The Imitation Game movie review

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Behold the story of lonely genius Alan Turing; a man who is determined to crack the “uncrackable” Nazi code machine “Enigma”. Jeremy reviews “The Imitation Game”!

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Grant Kidd says:

Unfortunately, the only reason why he was never given the recognition he
deserved until now was because he was gay. Poor guy saved the world but was
forced into suicide because people did not approve. 

RuTube says:

He’s not just a key in WWII. No one knows this outside of the field, but he
is actually the father of computer science

nicodimus2222 says:

I liked the movie, but the historical accuracy is sacrificed for dramatic
convenience. He was not a loner. He was well-liked by his team. His boss
was not screaming at him, threatening to pull his funding.

vanasco la porta says:

sherlock season 3

faolan1686 says:

Alan Turing is, possibly, the most important person of the twentieth
century. Before WW2 he invented a machine that can store and process data,
the computer. The multi trillion dollar electrics industry that exists
today is only possible because of the mans work. 

Gabriel Fowler says:

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Simon Pettersen says:

Not to be “that guy”, but Turing didn’t build the Machine. That’s an
artistic liberty the director took for the movie. Some guy had originally
build the machine, but Egnigma was rebuild as an aftermath of that, leaving
it useless. Turing was actually hired to rebuild the machine. So your
statement about him being “the first” is somewhat not correct. I loved the
movie though, and I absolutely don’t mind when directors change the story
to make a better movie for it, which I believe was the case of The
Imitation Game, in my top 10 too. Amazing movie.

Nicky Thompson says:

I think this is the first ‘bad’ review of Jeremy’s I’ve ever seen. Talk
about ignoring the elephant in the room.

Ethan Wendt says:

computers were named after that dude and they used to be called Turin
machines. fun fact of the day! (for you people who haven’t seen this

ktownshutdown21 says:

Man, fukk u Jeremy, u only give Awesometaculars to big dumb blockbusters
like Nightcrawler and Whiplash and The Imitation Game, INTERSTELLAR WAS THE

Just give it time. They’ll show up…

Anakin Skywalker says:

I didn’t really care for this movie.

Merky Beam says:

He bit an apple laced with cyanide to commit suicide, which is where the
apple logo comes from…reportedly.

Implantedclub says:

Cumberbatch is a great actor but he is in everything nowadays, I’m just
bored of him now, oversaturated.

Ric-72 says:

My opinion is basically the opposite of yours, Jeremy. I couldn’t stand
this film. I cringed at almost every line of dialogue – English people
don’t speak like that. The screenwriter conjured up conflict where there
was none – Turing was brought in to Bletchley specifically to work on his
machines, which were adapted and improved from quite similar Polish
machines, and his ideas were encouraged.
The pub scene before the eureka moment is awful – the faux double date
plays out like a scene from an early 2000s American college comedy. Using
only the final 30 minutes to cover the tragic side of his life fell flat
because it ultimately went nowhere. If you knew “the twist/reveal” (which
is a basic profile fact about the man), then there’s really not much else
to learn after the Enigma code is cracked.
It’s truly horrifying, what happened to him and so many others like him.
Doesn’t make the movie any more successful at telling a true story.

EAmusic says:

Another propaganda movie trying to shove their beliefs down people’s

gnh zkmr says:

Don’t know if it’s because of spoilers, but u didn’t mention the fact that
he was homosexual 

Rowan Kelleher says:

Good film in my books but, not great. I felt the actual enigma machine was
under explained and much of the equipment too. It was just explained as
“this is the enigma machine and it does bad things.” Not satisfying. As
well as this I felt the relationship with kiera knightley really got too
much screen time and just felt lackluster. Enjoyed Cumberbatchs performance
but, was too much like Sherlock, cold and emotionless. Pacing as well
wasn’t great however on the plus side, loved Mark Strong in the movie
would’ve loved to seen more of him.

eifelitorn says:

haven’t seen the movie yet, but I hope they give the Poles some
recognition, cuz they were the first to crack the code

kevin boudreaux says:

+JeremyJahns I was really hoping you werent going to skip The Imitation
Game altogether because it was a fantastic movie. Personally all the
interactions between Cumberbatch and Charles Dance really reminded me of
Game of Thrones in the best possible way.
My mom’s actually an engineer who studied some of Alan Turing’s work. She
said one of her math professors told the class that the world of
mathematics was set back at least 10 years with his unfortunate early

JeremyJahns says:
Riketz says:

Jeremy have you ever thought about Reviewing older movies? I wish I could
watch the movies you review without having to go to a movie theater. But, I
guess no one wants to see you review movies on Netflix except me, lol.

