The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D – Game Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D for the Nintendo 3DS.


NeverSaySandwich1 says:

Best Zelda game is Twilight Princess!

OrangeVision says:

I think Ocarina of Time was probably the biggest singular leap in Zelda
history when it comes to technical side of things, but it doesn’t have as
strong cohesion some other Zelda games have. For this, it doesn’t age as

Wind Waker is probably my favourite, not only does every animation, sound
effect and asset compliment the light, feel-good adventure motif. The
graphical style is timeless. It has its issues, but the whole game breathes
light-hearted sea exploration. It’s something that’s very easy to come back

Another favourite is Majora’s Mask, which is almost on par with the
cohesion of assets with Wind Waker, only this time atmosphere is brooding
and hopeless, complete opposite of WW’s happy-go-lucky feel. I think the
cohesion here is all the more impressive when most of the character models
are taken straight from OOT.

Freedom Panic says:

The New 3DS makes the 3D so much less of a chore. The eye tracking in it is
really good and I have the 3D on constantly. I don’t like playing games
without it, and I did not expect that. I love it.

Drop the base WUBWUBWUBWUB says:

Why is Skyward Sword so disliked? It got pretty good reviews. I never
played it so I wouldn’t know

Riley Johnston says:

Thanks for uploading at 1:00 am. I’ve been refreshing your page forever.
Can’t wait for the hot tub time machine 2 review!!!!!!!!

FarfetchdReviews says:

I don’t know, that isn’t exactly what people mean by saying something’s
‘dated’ – at least, not from what I understand it. There are some films
from the 90’s that utilise heavy CGI that don’t seem dated today (e.g.
Jurassic Park), and films from the 70’s like Alien & Star Wars are just as
enjoyable today. Using videogames as an example, I’d say Banjo-Kazooie
still looks great today, whereas Mario 64 looks really dated and has aged
pretty badly to me.

821lancevance says:

have to love Nintendo fan boys that give a 15 year old port a 10 outs 10.
but they always complain when playstation or Xbox does it.

especially 3ds nerds against all the ps3 ports on vita

Matt Greer says:

Link’s Awakening, easily. It was the first Zelda game I ever played and
it’s absolutely fantastic. It was so creative with how they took Zelda and
merged it with other Nintendo games. I feel as though it’s often overlooked
due to being on the handheld, but I go back to it often.

Noobslayerbob says:

Thank you, Chris, for sharing your opinion on graphics. The phrase “looks
like a PS2 game” is so overused now- why is “looking like a PS2 game” such
a bad thing? Games of the 5th and 6th generations achieved some amazing
stuff considering the tech limitations of their time periods. Plus, since
photorealism tended to look like crap back then, many developers tried to
make games (like Wind Waker, Okami, Jet Set Radio, Psychonauts, etc) that
pushed the boundaries of art design so they wouldn’t look dated in a few

As much as I hate to sound like 90s Nick, it seems like many younger gamers
these days are so spoiled by 1080p resolutions and fancy shader tech that
they’re incapable of appreciating the older stuff. 

Max Willson says:

‘A Link to the Past’ is my favorite Zelda game, not too long, not too
short, it’s just perfect! It’s a short version of Ocarina of Time! It’s
a privilege just to play the Ocarina of Time on the 3DS! Never in a million
years did I think I would have that game in the palm of my hand anytime
anywhere! It’s a dream come true! I didn’t care for ‘Link Between Worlds’.
I thought it was too easy. Fighting Ganon was fun though, that’s the only
reason why I’m replaying the game on legendary mode. As for Majora’s Mask,
that game pissed me off! I no not how to save write with time travel. 

Alex Aceves says:

A Link To The Past was my favorite Zelda game I ever played when I was

alexreaperthegreat says:

I got to Legend Of Zelda only a year ago, I completed the original one on
nes and Ocarina Of Time. Most of the people, who don’t actually try any
Zelda games can think that they are overrated but I personally, playing it
for the first time only now, see that it is an example of a perfect game
(probably most of Zelda games). Som favourites for now are original and
Ocarina, but I know how Majora’s mask mechanics work and what mood it
carries, so after completing it in the future it can easily become my top 1
Zelda game. Thanks for the video, Chris!

DeluxeChin says:

I can’t deside between 2 Zelda games, there The Legend of Zelda a Link
Between World and (don’t hate on me) The Legend of Zelda The Phantom
Hourglass, heres, my reasons, LBW was a good game because it had a bunch of
fun puzzles, and great adventure in it, I really like the part where you
could go into the wall and do stuff in there. Now I like TPH because first
it was my FIRST LOZ game. Now what made this game different is that it has
new gameplay features like where you move with the pen, but I like the
storyline, What makes a great Zelda game is the story and both these games
did that. What’s yours favorite, reply to me

Johnny Athey says:

Do you have an old model of a 3DS? The new 3DS has much better 3D they
really did a good job of fixing the distortion when you tilt the screen
with the 3D on

NikSG94 says:

At 1:00, I got a bit of a “Silence of the Lambs” vibe.

