The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Donald Sutherland, Julianne Moore, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jeffrey Wright, Sam Claflin, Jena Malone. Directed by Francis Lawrence.


Josh Lewis Reviews says:

Why do you always address shakycam like it’s inherently bad? Like you just
say “there was shakycam” as if it’s a critique of the film. Shakycam is a
technique, like any style of filmmaking it can be done well or it can be
done poorly. Paul Greengrass uses shakycam quite regularly (i.e. Bourne
Supremacy, Captain Phillips), and he uses it very powerfully and

I’m not saying you can’t critique shakycam, go ahead, but explain why/how
it’s used improperly or without purpose instead of just stating it’s
existence as a problem cause that’s really silly to me.

Haakon r j says:

They did not stretch the book at all. They showed the other side of war,
and what the hunger games is really about. I feel this was a built up for
part 2 but this was litteraly half of the first book. The only difference
is that instead of having the other half at your fingertips, you will have
to whait another year. That kinda sucks, but if they had just made the
whole book into a 2 hour+ movie it would only have bin another huge killing
ground, without any depth of what this war means, and the parallels to the
world we live in.

xisumavoid says:

Good to know im not the only one who didn’t like the first but loved the
second :-)

Christian Santana says:

to be honest I disagree with you. I loved the whole thing and i felt it was
all really intense

DeepEye1994 says:

So this is a Hunger Games movie that isn’t that good? Damn, that’s not cool.
Well, I guess I’m gonna stay home and re-watch “Rollerball”, “Battle
Royale” and “The Running Man”, you know, GOOD and entertaining dystopian
sport/survival films.

Kool Keith Productions says:

Stuckmann didn’t like this movie. Jeremy Jahns gave it his 2nd highest
possible rating, so now I don’t know what to believe :/ I guess I’ll have
to let John Flickster be the tiebreaker…

Sebastian Rivera says:

I agree with you 99% of your videos, but on this I feel like you don’t even
know what you are talking about and don’t know what a good story is. The
fact that this movie has little action was the thing I appreciated most. It
gave more time to tell the story and and developed the characters. Katniss
grows quite a lot as a character in this movie while she does the
propaganda thing and on the whole Peeta deal. Also the fact that this movie
is about war in the brain and propaganda part is facinating. War is shown
in battles, guns and violence all the time but here its shown in a politica
way. Plus its great to see the revolution. And please stop complaining
about the shakycam, I didn’t even noticed it.

Josh Needle says:

to everyone telling him that he is being “unfair” or to “watch the movie
again” or he’s wrong because a lot of other people liked it, seriously just
shut up. First, most of you are probably just book fanatics that will
defend the movie version before having even seen it, so you have no right
to have any say in a debate over the movie. The movies are not the books,
and secondly, it is his opinion. That is all he or any other critic does.
They give their opinion of a film, and they don’t just do it because they
enjoy watching and talking about movies, they do it for all of us. They
want to inform the moviegoing audience, they want to aid them in deciding
what movie to see and what to save their money on. you don’t have to listen
to them, and you don’t have to agree with them, but they’re only here to
help, not just to “hate” on a movie you might like or praise a movie you
might not like. If you disagree with Stuckmann’s opinion, or the opinion of
any other critic, that’s totally fine, but don’t be an ass about it.

Estivel Garcia says:

Jeremy Jahns rating: Chris
Stuckmann ratings:
Interstellar = Good time no alcohol required Interstellar =
Birdman = Buy on BlueRay Birdman = A+
Hunger Games = Buy on Blu Ray Hunger Games = C

Jeremy Jahns is giving lower grades to movies that deserves higher grades,
and giving higher grades to movies that don’t deserve it at all. Also, I
don’t know why they divide movies in two parts. The first part is always
slow and boring. Harry Potter had that problem, Twilight had that problem,
and this one will also have it. This strategy is only about making
money.They want to expand a 30 minutes scene into a 2 hours movie. Then,
people have to wait a whole year to watch Part 2 of the fucking conclusion.
Totally unnecessary. Part 1 never says anything. Why don’t they just make a
2:30 hour movie and that’s it. 

Crazy Viewer says:

Chris is probably not going to read this, but what did you think of A
Clockwork Orange and would you consider doing a review for it?

Zach Moore says:

I don’t think that people know that this series is mainly about political
intrigue. Seriously, these movies aren’t about Katniss running around with
a bow shooting people. It’s about moves and counter-moves, president Snow
even said this in the movie. If you go in expecting action, death, and sex;
your not going to get much. However, if you go in expecting a political
movie, you’re going to absolutely LOVE it. I totally respect your opinion
though. And about the ‘not enough action’ part, the whole book was told
from Katniss’ perspective so can you imagine if they didn’t split it into
two parts? That right, there would be WAY LESS action.

