The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies trailer review

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The first trailer for “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” has hit the web! Jeremy gives you his thoughts on the trailer to the last of the Middle Earth movies!

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MovieNight says:

It’d be nice if your trailer reviews still included some of the trailer
footage you’re reviewing :-(

Kat Reasons says:

jermey u need to review the fifty shades of grey trailer lol

Kawaii Joker says:

Without spoiling anything, if that battle ends the same way it did in the
books, shits gonna be dark. There will be tears.

thomas the tank engine says:

The Hobbit is still not over? …zzzzzz

Aurestrasz says:

“I have a belly button! *POP*” Fell out of my chair laughing so hard at
that. XD

Fierce Deity says:

I thought the trailer perfectly portrayed what the movie will be : complete
and total shit. This is not The Hobbit and neither were the first two
horrible films. I hate these movies so much and so does Tolkien’s son. My
request is that you read the book and then rewatch the movies and redo your

Dsmarto410 says:

You should review the Batman V Superman teaser 

Brad Wright says:

Yes, The Hobbit is a cash grab. Perhaps the CGI is too heavy. Maybe it
didn’t exactly follow the book to the letter. And yes, maybe the 48 fps was
a different experience that some didn’t like. But throughout each of these
films, I found myself loving every second of it. People keep complaining
that this film didn’t live up to LOTR, yet they forget that the Hobbit
story was written by Tolkien as a fun adventure instead of the detailed
epic that Lord of the Rings was. In retrospect, The Lord of the Rings (book
or film) is one large story split into three parts. Its my favorite film
franchise and book series ever, so I was very interested to see what
Jackson would do with this new trilogy. With the first two installments, I
had a blast. The action (particularly in the Goblin-town tunnels in An
Unexpected Journey and the barrel riding scene in The Desolation of Smaug)
were very well-done and entertaining. The characters were likable and
interesting, with Freeman’s Bilbo being the best version of the character
yet and Armitage’s Thorin Oakenshield being a fantastic addition. I could
feel the emotion that made the Lord of the Rings such an epic experience,
with Bilbo’s speech about home & the dwarves walking through the caves of
their lost home being truly moving scenes. Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal
of Smaug was a revelation. The actor not only brought the mighty dragon to
the big screen, he truly gave us the most memorable dragon ever in cinema.
I’d argue he has been the most charismatic and interesting villain in the
entire franchise, including Lord of the Rings. The Riddles in the Dark
scene between Gollum and Bilbo was absolutely brilliant, actually making me
laugh and feel the tension throughout. Andy Serkis will always be
captivating as Gollum, who will soon become one of the most fleshed out
characters of the franchise. So was the Hobbit a cash grab? Yes, but I
don’t see all these complaints about The Hunger Games or Harry Potter’s
final installments being turned into two parts. While I really loved both
parts of Mockingjay and the Deathly Hallows, they never fully sold me on
them being made into two films. But whether or not the Hobbit should’ve
been split into a trilogy, to me they have justified their existence by
each being a memorable and epic experience. And when people complain how it
doesn’t follow the book, they seem to forget the Lord of the Rings trilogy
really didn’t follow the books much either. Jackson made a lot of changes
to the source material, and the results were fine with me. Legolas wasn’t
in the book, yet Bloom was a welcome return who was great in each scene.
Radagast the Brown was a little strange at first, but he was certainly a
fun character who shouldn’t even be compared to the horror that is Jar Jar
Binks. He isn’t George Lucas, who created a prequel trilogy based on action
figures and merchandise. Jackson instead has crafted a very entertaining
and exciting trilogy that I felt has justified being created. I would agree
some of the CGI could’ve been toned down a bit, i.e. the Orcs not having
the same impact being CGI beasts instead of real actors. Makes it lose a
bit of the grit, but doesn’t ruin the experience and I truly still felt
that I was in the same Middle-Earth that I fell in love with 13 years ago.
The Hobbit was never meant to surpass Lord of the Rings, but when its all
finished in a few weeks we will have the best saga of films ever made. I
will watch all six Middle-Earth films with a smile on my face, loving every
second of it. While The Hobbit may have been a cash grab, most films in
Hollywood nowadays still haven’t come close to the incredible impact that
these films have on people including myself. I realize most people enjoy
these films, but I just wanted to address people complaints about its
comparison to Lord of the Rings. So thank you Peter Jackson, for once again
giving me an unforgettable experience. 

Nicolai King says:

No …no…the hobbit doesn’t deserve pippins song…why Peter
Jackson…why the hell would you even make the hobbit…you ruined it you
piece of shit…if you would have given even half the justice you gave the
lotr series the hobbit would have been great…should’ve been just one
great movie instead of 3 shitty ones that were made shitty because you
added a bunch if shit…

MOS says:

The first hobbit filled me with rage. No way in hell was I going to get
fooled into watching a sequel. And like the second one I’m going to skip
this shit. They could’ve made it all into just one film but decided to dick
us over and split it into three. I just couldn’t accept the pile of shit of
the first movie to be a prequel to LOTR.

XenoKaiju says:

I’m just surprised it’s the last movie in a series and it ISN’T in two

ScorchedCrow95 says:

All the people here complaining about the Hobbit are more than likely the
people who were begging Jackson to do it in the first place. All of you
*loved* the LOTR movies despite the liberties he took with them but somehow
it’s an issue for you now? Damn this is one serious case of the bandwagon
fever… another great thing is popular so it becomes popular to hate the
popular thing. It’s like watching a bunch of half-assed hipsters.

