The Guest – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews The Guest, starring Dan Stevens, Maika Monroe, Brendan Meyer, Sheila Kelley, Leland Orser, Lance Reddick, Chase Williamson. Directed by Adam Wingard.


FunWithGuru says:

So excited for this!

FanboyFlicks says:

Just saw the movie tonight and I was blown away, then I saw that you had
done a review on it and was really interested to hear your thoughts, Chris.
Great review!

Heaven Dreamer says:

Okay, I LOVED this movie, just finished watching it, it was AWSUM! But why
oh why did it not explain exactly who he was and why he was doing it? All
the way through I was wanting an explanation, thoughts ran through my mind
such as, maybe he killed there son in the middle east, maybe he had a mad
crush on the daughter, maybe he wanted his life, I was WAITING and waiting
for this twist to unfold which never sadly did.

Then he goes psycho after helping the son tuffen up and take care of the
bullies, after making the daughter smile, giving the dad his old job back
by killing the douches who took it from him and just generally being a cool
new friend to the family who everyone loves he went and killed the mum, the
dad and was gonna kill the kids, why?

Lastly he walks out at the end even after being stabbed and shot, the spec
ops dude said he was part of a special programme, okay so he’s like
‘Universal Soldier then?’ Why didn’t it explain….. arghhhh

Apart from that this movie will blow you away! I absoloutly loved it! It’s
rare a film has me sat there completely taking my full attention like this
did and with actors that I really do not know! Great directing, great
acting 10 out of 10! BIGG film for 2014!!

Also, amazing soundtrack, wheeeeey :D

pinkpandamiranda says:

What I loved is the way jack O’ lanterns are always in the back ground in
the movie, especially in the scene with David in it.

Inaccessible Cardinal says:

Stuckmann, you have lost all credibility with me! First the Babadook, then
this…this predictable B movie. Yes, Stevens delivers a very good
performance, and that’s about all of the redeeming social value the film
has. Ah! He’s a military experiment gone wrong! Sigh, the whole 3rd act is
just typical action movie shlock. 

SmashingEggMan says:

SPOILER: I just finished watching and although I liked it, it really upset
me how Dan Stevens’ character turned out to be evil. I thought it was gonna
be the type where he had a shady past and seeks to protect this family but
no, he’s like a terminator and just tries to kill everyone without remorse,
I know that’s the point but it completely turned me off and instead of
being excited/entertained (like I was for most of the film) it just bummed
me out and I didn’t care anymore, but that’s just my opinion

Chris Stuckmann says:
Asahel Davalos says:

As soon as you said “John Carpenter soundtrack” I was sold.

Harry Smith says:

This is one of those films which warrants praise, especially the way action
and horror movies are recently. Even if you didn’t enjoy it, it doesn’t
mean everyone else was wrong. As there is so much to admire and praise. I
personally loved the experience of watching it for the first time, more
directors should strive to mix genres to create something varied and
I think because so many critics forget to actually enjoy movies,and use the
fact that it varies in tone as a negative, when really that’s a positive in
this movie.

Manga McFly says:

Favorite 80s horror movie so far is The Lost Boys

diabo man says:

are u dronk ??,,,,this movie is fucking baaaad stupid,,,,fool

TartTooth says:

I don’t watch horror movies. As for 80s action movies, would Stat Wars V
and VI count?

Red Ronin IX says:

I was thoroughly enjoying this movie…until the last scene in the high
school. It just became really goofy and I couldn’t take it seriously

Justint180 says:

AWESOME!!!!!!! The music and style is great!!! I love this movie!! 

Gustavo Andre says:

This movie is super generic haha

Jenny Martinez says:

Love me some sleepaway camp 

Derek Moore says:

My favorite 80s horror movie and my favorite horror movie of all time is A
Nightmare On Elm Street

Samuel Trejo says:

Day of the Dead is good 80s.

Geerhardus Fox says:

Just finished watching “The Guest” and I was pretty impressed. I agree with
everything you had to say about this film Stuckmann (particularly the
soundtrack) and I thought I’d recommend John Carpenter’s “Lost Themes”
album that should be coming out in February. My favorite 80s action film
just happens to be from Mr. Carpenter and that would be “Big Trouble In
LIttle China.”

Alan Bilbao says:

Hate Drive. Love this movie and it’s soundtrack. I’d love to see the people
who worked on this movie make a Hotline Miami movie.

BriefMovieReviews says:

I Missed This Movie In The Cinema, Its Now Available To Buy On DVD; Is It
Worth Buying?

Dwight Schrute says:

Why do people refer to this as a horror movie it’s not scary in the
slightest, great movie none the less

Parker Meeks says:

I thought it was a great movie except for the gun fight scene. There was a
point where the military police were just unloading their machine guns on
full auto shooting at the house not aiming at anything. Real military would
have went into house, used semi auto, and shot the guy in plain sight,
other than that, great movie. Dan stevens did an awesome job 

Slack Jicholson says:

woud have preferred an edgy looking main actor as opposed to a Hugo Boss

Edgar D. says:

Saw The Guest some time ago. Very bad ass movie indeed. That scene with the
shot of the scarecrow at the start gave away the feeling that the movie was
going to be out there. It did remind me kind of like Halloween 3. That
eerie atmosphere feeling. Great movie.

Joshua Bradley-Vaughn says:

This movie was AWESOME,and I am hard to impress.

Siddharth Seshadri says:

hey chris the movie was well directed and a good movie but i think the
movie was incomplete in the aspect that they didnt show how he was with
caleb in the pic and how david knew abt caleb. So it would be nice if u do

Ramsay Bolton says:

Drinking Game: Watch this movie and drink every time a Pumpkin is on

Sam Biggs says:

Did the soundtrack to this movie remind anyone of Hotline Miami?

Joe Jacques says:

I couldn’t really have fun with this movie. I mean it’s got everything I
want for something to be fun. Extremely hot girls with long socks, a
genuinely scary villain, it even has a funhouse sequence, I fucking love
those. Where it lost me is just how bleak it got. It was hard for me to
have fun and laugh along with it when their parents had just been murdered
and now they have no parents.

trixchialoveskimchi6 says:

the movie was okay… but the confrontation scene with the military gunmen
was kinda disappointing….

Dave Ouano says:

Had some cool parts, especially the first half – but then it started
getting ridiculous. Dan Stevens was excellent & hot, but the story was just
silly by the end. 2 stars.

Matt K says:

Maaaaaaaaan I dont know if it’s as good as you’re saying. I liked the first
half but after you find out what’s going on it kinda lost its appeal for me
idk. I probably wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. But thats just my opinion.

Bas Geertsema says:

I fucking LOVED this movie!!!

Danijel Lendvaj says:

This movie needs more praise :). I know many hate it. But this movie feels
like tribute to all cool movies.
Yes, its full of cliches. But all cliches in this movie are entertaining :)

Luke Reeder says:

To be honest Chris, I don’t agree with you on this one. I tend to be on the
same wave length as you in your thoughts about movies. Which is why I
subscribed. But, like I said before, I couldn’t get over how crazy this
movie was. Like the part with the kegs, or the steam coming out of the
bathroom when he opens the door. That part turned me off a lot out of the
movie. The ending didn’t have its “wow” factor for me either. I think by
that time, I was checking my watch wondering when it would be finished.

Jake Majka says:

This movie kicks ass on so many levels 

redmangoose182 says:

Felt like Drive, good movie.

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