The Grand Budapest Hotel: Saoirse Ronan “Agatha” On Set Movie Interview

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Rhetoricalmuse says:

Amazing skin.

ratguy101 says:

She is way too talented to be in that Stephanie Meyer host bullshit. 

BurntToast says:

Well, I was all into Emma Watson but uhh, i changed my mind, lol.

Maya Kerslake says:

favourite actress omg

The Night Flier says:

I love her since “The Lovely Bones”

Jade B. says:

Saoirse is so talented and mature especially compared to most other actors
in Hollywood her age. She’s going to be around a long time.

LionheartSJZ says:

such a natural beauty…

Edgar Gutierrez says:

Emma who?

Lew Archer 1949 says:

First time hearing her natural accent. If she were any more Irish, they’d
have to bottle her.

RandyPantheGoatBoy says:

I wanna fuck her accent so badly.

jd carmona says:

shes great and all but that irish accent is hell

Bubbaloogum says:

I hope she ends up in more Wes Anderson films! 

Christina Alexa Andrade says:

The accent though!

The_Philippine_Pride_TV says:

I love how she talk.

Joe Bones says:

I love Bill Murray as a comedian. He’s legendary for sure but Saoirse is
already beyond him as an actor. She’s better than everybody else in this

1992mjcc says:

okay, I’m in love..

sagar kaushik says:

I love her voice. She has gt a nice british accent. 

AbbyandSabby says:

Here since lovely bones ._.

Sammy652 says:

I love her.

Richard Riegel says:

When the angel came to earth…

Jones Smith says:

Man young female actresses from the UK just have it together. They’re
modest and are on the ball with shit. I can’t say much about young American
actresses though. 

JOSALDINHO57772 says:


rafavieira1 says:

She is perfect <3

J O'brien says:

I could listen to her talk all night. She’d make a brilliant Doctor Who

hkfilmfreak1995 says:

her accent is so cute :)

SVAFnemesis says:

She completely let her Irish accent out and it was sexy as hell

Alan Cortes says:

I love her Saoirse Ronan :3

Bill Kilgore says:

I hope they made more Agatha scenes.

Hiram Avila says:

whatever u sayin gurl it all sounds good to me

x0hYouFancyHuhx says:

I love this woman.

BigMacBraaap says:

Lookit her all grown up.
Geeze, I feel old.

Han Sumin says:

There was a scene where she and zero were on the merry go round and the
camera zoomed up on her beautiful face and that scene brought up so much
emotion to me….?? It was really as if I were zero gazing into his lovers
face!! So I teared up and my friends thought I was weird haha 

rafael peraza says:

She is really an angel, i love her! She have a great talent and beauty 

Narania234 says:

Hopefully, Saoirse will play in something better than S.Mayer’s crappy
mormon delusions.

samuel Calderon says:

Il do her

Nell Shaw says:

she is sooooo beautiful

Seventh7Art says:

Prettiest Irish girl I have ever seen.

Hitomi S. Chiang says:


Leonardo Ramírez says:

>tfw no qt irish gf

Peace Studinator says:

This woman is supposedly an avid crossword puzzle buddy of Gregory Isaacs.

Uh-oh! I’ve let it loose! Scandal and innuendo are in the air!

ScreenSlam says:

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