The Gunman movie review

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Sean Penn plays a Gunman….among a very boring movie about people trying to kill a gunman. Looks like March is the new January. Jeremy reviews “The Gunman”!

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UnkeptMoss328 says:

Hey when are you reviewing Revenge of the Sith Jeremy?

Harrison Goertz says:

Sean Penn in an action movie? No thanks. That’s about as convincing as
putting Schwarzenegger in a family comedy……..

…oh wait they did that.

JustifiedMayhem32 says:

Hey, you updated the pictures! Nice!

ThatDudeinBlue says:

In Bruges is definitely my favorite hit man movie. It’s such a dark comedy
but at the same time has a good story. 

PraiseTheSun! says:

How could anyone see a movie called ‘Gunman’ and think it would be good?

Popat Panchat says:

Stay at home kids and listen to Napalm Death’s Apex Predator-Easy Meat!! 

SpaghettiMonster .jr says:

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AnythingEpic says:

John wick. Kinda 

creekandseminole says:

Ugh, I thought 2015 would be an epic year for movies, but it’s taking
sooooooo long to get to something good. I’m desperate for some popcorn
movie action and I guess I’ll go for Fast and the Furious 20000 or
whatever. I just need something at least a bit good to hold me over until I
can see Avengers 2.

Mr Django says:

Review It Follows! 

Sir Douchebag says:

Don’t mean to spoil the movie but

I think this movie has guns in it

Shred Foxx says:

The Professional

Lucky Number S7even

Oisín McMahon says:

Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll look great at 50 Jeremy

JeremyJahns says:
ABOhiccups says:

When I saw a commercial of both The Gunman and Insurgent. The commercial
said “Critics give 4 Stars out of 5 and it’s incredible”. While I watched
your review and other movie reviews. I was thinking, did the commercial
lied to us or did they took Trailer Reviews and put it on commercial to
troll everyone to see a bad movie?

Blagoja Velkovski says:

Try reviewing the movie layercacke.

Vankai says:

Whats your worst ever start to a year? … number of bad movies?.. cause
this year looks pretty bad so far

jackson edwards says:

The thing that I never get is if you have to make out the movie to be
something different in the trailer, why not just make it that way right
from the start? If you’re so ashamed of the plot that you hide it in the
trailer then why even put it to film in the first place?

I think from now on, every director should ask themselves before they even
start production. “Will I be okay with this story to be represented
accurately in a trailer?” If not, dont waste your time.

AandM says:

don’t think sean penn should be the joker! thats just my opinion, also if
he was in a batman movie, neil patrick harris would so be the riddler

SarcasmServedDaily says:

ZOMBIE LAMAS !! hopefully that got your attention Jeremy…I was watching
ur suicide squad casting video and love your Joker nightstand!! MAN please
do a Joker collection video and show us you sick collection XD 

HazaRDReborN says:

Funny you ask that… I was just contemplating on it yesterday and
remembered an old gem that I loved in this genre. Now it completely left me
once again o.O
I should remember it again sometime, lol.

Seperta Zen says:

Sean Penn should be beaten up for making me waste 2 hours of my life
watching this end-life crisis. Seriously old people, fuck you

Jack Reacher says:

I didn’t think the movie was boring. I thought it was a good movie with
good action and good acting. The ending was boring. I enjoyed seeing The

Seth_Nile says:

I feel you can tell what kinda review Jeremy is gonna do with his
expression in the thumbnail lol

Donetello H says:


Alex Allen says:

Absolutely loved John Wick… One of the best ‘Hitman’ movies I’ve seen

colin CORKERY says:

Please review “It Follows”. Just saw it yesterday. EPIC!

Spar10Leonidas says:

Favorite hitman movie? Does Pulp Fiction count? You know what, I don’t
care. I’m going with Pulp Fiction.

Laurentiu Badea says:

My favorite hitman movie? Hitman, portayed by the master himself, Timothy

Ha ha! Ha ha hahahha haha ha… HAAAAhahahaha…


Blaze The Movie Fan says:

Yeah I won’t be seeing it.

N Slater says:

Has anyone told Jeremy about the new Avengers 2 TV spot that released

Julian Santoyo says:

Please review the TV show the flash first season I want to watch it but
don’t know if its good

theultimateusukfan says:

dear jeremy, my parents keep wanting to see these horrible movies. how can
i stop them? 

Rares Macovei says:

Answer to the question: Obviously John Wick

nvsales1 says:


normandycap07 says:

That EVP joke was spot on, holy shit! 

BoatsNHoes says:

Next weekend wont be so dry jeremy. Furious 7 comes out. Something im
looking forward to

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