DevineAaron says:

It’s sad that LOTR world is ending ;-(

Eric Carter says:

This trailer really did not sell me at all like the trailers for the first
two movies. The song that Pippin sings is in this trailer and although it
worked in the movie it did not have any effect on me at all in this
trailer. Also the title sucks so much. The Battle of the Five Armies really
does sound like the ugly duckling of the three titles. An Unexpected
Journey, The Desolation of Smaug and The Battle of the Five Armies??? That
sounds bad. I prefer There and Back Again because when you see the Book
that Bilbo wrote in The Return of the King he writes “There and back again
a Hobbits tale by Bilbo Baggins” He doesn’t say “The Battle of the Five
Armies a Hobbits tale by Bilbo Baggins. Totally pointless title, the movie
seems that despite it being the last chapter it is still going to drag on
and in the end I am just thinking to myself why didn’t Jackson just make
one perfect movie out of a small and basic story.

I expect better from you Peter Jackson. You are a passionate Director but
it seems you have been getting too carried away on how much money you can
get out of us that you forgot how to best tell the story.

Chris Rod says:

After the disappointment that was the last Hobbit movie (aka a Tom & Jerry
cartoon), I cannot say I am hyped about this movie. The tone I got from
this trailer was: “We’re really trying way too hard to make this as epic as
the original trilogy” instead of bringing something new to the table. So, I
cannot give it an automatic “free pass” like you do. I will still watch it
in hopes that I could be wrong about it though.

Mike Stein says:

Your tongue is strangely long…I dig that

IggyTthunders says:

I hated the song choice. When I heard it during the trailer I had to roll
my eyes and think:
“Wow, you’re just going to shamelessly milk that triology for all it’s
worth aren’t you? It’s bad enough you shoehorned in Frodo, Galadriel,
Saruman, Legolas and a female elf because…well, basically you just wanted
to pander to every nerd with breasts who’s ever wanted pointy ears–now
you’re just straight up aping your own franchise by recycling your own
music: fantastic.I was wondering when this series was finally going to run
out of road, was finally going to stop lying to itself that it was a
credibly unique adaptation, now I know. Jackson’s derivative originality
stops here.Everything to come is going to be 75% padding.fanservice, 10%
Similarian source material horribly botched and 10% P.J. cheesy bullshit.”

Let’s just start taking bets on when the dwarf on elf on elf three way
happens; and when Gollum is going to show up in the war. 

flannigan5 says:

I’m not sure this will be the last movie of the ‘middle earth saga’, with
the commercial success of the franchise I think some movies will be made
from the content of the Silmarillion. 

1998champions says:

Will you be doing another Trailer review on the new trailer. I sure hope
so. I really enjoy your reviews

Hart Ponder says:

Battle of Five Armies:

Smaug is killed by a human, and dies.

Thorin reclaims his throne, and everyone wants his gold for what Smaug did
to their town.

Thorin says no, and argues that its THEIR money.

Tolkein illustrates how the dwarves are essentially the Jews of middle

Bilbo uses the Arkenstone to unite the humans/elves.

Thorin HATES Bilbo for this and almost kills him.

Goblins come down from the mountain to wage war.

Thorin calls for reinforcements.

Gandalf appears, Jedi style.

Beorn appears, Hulk style.

More Dwarves appear, Jewish style.

They all kick ass, and defeat the goblins.


Oh, and Fill, Killi, and Thorin die in the war, and Thorin is buried with
the Arkenstone.

—However, judging by how these movies are going, this probably won’t
happen. At all. 

Mark edfordef says:

i have a belly button…*pop* …. pissed myself!

TaylorN'Trees says:

I still haven’t seen The Desolation of Smaug! :C

Trevian20 says:

Peter Jackson probably won’t direct a silmarillion movie, but I would.

Abdul Rehman says:

Hi Jeremy,we are waiting that you review the 2nd and final hobbit the
battle of five armies

FrizFroz says:

SKYRIM PLAYERS – anyone else noticed the elven armor in the trailer looks
exactly like that of the game?! I wonder if the designers of the movie were
influenced by the ES series, or the Bethesda designers were influenced by
LOTR lore. It probably goes both ways.

spanishforyou123 says:

The Hobbit An Unexpected Journeu got a lot of shit for being so long and
only the first part of a trilogy. But with The Desolation of Smaug and this
one I feel like looking at the three films as one epic film make the
trilogy seem as close a masterpiece as the LOTR trilogy. You cant watch
only the first Hobbit movie you have to watch all three to really
appreciate them.

MasterDragon4 says:

Wow, the title is so much easier in Danish:

Phil Hubbs says:

Gonna be honest…thank God this franchise is finally coming to an end. I
mean seriously I’ve had it with Hobbits and rings.

Luiz Antonio says:

Aside from Smaug’s scene, this movie was a borefest.

The “battle of five armies” felt more like a little skirmish.

It also didn’t seem like there was much going on in the overall plot.

Maddy Boyce says:

Please do a review of the newest Hobbit trailer!!

Leonardo Cunha says:

1:21 I laughed!

Kidus Eshetu says:

You made me see the trailer again, even though i saw it like five times

TheSamiryoussef says:

I know that 4 of the 5 armies are the Elf’s, Humans, Orcs, and Dwarfs but
what’s the last one? 

DefactoOverlord says:

2:15 Is that Manu Bennett holding John Campea in a headlock?! :D

TheMrCue says:

cant wait and i dont know if it was him but im really excited they have
what looks like glorfindel in this 

JeremyJahns says:
Nasloxieh Rorsxez says:

Star Wars Prequels > The Hobbit movies

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