The Interview – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews The Interview, starring James Franco, Seth Rogen, Lizzy Caplan, Randall Park. Directed by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg.


I am the one Who Knocks says:

Merry Christmas everyone!

redhidus says:

if people are willing to go to war for a silly movie, we are not a race
worth saving.

Sheh B says:

well i cant wait to torrent this movie

Tiago Gomes says:

This movie has a 9.4 on IMDb… I don’t even know what to think about that.

Sun Jetzu says:

We have to watch this movie, for Murica. 

PauLtus B says:

The annoying thing about this movie that the controversy is the thing that
is going to determine how much money it’s going to make. Not because it’s

MegaDragonslayer1997 says:

I can’t believe that some people think that America is going to war with
North Korea over this movie. Some of you Americans are very funny and

Nah, but they’re right! We can’t release this film! We need to show some
proper respect to this dictator! Who lives on the most isolated “country”
in the world; who probably has no idea what he’s doing. Oh wait! he doesn’t
know what he’s doing, he just sits at home and eats all day, and starves
his people. But as long as China feeds him and keeps his finger off the
nuke trigger, the world is merry.

Anyways, I saw the film, I’d give it a 7.5 out of 10. It’s not the best
comedy of the year, but it’s worth a watch if you enjoy comedy. 

OwenBruch22 says:

Stay away from this movie!
I love these actors and their other movies. But this was complete shock!
It only made me laugh two times, granted when it did it was really funny.
But this film is SO lazy. Just crude unfunny humor. How do you manage to
fuck that up? They found a way.

Go watch the three documentaries VICE did on North Korea. They are more
interesting exciting and funnier.


Tatiana Ragland says:

Don’t get wrong I wanted to see this movie before all the drama behind this
movie. But now… Will not wanna see this movie… Like I can’t… I can’t
believe that we may go to war over a dumb movie. I can’t believe that Sony
is gonna release it and risk our lives/nascent people lives for a damn
movie smdh. I can’t believe that Hollywood celebs are so money hungry to
make money off this movie that their willing to risk our lives. They got
the money to get out of this country real quick if something goes down but
us regular people do not. That’s some bull!! Great video but I will not go
see this movie. Am staying home where am safe and with my family. 

E. Davila says:

Something controversial about all this is people thinking Seth Rogen is

Sam Muir says:

I’ll give this movie a watch, but have the feeling it will be an over-hyped

SkiDaBird says:

The whole “controversy” over this is almost as funny as Seth Rogen.

Austin Marquez says:

The whole “hacker” and “war” drama was all to sell more tickets and attract
more attention… Yes sir’e

Tyler Durden says:

Worst film of 2014… Glad i watched this junk for free… Time to clear my
eyes with some Pineapple Express instead !!!

Kolbe Howard says:

The fact that Rogen and Goldberg didn’t write this movie is ridiculously
evident, it’s just simply not as funny as their previous work, even though
their acting is top notch as usual, the script is pretty weak and it’s not
enough to make this movie as good as Pineapple express, This is the End or

Not sure why they decided against writing, they are clearly great at it,
and this movie unfortunately suffered because of it.

Himynameisart says:

I saw it on VOD, and yeah it had it’s laughs i enjoyed it overall! But some
scenes were just very unnecessary, like there’s a scene that includes
biting someones fingers off! And that to me was odd! it was painful to
watch, just felt dumb and added for some sort of shock value. The best part
was james franco and seth rogens chemistry! Kim Jong Uns character was also
pretty good, the plot was a bit weak though, i’m giving The Interview a
7.5/10! I will be watching it again on the big screen! SO i might get a
better perspective on it by then. But yeah it’s worth watching i mean it’s
a comedy! Its not to be taken so seriously.

madara uchiha says:

im gonna go to the theatres and see it im not scared I stand firmly in what
I believe in, never back down to pressure guys because then they will walk
all over you.

Lazarus Pitts says:

The movie sucked in my opinion. I watched this movie ready to laugh and
only grew annoyed with Franco’s acting in the film. Nothing comedically
edgy about this film at all. It felt as if the jokes were for 2nd graders. 

Ryan Baker says:

I’m sorry. I actually really did not like this movie. Like at all. I
actually just went on a huge rant about it on my facebook page. Rogen and
Franco were both really really good. The characters were well acted and
obviously that means it was well directed, but I just did not find the
dialogue funny. I mean sure I giggled a few times. But I wasn’t rolling
with laughter. Obviously I was not part of the target audience, so my
opinion is completely biased. BUT don’t take my word for it, I may have a
completely different sense of humor than alot of people that do see it, so
by all means go see it and make that judgement for yourself. 