PLEASE revise your review on this movie. 

Briana Macias says:

After seeing your review, I was worried I would be disappointed in the
movie, but I wasn’t! I actually was invested throughout the entire movie
and I thought it was only slightly slow at some parts. I felt every scene
was relevant to forwarding the story! It wasn’t the best of the three
movies so far, but it can’t really be as it is just part 1 of a story. I’m
excited for the final movie!

Hunter VanderZwaag says:

I really enjoyed reading The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. But I thought
Mockingjay was a pretty awful book. The pacing sucked, the story was
clichéd, and I was expecting more. The fact that they made this piece of
garbage into 2 films really pisses me off.

ImpressionBlend says:

Here’s the thing: the Mockingjay book is not that good. It’s unnecessarily
long, full of Katniss complaining about EVERYTHING, and except for a few
parts, it’s kind of boring. When I first heard they were making movies out
of the series I was excited to see the final book condensed. But no, it’s
being dragged out. I really enjoyed the first two books/movies, but I am
not all that excited about this one :(

ThomasStreet says:

I’m so on the fence on seeing this movie it’s not even funny. The reviews
have all been mediocre at best, and I’m getting absolutely sick of these
split-up movies. And the fact that Mockingjay is by far my least favorite
book doesn’t help much either. 

Adam Moore says:

Trust me nothing interesting is going to happen in part 2 either.
Mockingjay was the weakest book and was always going to be the hardest to
make into a film, let alone 2 films. Its not going to be like harry potter
where deathly hallows part 2 was all out action for 2 hrs. So if you think
you will be rewarded for sitting through this one, i hate to tell you, you
probably won’t be. It probably could have been one good film but instead we
all get 2 average films and have to spend twice as much to see it. The book
was only like 350+ pages whereas harry potter was 700+. There just wasn’t
enough content there for two movies.

Mike Herbosa says:

I fell asleep…. watched it last night… 

The SmiffeeSpace says:

Hunger Games fans logic: ”Oh? You didn’t like the movie? Well, that’d your
opinion. But still, DISLIKE!!” 

BookaddictBieke says:

I expected this when they announced it was split into two parts. Sigh. The
third book is the smallest and it shouldn’t have been two parts. For others
I understood. HP7 was a big book and there was a lot that needed to be in
the movies. Even Breaking Dawn needed that. Mockingjay does not….

bulldog521521 says:

I think it’s a huge overstatement to say that the only action in this movie
is when Katniss goes to District 8. There’s plenty of action in this movie.
There’s no actual Hunger Games in this one, and there will definitely be a
shit-ton more action in Part 2, but as someone who’s read the books, I
thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I’d gladly see it again, maybe even twice. 

Dawnflame says:

That sounds not good at all. I am still going to see it, but at the same
time I really hope this awfull trend ends to split the last movie of every
franchise into two parts.

Dennis Persson says:

Let’s all be honest with each other. The Hunger Games is *not* a great
The first movie was okay. Featuring shitty shit-lazy-cam (shakycam),
nonsensical plot elements and multiple comprises in order to keep it at a
PG13 rating. Really the only reason it succeeded was thanks to Jennifer
Lawrence as Katniss and all annoying ass pretentious tween’s who think it’s
the movie of the decade just because it brings up tired messages about
violence in society and ways the government manipulates their people.

alienator345 says:

Stuckmann, did you read the book at all? If so, I don’t know what you were
expecting them to do with this. The first half of Mockingjay is pretty slow

Sanic Hegehog says:

Will this be like the Harry potter series when the first part was all setup
no payoff and then the second part will be all payoff no setup?

Lugmillord says:

Sounds like Harry Potter 7.1 which I found pretty boring, too.
And now, prepare for The Hunger Games: Mockinjay Part 2 Part 1 and Part 2
Part 2 ;)

Jake Lomas says:

Fucking hate hunger games sooooo overrated 

hunterkiller1440 says:

The first Hunger Games movie wasn’t that all inspiring to me, felt like
It’s just Battle Royale with more fancier special effects. Second Hunger
Games, now you’re talking. Loved the political tension and character
growth. I’m not gonna watch this one, I’ll wait for the newest one to come
out, then watch it back to back so I won’t be dissatisfied.

