The Lego Movie: Elizabeth Banks “Wyldstyle” On Set Movie Interview

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Thelema Therion says:

May the odds be with you

Ryan Royce says:

Wyldstyle? What’re you a DJ? 

TheHeston83 says:

she is stunning 

x5992 says:

So on your birth certificate it says Wyld Style?

rj ocampo says:

She looks different from the movies The Notebook and Mean Girls. I don’t
mean she looks less pretty, because she is still gorgeous, but she looks
different now.

Wyld Style says:

Perfect voice for wyldstyle

Olivia McDonagh says:

She’s forever Kim in my ind :P

MrMadness 360 says:

I found your channel by Googleing who plays unikitty in the lego movie!

tom david johansen says:

did she burp?

Nick Fed says:

Emmet is cool

Clouds Dale says:

Kick butt power……

ScreenSlam says:
DNIHelixUSN says:

<3 Wildstyle! :)

Ezi0AuditoreDiFirenz says:

Or while-style? 

Ezi0AuditoreDiFirenz says:

Is it pronounced wild style or wow style

Simon Clyde Espelimbergo says:




xxpupgirlxx AJ says:

Is she a tom boy?

crojas718able says:

best movie iv seen 

AttentionJunkie says:

That blouse looks like an atari game

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