The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 movie review

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Katniss becomes the symbol of home in the final chapter of The Hunger Games trilogy!…And in true Hollywood fashion, it has been made into 2 movies. Jeremy reviews “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1″!
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ComfyChimera says:

Oh my God these Interstellar fanboys are killing me XD

Thomas Lorentzen says:

AM I the only one who doesn’t get what all the fuzz is about with these
stupid movies?

Mahfuz Sheikh says:

So interstellar is a crappier movie than the hunger games? ….WHAAAAAAAT??

I wouldnt compare the entire series with interstellar..this dude…i swear
i used to rely on him to go watch a movie and it used to be pretty acurate
but lately i just cant trust him anymore. I watched his review of
interstellar..stoped half way and was like “this dude is too negative about
a movie that has 9.1 on imdb” And..i was right.

That movie was one of the best scifi movies i have watched…i enjoyed
gravity but interstellar kicked gravities arse.

People review better than critics..FACT.

Aseril says:

Christopher Nolan fanboys inbound……

YouMeAndTea says:

I’m laughing so hard at all the butthurt interstellar fags in the comments

Psygon says:

People are seriously still bitching about his Interstellar review? That’s
fucking sad.

Billie4Mozzarella says:

Literally every person I have ever asked about Interstellar (even the Nolan
fans) said “it was great but there was a part that was dragging” so instead
of watching that I just watched Big Hero 6 twice. Miiight watch this, but I
also probably will just watch Big Hero 6 a third time.

And Jeremy’s opinions are his own. His ratings guide isn’t the snooty
uptight Academy critic’s, it’s the “I like enjoyable, well written-movies
that keep me interested” critic. So I get that if Interstellar was better
than Mockingjay, but if Mockingjay was more exciting and interesting than
Interstellar, then Mockingjay would get the higher rating. 

JacobT Acosta says:

After hearing the comments of Interstellar on this video, I must say…

WHAT THEY WANT. Always be yourself, man. I know our opinions will not match
all the time, but that’s the best part. Hearing your thoughts on which I
never thought on films before. Keep doing what you’re doing. The people
that are criticizing you for you Interstellar review are still butthurt. It
will pass away soon. You’re awesometacular, Jeremy. Don’t change, man. 

bob bill says:

These comments are funny. A bunch of Assholes calling fans of Interstellar
bitches for being mad about the ratings. Yes, he got it wrong. I hear
Mockingjay is a movie that multiple people nearly fell asleep through. Not
a good sign.
Just goes to show how much of a better film Interstellar is, Mockingjay
isn’t even interesting enough to occupy it’s own comment section hahaha

Mad Max Rockatansky says:

Honestly though, I came to the comments to see and laugh at the Hunger
Games fanboys getting mad about how Jeremy didn’t gave Mockingjay an
awesometacular dating…

Got surprised that those fanboys are allright and the ones who are being
ignorant, immature, stupid and childish are Intershit- I mean Interstellar
fanboys. GROW THE FUCK UP children. Jeremy has gave movies that I love a
worse rating, yet I completly accept because it’s his opinion. He has said
COUNTLESS TIMES, that he does not considers himself a professional
reviewer. So what does that has to do with anything? Is that JJ, just like
you and me, will give a movie the reiew HE thinks it deserves, and will NOT
care what anybody says. It’s HIS point of view, and he is a free man. And I
am glad he doesn’t just stamp the ‘awesometacular’ rating to all movies. It
makes him become a more believable critic, despite not being a prfessional.
So interfucktards, why don’t you, take Nolan and his new trashy movie, and
shove ‘em up your asses?!! Jesus Christ!! And I thought Transformers and
Twilight fanboys/girls were annoying. Intershitar has taken it to a new
level. I laugh at your misery lol your cries are a giving me amusement. CRY
LIL BITCHES CRY!!! hahahahaha

Anyway, back to the subject at a hand, of a way better and more important
movie than that shit Nolan made, Mockingjay Part 1. The question that has
not let me sleep for the past 300 days… Is Johanna alive?! Only spoiler I
want to know. Someone answer please!! I can’t withstand this tension of
even thinking about her being killed… NOOO!! :'( It still will remain
better than interstsllar haahhahahaahahahaa

Jeremy, keep on rocking dude. You’re the best critic ever. FACT!!Fuck this
interfucktards, who needs them. We normal people remain your fellow
awesometaculers. So you don’t need those nolan fags!!

Its Assassin says:

People who think this is better than Interstellar are retarded, and no I am
not a Nolan fan boy, I am a person who just has sense

notforvideos says:

I’m gonna say it, I preferred Twilight to The Hunger Games, even when I was
dragged to see Twilight I could at least stay awake and laugh at it’s
awfulness, The Hunger Games is just a severely watered down Battle Royal
with a shaky love story at best, lets be honest there are two types of
people that actively go to see THG, fans of the books (which are supposedly
better than the movies) and Jennifer Lawrence fanboys/girls.

