliant

Ray Dioaktivman says:

I’ve never had Legos…will I still like this movie?

carbaj says:

I don’t like the movie.
Story feels like an imagination of a kid, literally.
Not a great story.

Ryan Neal says:

What was the moment that he is talking about that he said was awesome?

Wolfy The Wolf says:

I have the Lego Movie on Blu-Ray ( I don’t usually play with Lego sets but
if I had to choose it would probably be the battle for Hogwarts set! )

Shadrach MA7 says:

So which part was Jeremy’s favorite? Badass movie!

CollectPanda33 says:

This shit was more confusing than Inception

I just made it for yt acount says:

The part which happens in real world almost killed the movie.

rub ber says:

This was a great movie , funny and very enjoyable . I’m 22

logandh2 says:

Anyone have any idea what the part is that made it awesome for Jeremy? 

Jamie Birch says:

This just makes me think of the inbetweeners

How many Legos can u fit up ur bum lol

Emperor Botz says:

Lego mars mission and exo force FTW

Kanra-tan says:

Fuck, I want legos now.

Grey Strike says:

this was so refreshing

I'm Gandalf and Magneto deal with it says:

the first Superman lego set. easily my favorite lego set of all time.

Elijah T says:

I think I have an idea of what you are talking about: Metalbeard
transforming into that chimp and singing “How You Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on
the Farm?”

Tim Graham says:

Just watched this movie it was so boring!

Jonny Lupus says:

Did anyone notice the freaking lego ocean???

JNCrane Uploads says:

Nooooo! The ending was horrible, it was toy story 

Sean Johnson says:

For me, my favorite character was Charlie Day’s character (The Spaceman) it
was just funny with his obsession of building spaceships. I kinda wish he
got more screen time.

Chinese Bros says:

I honestly thought the Lego movie was a huge
dissapointment………everyone said it was awesome n cool….but it just
didn’t interest me

Cameron Macleod says:

My favourite Lego line was the Bionicle line.

Marty K says:

Does anyone know the moment Jeremy’s talking about that made the movie
awesome? There were a several good moments I don’t get which moment he’s
talking about X/

SpeedDemon1152 says:


JC Bilyee says:

The Lego Movie was awesome for me the best part was the 2002 NBA All Stars’
appearance because that’s literally the only Legos I’ve ever had.

Joel Samuel says:


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