Marc G says:

If you read the book, you would understand why the movie is so boring. I
haven’t seen the movie yet, of course, but the whole first half of the book
was very slow paced. I tell ppl all the time that Mockingjay part 1 wont be
that good cuz not much happened in the first half of the book. BUT part 2
is gonna be dope, trust me!!

jrad410 says:

Also this is one of those movies if you criticize it all ppl will hate on
you and call you stupid

0816Egg says:

Splitting up the final chapter has never made sense for any franchise. They
just create a really slow part 1 with one significant scene at the end. And
a really exiting part 2 that you wish you were expecting from part 1. I
haven’t seen this movie yet but when I heard they were splitting it into 2
parts. I knew immediately that this would be the reaction from
critics/movie reviewers. Very disappointing that this series (that I
actually really like) couldn’t branch off the beaten path and just make the
final chapter one movie…

Nonetute says:

I can’t believe he gave horrible films like lucy and Hercules a better
grade that Mockingjay 

bekhele says:

why always the shaky cam whining?
there is also good shaky cam, and when executed good its a big plus .
spielbergs SVP,band of brothers and most definitely the pacific, is one of
the most well executed shaky cam. if you watch this ,specially with some
decent neat surround sound it truly gives you the feeling you’re inside of
the action, and i have never seen more convincing realistic action as this.
problem is there is indeed also lots of bad shaky cam, where the camera
just wobbles all over the place and if combined with fast short cuts you
have indeed no idea what the hell is going on. but the technique itself is
not a bad thing

exostalker says:

Well, you came into the movie wanting to see an action movie and got
disappointed – I actually got impressed, because I’m really tired of cliche
action movies, and this one was intense and thrilling in another way than
just mindless shooting.

highlander723 says:

Having seen the film myself now. I think Chris Stuckmann has fallen from
grace with this review. I felt the film was very well done very well acted
and quite frankly it was more of a political thriller then in action movie
which was expected. Jennifer Lawrence once again kills it as Katniss
Everdeen. as for Chris’s comment of her growth as a character he must have
fell asleep during the first part of the movie. I think now it is a well
known fact that chrisstuckmann has a personal vendetta against the film
technique known as shaky cam. I myself do not like shaky cam I can see how
it was well used in this movie. contrary to his opinion it was not over
used like in the first film. his fellow critics Jeremy Jahns and the
schmoes both give the film extremely high marks. well I am trying not to
advocate conformity it cannot be overlooked that to other reviewers or
three depending on how you look at it of his caliber both love the film and
see it for what it is. it is also important to note that this is Chris’s
review and his opinion. he is entitled to it. however to sum it up in one

Chris I think you are dead wrong about this review the movie was good it
did not deserve the C

Gemma Reinhart says:

Completely agree, katniss never grows as a character and no one really does
anything for the entire movie. I only liked the ending, that was actually
really interesting. 

MissMagic23 says:

I’m a big fan of the books and I loved the first two films but I agree with
you. This film didn’t make justice to the book. I was really disappointed
at the end of the movie I was hoping for more and it didn’t happen.
Jennifer Lawrence was great but in some parts she should be more emotional.
Now I don’t have big expectations for the second part but I hope they were
saving all the good stuff for the last one and don’t left us with an empty

Josh Mass says:

Yea its looking a lot like the last harry potter movies. The first one was
super boring and it just builded to the second one where everything
actually happened

Christopher Rourke says:

Cash cow, terrible movie.

David Snellgrove says:

im so glad i waited to watch this after i saw the movie. i liked the movie
a lot. glad i didnt have this review to make me have a bad opinion going in

Leon Lind says:

Why does this movie get so much praise? It was a good set up for part 2, it
looked and felt good but I don’t think any of that stuff madders because it
was one of the most boring films I have ever seen! And I loved the first

ClearMythicGaming says:

The propaganda was the point of this movie. This one is a political based
movie. That’s how it’s supposed to be. It’s setting up for Part Two. I
agree that it shouldn’t have been made into 2 movies. Also, please stop
talking about the shakycam. I for one didn’t mind it in the first movie and
didn’t notice it in Part One. It’s a film making technique. Just stating my

Earthling Crusader says:

This movie was annoying as heck to watch.

Bambu says:

I completely disagree. People say it only happens in the last 20 minutes
because the “war” part starts to kick in. But the whole movie does a great
job at exposing the propaganda and manipulation that goes on in any
conflict. If people can’t sit throught the more intellectual part of a
movie anymore because it’s borinnng, then I’m sad for the movie audience
of today. 

Alessandro Pinna says:

Totally agree. I was bored to tears. Feel like the studio is ripping it out
of fans of the last film.

Dire_effects says:

I think you missed the point of the movie.

They said they didn’t want her to change, and encouraged her to remain in
her trauma.

This is a WAR movie, and shows the use of propaganda, which can be seen
today in the news as well.

This movie is about revolution against tyrants, and the duality of the
systems in place. They are BOTH using katniss in their own ways. She can’t
“evolve” as a character if she’s not a in a place to evolve.

Sure you may dislike the movie because it didn’t meet your expectations,
yet I see more to it than that.

Can you imagine? You are are used by one political group to fight and kill
random people to try to save your life, then you are thrust amongst another
group, where you have to fight to save the lives of people you care about?
Or they might just kill them themselves?
Where is the room for evolution?

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