The Lego Movie: Alison Brie “Unikitty” On Set Movie Interview

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Death2Fanboys says:

Like if you think Princess Unikitty should have her spinoff movie!

OneFancyDog says:

Unikitty=best character of the movie.

thedab101 says:

Business business business, numbers. 

Rage Rabbid says:

if there is no rules then bushy mustaches should be allowed :(

McFarty says:

Unikitty has the most expressions than any animated character I’ve ever

CookieSwirlC says:


CrushingC10996WM says:

Business business business. Numbers. (Whispers) Is this working?

Nick V. says:

I fell in love

MinyBeats says:

Unikitty was my second favorite character in the movie xD she was sooo

Ty Crane says:

I thought it was the woman that voiced Princess Bubblegum from Adventure
Time, they sounded so alike. :o

Egil the Machina says:

Unikitty is my 1st fav character. So cute when in a rage. My 2nd is either
Benny or Wyldstyle

Smitty LegitLastname says:

Unikitty is a lot like annie from community

ShootingStarAJM says:

No poopoos :3

Aquarius199 says:

I saw this movie today and it was great! I also thought it was Hynden Walch
(she did characters like Starfire and Princess Bubblegum) who
voiced Unikitty at first because the character reminded me of that voice
actress, but I was wrong. Either way, it was a great movie and I really
enjoyed it.

Zach Greenwald says:

Unikitty was my favorite character.

Angel Freeman says:

Uni kitty rocks!!!!

blarblablarblar says:

Best part about this character was the submarine part. And the end

731Elyse1 says:

Aol mail to NLIDA the school of business and look at it again and I have
this done by NLIDA 

Lily Star says:

You know, she probably does poop rainbows…. Lol

goten igarashi says:

Is it working…..Yaaaaaaaaa- -×- love that part

Alex McGillvrey says:

Unikitty is amazing! She’s my favorite character in that movie and I’m a

LateNightKitty says:

Unikitty team!

Peter Sobrino says:

The DESU is strong with her

cheapandchic89 says:

She’s so beautiful it’s ridiculous.

Rosie .nr says:

her hair though <33

Sonictails54321 says:

I just realized something. What about Unikitty’s home?

Esther Kyaw says:

Everything is awesome

WingChroniam says:

I thought Hynden Walch voiced Uni Kitty. They both sound so alike.

Duchess Daringstar says:


Goop glork says:


Chloe Lichty says:

I like her hair here :)

carreigh broussard says:

Looks into the future unikitty fan fiction

BADBOY17 says:

Stay positive!!!! OH FORGET IT!!!! GO EMMET!! like if you remember that

tetrisclock says:

I love Unikitty! She’s such a fun, sweet ball of crazy :3

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