Not a good vibe, man.

batman88891 says:

Personally, I can’t stand the way the save system was changed. It’s my only
gripe, though, and even though I only recently played Majora’s Mask on the
Wii (for the first time), I still enjoyed the 3DS version a lot.

Personally, I don’t like Ocarina of Time. The game is just… very boring
to me. I don’t feel like I’m going on an epic quest, I feel like Link is
going on an epic quest without me. Because of how boring all the NPCs are,
I also don’t really feel like saving them. Meanwhile, in Majora’s Mask, my
favorite part *is* the sidequests because of how the characters ALL have
their own lives and personality. That being said though, my favorite Zelda
is Wind Waker. I just got the HD version, and it is amazing. I have no
gripes with it whatsoever, and unlike most other games that try to look
realistic and wind up looking like crap later. Meanwhile, cartoon-y games
like Wind Waker still look AMAZING today, even on the original GameCube.
Majora’s Mask is a *very* close second, and A Link Between Worlds is my
third favorite. I feel that Nintendo is the only company, or one of the
only companies, that knows how to make a remake and make it feel GOOD. Make
it not only equal in quality to the original, but also BETTER than the
original. Before the 3D version of OoT, I couldn’t even play the game. It
was just so… bad. The 3D version didn’t change much, but it still made
the game at least playable to me. Meanwhile they don’t know how to do
limited editions very well though. At least, Nintendo of America doesn’t.
Nintendo of Europe is probably the best Nintendo out there though! I mean,
they give away SO MUCH.

Jean Paredes says:

I’m sorry you must have the old 3ds… because on the new 3ds it’s less of
a struggle to play my games in 3d specially since I have monster hunter 4 U
and that thing stays on 3d during well hunting the big bad monsters all the

Misfit. says:

i love this game to death, and it finally got remastered c:

Diego Ruiz says:

Something +Chris Stuckmann said in this video that I completely agree is
the “maturity while keeping things simple”. I will show you a compared
example using racing games (my jam), in this case they are 2 *simcade*
rallying gams:
· *V-Rally 2* (1999)
The game is extremely simple, you pick up a car, a race mode and you go.
You have Arcade and Trophy for circuit racing or Championship for “truer”
rallying. When you win a series you unlock classic cars like Audi Quattro
S1, Lancia Stratos and Renault 8 Gordini. The physics are hella simple, if
you exclude undulations there are only like 5-6 kinds of turns, the stages
are usually short and damn repetitive when it comes to the background…
complex than in the next game with like 6 tuning options plus a WIDE
arrange of tyres to choose from, this gmame is a lot simpler than the
following game.
· *DiRT 3*
More cars, more events, sponsors, money, upgrades, better sound, much
better backgrounds, a lot more variations in the terrain… And, believe
me, this game is nowhere near as fun as *v-Rally 2*. Even the nighttime
stages, which are really well done in *DiRT3* with both visual and sound
effects, are still worse than the simple change of palettes for that that
the oldie gives us. More graphics does not mean it is a better game,
specially when it comes to the fun.

Chris Stuckmann says:
Matthew Davis says:

My favorite Zelda game is either Ocarina of Time or Wind Waker.

I enjoyed Majora’s mask, but I didn’t care for the 3-day cycle aspect of
it. I loved it’s atmosphere and the subtle creepiness, but the 3-day cycle
made me feel continually rushed. I like to take my time in Zelda games, and
I felt like I couldn’t do that with a timer constantly staring me down.

I feel this hurt character development, too. You can’t build character
relationships when people just forget about you and everything you’ve done
for them in the last 3 days.

MegaAchilles23 says:

Your remarks on the criticism of “dated” are a strawman and you know it.
When real people call something dated, their probably talking about the
controls or the mechanics or other things that actually related to playing
the game.

garowice says:

Skyward Sword was a low? I don’t have an opinion since I haven’t played it
but I heard it had great reviews. It was game of the year, the Zelda
aficionado in my friend circle calls it the best game in the franchise even
Jeremy Jahns gave it his highest score. I’ve heard a few rag on it like
Egoraptor but it seems to be considered one of the best in the franchise by
the majority.

SilverAnicore says:

I have a huge soft spot for Link’s Awakening, although I can’t tell how
much that has to do with my nostalgia goggles. It’s a great game
Thanks for the review. I actually just bought the game a week ago. Didn’t
even know it was new or anything. XD I just saw it in the store, thought
“must have” and picked it up. Thanks for validating my choice. XD

Midnight Navigator says:

Picking a favorite and a second favorite is too hard. D: I guess my
favorite is OoT and my second has to be a tie between a link to the past
and a link between worlds. But twilight princess had the best boss finale
by far.

Blaze The Movie Fan says:

The only Zelda game I have played is the original NES version, it’s fun.

Gimmy Jibs says:

Yeah oldies are most of the time better then new games

Refugio Villegas III says:

I liked the Ocarina of Time too although I never got to finish it myself. I
played the Majoras Mask too but I basically gave up on it quick because I
was very confused on how the game played. I will give another chance
whenever I do get my hands on the new version or the N64 one. *sigh* One

Raphael Lota says:

Get that New 3DS XL!!!!’
The 3D effect is super stable and rarely gets distorted !!!!

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