Ben Jauncey says:

I cannot wrap my head around how he has rated HUNGER GAMES better than
Interstellar… I just cannot understand it. One thing, The Hunger Games
already had the story to go off (the book) and Interstellar is just the
most unique and mind-blowing story I’ve ever seen portrayed in a movie (I’d
put Inception at a close second) therefore I believe Nolan deserves WAY
more respect from people especially Jeremy, I love his reviews but his
Interstellar review just annoyed me and I usually don’t get annoyed over
this but when a movie is analytically and just genuinely as incredible as
that movie I’ll happily argue with people who slate it for no reason.

jeffery romero says:

Dear interstellar Fanboys

Grow up I like Nolan but he is not a god of filmmaking or the best director
working now.Interstellar had flaws that hurt it.It was good but it isn’t
groundbreaking or Nolan’s best film the film had flaws and you have to
accept that.Just because another film got a higher rating doesn’t mean you
have to bash it.Jeremy never said Interstellar was a disaster he actually
gave it a good rating he just doesn’t think its that great.Movies are
subjective and opinions depend on the person you ask so don’t insult him
because of his opinion. 

Alex The Kaiser says:

I’ve seen more cunts here saying “LOL DUUUR I CANT WAIT TO SEE STOOPID
complaining about the rating between the two movies.

Kill yourselves. Down the road, not across the street.

BoydofZINJ says:


Please do not read the rest of this message if you do not want to be
10. Last Chance.
16. Darth Vader is Luke’s Father.

Sorry if this ruined your life… and, oh yeay, there is no Santa Claus.

Dennis Claros says:


Please be aware that there is a somewhat long scene that involves several
fast flashing lights, which could cause seizures to those who are

The theatre that I viewed it in did not give out a warning.

Spread the Word.

Marcus Wellz says:

oh god. after seeing Jeremy’s rating, i can already smell the nolanites.

TheThirdPew says:

I can’t wait for this Interstellar hype to die down so people can see that
it was in no way a perfect film.

WildwoodClaire1 says:

Clearly, I’m not the target demographic for this review. Personally, I do
not find lines like “it’s about propaganda and shit” particularly engaging
or informative. And when I hear someone old enough to vote or buy alcoholic
beverages employing such a limited verbal palette, I suspect that the
speaker suffers from some level of cognitive impairment. But perhaps
Jeremy, who appears to have passed puberty sometime late in the previous
century, is not a former short-bus commuter and is merely attempting
to appeal to the verbally inept tweeners who may have found the prose and
narrative style of Ms. Collins’ books too challenging.

PS: I saw the movie in question and it was an inoffensive, reasonably
entertaining way to waste a couple of hours while scarfing popcorn and
slurping a soft drink, while wishing audience members paid more attention
to the message about phones that preceded the film. The movie WAS worth the
price of admission.

beerasaurus says:

Worth buying on Blue Jay!

Drake Santiago says:

I really did appreciate the lengths they went through in this film, to
expose the nature of propaganda – not only showing how it effects those who
are the intended audience for that propaganda, but how it effects those who
create such propaganda. Films rarely ever show how the production of
propaganda can twist the lives of those who are producing it. For that
level of originality alone, this installment of the Hunger Games franchise
deserves praise. While it was sparse on action, in relation to the last two
films in the franchise, this film seemed to have the deepest commentary on
society. For a film whose target audience is nearly 20 years younger than I
am, and who generally have shorter attention spans, it is a bold move to
tailor a film to be more about a social critique than centered on quick
paced action. While from a business perspective, the dividing of the last
book into two parts may have just been a way to capitalize more off the
franchise, this “cash grab” had the nice effect of actually producing an
engaging story. I wish all Hollywood’s attempts at trying to squeeze extra
profit off of a popular story could produce films that are this well acted
and this rich in story telling

Keymash says:

I nearly fell asleep at this movie and that is not normal for me. I said to
my friends before going in “they are either gonna make a good movie with
political intrigue or a bad one with an all out war”. After I was done I
said “I can’t believe it. They made a bad movie with BOTH political
intrigue (done badly) and an all out war!”. The characters are boring and
forgettable (seriously, tell me one personality trait about Katniss in this
movie, not any of the others. Seriously, I want to know. Or one about
Fenick or Gale). Only character I liked (as I did in the others) was
Haymitch (sorry for any mispelling of the characters stupid names in this
comment) as he essentially says what I would say in this movie. He breaks
the fourth wall so much (e.g. actually describing the characters
personality as weak when it is) that I always liked him. The propaganda was
boring with nothing really interesting about it. It was just propaganda. I
like movies about political intrigue but this felt clumsy at best. 4/10

Lestrange says:

Just saw it, completely loved it!! Best hunger games movie so far! Loved
your review as always, gonna watch the spoiler one now lol

TartTooth says:

I think Jeremy would really enjoy Code Geass.