TheCrimsonChin91 says:

correction: whiplash is the most intense movie without a shot fired

TheChickeninspector says:

What the heck? This movie sucked. People just liked it cause it had
homosexuality. It was sloppy and didn’t have a consistent story. At first
it’s about cracking Enigma then it suddenly switches to being about the
main character being gay. Then when they crack Enigma nothing really
happens. It doesn’t show any battles the allies won cause of it or anything
like that. It evens starts to set up a cool new premise about picking and
choosing when to use a cracked code so the Nazi’s don’t learn they cracked
it. But nope, it’s all forgotten and the homosexuality, which was only
introduced half way into the film, becomes the focus. The story telling
also sucks. It switches back and forth between 3 periods in the character’s
life. There’s no indication that the time is different so you’re wondering
what just happened. The characters are forgettable. And the war itself gets
pushed to the background. Jeremy, what happened? You used to be good. 

alienator345 says:

Jeremy, wait a couple of weeks before you do your end of year lists. That
will solve a lot of your problems as far as the whole 2014/2015 thing,
because this happens every year. Movies don’t want to show wide because of
high competition at the end of year, but they want to be eligible for the
Oscars, so they do the limited release at the end of the year and expand in

Jesus Burgess says:

Can someone tell me what is the hierarchy of the rating system that Jeremy
uses? I cant tell which is highest, lowest, in the middle, etc

TakTheFox says:

ENOUGH WITH THE “cumbertbitch” NAME! It’s so stupid to call the fanbase
that. It’s demeaning, insulting, and makes no sense if you’re a guy.

Not even Bebedict himself likes that name. HE PREFERS CUMBERPEOPLE! I
refuse to go around and say “I’m a cumberbatch fan” for someone to say “Oh
so you’re a-”

No! That is NOT the fanbase name and I refuse to acknowledge it as such. 

TotallyNot aCreep says:

Most important thing to beat the nazis? Yeah, fuck the soviets and the
whole eastern front then. Yep. It was probably ‘Murica or the Queen that
took Berlin.

Jedi Grand Master Yoda says:

“Everyone knows Patton.” um no my art teacher doesn’t know who he is. I
was drawing him and she asked,”Who are you drawing?” and I said General
George S Patton. Then she said,”Who?” I honestly thought she was joking.
-__- she wasn’t

Daniel Kunkle says:

Breaking this code is easily in the Top 3 if not THE #1 breakthrough in
WWII. There were so many advances. Radar and in conjunction the proximity
fuse were war winners as well. The mass production of Liberty ships. The
simple Jeep which enabled mass transportation of troops. The M1 Garand was
probably the best battle rifle with it’s semi-automatic fire as all others
were still bolt action (bolt action is still effective to be sure but
volume of fire can be a winner). Breaking the Japanese code was also vital
and enabled to victory at Midway and the assassination of Admiral
Yamamoto. Of course there’s the Atom Bomb though it’s shadow remains
dubious to be sure but was IMO necessary at the time and no, for all you
history revisionists, they were no about to surrender. Their resistance
was getting more and more furious as we got closer to Japan.

slayer butcher says:

I think we just seen a regular Cumberbatch performance nothing more. The
second half of the movie should have been executed better . And they should
have excluded parts like “If you fire him youll have to fire me too and me
too and me too” How can you pt such a 1000 year old clishé in an oscar
hunter? Great story but the movie was just good. And thats really sad.

Talisker Scott Hunter says:

Surprised Jeremy didn’t touch on one the films key points, which is to say
it’s statement about homosexualty and the way homosexuals were treated at
the time. But then again it’s all about opinion, and if it was the code
breaking aspect of the movie that appealed to him then that’s totally

Peter Aguilar says:

Imagine what could have been if Tesla and Turing and so many other geniuses
had only lived longer and were funded more…

Theodore Roosevelt says:

Did they cover the part where after the war the British government
chemically castrated him for being gay, and shortly after he killed

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