Chris Stuckmann says:
David S. says:

My wife and I laughed ALOT, and it’s not a type of comedy we usually watch,
though we did like Pineapple Express. Fairly on-the-mark review, I’d give
it a B+.

stripgaga says:

This movie was very mediocre for me. I love Seth Rogen movies and pineapple
express is my favorite but it wasn’t as funny as I was hoping. Franco over
acted so much. There were some truly laugh out loud parts, but a lot of the
jokes kept getting recycled and others were just plain bad and unfunny.
This movie was extremely racist as well. I don’t get offended by crude
movies, but at times some of the bad jokes I’m talking about are straight
up racist remarks against Asians and I found it weird that Rogen and crew
thought it was appropriate to be plainly racist for humor.

I think Park killed it though, he was the best part of the movie. I’m not
quite sure the ending works for me because they played Un as a really cool
guy, which was a great unexpected idea, then he just becomes totally
unlikable. Overall, probably my least favorite of these movies. I thought
neighbors was way more funny than this

Aysar Aburrub says:

I just watched this movie and it wasn’t funny whatsoever. I think i laughed
once or twice during the entire movie, which was freaking long for a failed
attempt at a comedy.

GamersComputer says:

sucks how you must live in the US to actually be able to watch the
interview on youtube, xbox live, google play, sony and in theatres…. And
the only way to watch it outside of the US to download a shady torrent…
bah. OH and VPN won’t work as you still need an american credit card to

Adrian Thomas says:

I really think this supposed “Controversy” with Sony is just one big
marketing ploy. Like the ultimate marketing ploy. 

mr.mello says:

All around shitty movie

firefly4f4 says:

Weird. When I watched this, I thought the first 45 minutes or so was
AGGRESSIVELY unfunny — the supposed jokes kept coming, and I just wasn’t
laughing. It wasn’t until the Kim Jong Un character showed up that I
started to find some of the jokes funny, but even then not to the point
where I could recommend it. Nowhere near close to the worst comedy of the
year (I gave it 4 / 10 overall if you can last until KJU shows up), but not
worth seeking out.

Trevor twoclever says:

I really liked the movie, because I liked the story.

Kristina Rogers says:

The movie is on Netlfix and I just finished watching it. It is way funnier
and entertaining than I thought it would be. OMG!

daniel cardozo says:

the question is… what if another country ( Germany, Russia, China, etc..)
made a movie making Obama look stupid with 2 secret spy’s trying to kill
him and in the mean time just making fun of the president?… not so funny
now huh?
the movie was funny as fuck but come on Sony entertainment ….

Marco Vecchi says:

I think it is one of the worst film ever. Not funny at all. Dumb jokes and
stupid screenplay.

John Marceaux says:

Will this movie be added to the list of the worst movies ever made? I vote
that is should. First of all, it is not funny. The jokes fail. Then you
have 2 TV guys becoming James Bond overnight. Not Unbelievable, In fact,
the whole movie is not believable. A real shame. I think I know why Sony
tried to shelf the movie, because after seeing that the movie was so bad
they would be embarrassed, but once money talks. Something had to be done
to try and recoup the cost of making the movie. Recently it was reported
that movie has lost Sony Thirty Million Dollars.

Gabriel Rangel says:

This film is bad, I mean, it is terrible. It might be me and the type of
comedy I like, I don’t know, this picture seem to be too “American” to me.
About the controversy, it shouldn’t be any it’s just a silly movie.

Matt Witzel says:

Great review, but I can’t believe you left out Randall Park’s hilarious
performance as Kim Jong Un, which was one of the highlights of the movie
for me. Very, very funny

Mario Rodas says:

Awesome comedic performance? I thought he was just annoying and
unrealistically stupid. It worked great in Pineapple Express, where he’s a
dumb funny stoner, but here he’s the host of a super successful show that’s
been going on for 10 years, yet he still thinks that people can swim from
Korea to the US or whatever? It was just a bunch of jokes about stupid
people being stupid. Come the fuck on, movies can be funnier than this.

goldmagistrate says:

I only laughed once in this movie. So disappointing.
And lol at anyone thinking North Korea did the hacking because the
government told us. And not because of some disgruntled former employee or
some dude in some basement wanting to troll.

stolenbaby2008 says:

MOVIE. I know North Korea is nuts, but C’MON. 

Edi Hernandez Lerma says:

My favorite quotes from this movie are Eminem – I was playing gay peekaboo.
Skylark – your nukes won’t reach Australia. Skylark- I told you that bitch
was blind as a bat. Skylark – let’s get out of this country and go
somewhere where they don’t eat doggies. Lol what we’re you’res.

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