TripleAGamingHD says:

Interstellar is one of the best pieces of art put to screen. If you
disagree, you do not know what a good film is. This is not an opinion, this
is fact. 

Taylor Huston says:

I don’t know why, but I really like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Part 1. Can it be boring at times? Yeah, it can be. But I love the
performances of Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe. A lot of people give
Daniel a hard time because they feel his performance as Harry doesn’t fit
and has no emotion. But that’s the freaking point! He lost his parents,
two father-figures, and nearly lost his own life on a few occasions. So
yeah, I think he would be in that state. But anyway, I thought the movie
had good buildup and allowed us to see how bad things are getting for our
heroes. There was no way they could have done that for Deathly Hallows
Part 2, not without taking out a lot of battle scenes. I thought it was
necessary making two parts of this movie. In fact, I say it’s the only one
that works. 

Jaydon Perez says:

As a person who read the entire Hunger Games series, I can’t see how they
would be able to pull off making Mochingjay into two parts without making
the movies seem dull. I have come to respect your reviews and therefore
look forward to watching the film despite this. 

nekusakuraba01 says:

The Nolan fanboys make me not want to watch Interstellar.

In fact, I think I won’t watch it.

If so many people are going to be retarded about an awesome person’s
review, I prefer to not even acknowledge it.

Jake Walter says:

never liked the hunger games

thedarkknightrises says:

Question: Is this another uninteresting, poorly written, boring, laughable,
painful, lazy, and dull snorefest like that horrendous piece of shit
Catching Fire was?

mnhb2001 says:

Erh mah gawd u liek tis movie better then interdtellar omg u suxxxxx
interstellar best ting evar u sux

Lol jk

TheHalomaster256 says:

Believe it or not, the last book is without a doubt the worst one mostly
because of what it does in the 2nd half which is where Mockingjay part 2
will kick off. I’m not going to spoil it for you guys, but my God what an
awful ending. Also they completely ignored the best characters like Finnick
in this one, awesome in the 2nd one and has 2-3 scenes in the entire book,
i will never forgive the author for that. Also last thing is Peeta, 1st
part of him was great, he’s caught between 2 sides but he’s forced to be on
the wrong side then later in the book just something awful happens to him
(Not to his character, but what the author does to him….was not needed at

NoxDeadly says:

They fucked up when they tried to stay true to the book, its ok to add/drop
shit when making a movie adaptation since anyone who didnt read them
wouldnt understand certain shit like how she feels about Gale, that
character should have not made it into the movie, he was cool in the books
but clearly has no place in these films, also Katniss’ mother’s role should
have been changed from a traumatized woman to a strong mother figure for
Katniss since its never explained in the movies why she’s retarded n never

Karceno4Life says:

This rating is retarted first of all, the director needed to be fired. This
was one of the worst directing jobs I have ever seen in my life. Catniss
shoots one arrow the whole movie. everything is drawn out, it was boring
and dry, Woody was brought in just to add comedy and life to a boring ass

Kairi1416 says:

I’ve read the books, and I still think that it was stupid dividing it into
two parts. Harry Potter I get, there was too much important shit going on
in the entirety of the book, plus, it’s a really long ass book. But all
Hunger Games books are about the same length, there was no need to divide
this one, just make the movie a little longer than the other two.

Austin Newsom-Beale says:

Actually part 1 of deathly hallows seem more realistic and had a better
vibe and part 2 took out all the great things of the second half of the

MatrixAndrAIa says:

I’m just damn sick and tired of all these book adaptations coming out and
having the last of the series getting split into two movies. Such a greedy
way to handle it. And that’s all it is – greed.

ComradeWinston says:

We saw your boobs.

Fantastic4000 says:

I haven’t seen any of the Hunger Games movies, but it is funny seeing all
the Nolanites, still butthurt.

Cason Celious says:

I tried to give the movies a chance but after the second one all I heard
from the lead was, “What boy should I do?” The action to me was pretty
lame. I guess I just don’t like the story… or characters.

KainScion says:

i fucking hate jennifer lawrence. she is just 1 step above megan fox. it
helps she isn’t a cunt but she can’t act.

LpsPopstar123 says:

I just watched Hunger Games: Mocking Jay pt 1 and let me tell you, it is
amazingggggggggggggg!!!!!!! hint hint, at the end there is a twist. Watch
out!! ;)

jaysps3 says:

The problem of splitting up the movies is you don’t feel satisfied. Imagine
watching the extended edition of the return of the king and only watching
the first disc and then waiting for a year to see the really cool shit

starkingbiker says:

HONESTLY NOW, honestly guys come on I’m not a fanboy of nolan
but…interstellar is a better movie than…this

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