The Grand Budapest Hotel: Director Wes Anderson Official Movie Interview

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Liam Norval says:

Is it me or he seems like that kind of guy who is not so full of himself
and seems like a guy you would want to hang around with?

Elia Acosta says:

i still can’t believe he is in his 40’s
i love the movies he directs tho. I wish i could meet him someday

Laroling says:

The shop around the corner!! YES! They had this prissiness about their
purses. And the third man! AND YES! (nods to the screen randomly) Anna

Karl Karlos says:

Great guy, but he really should brush up his geography.

Olive Oil says:

I can’t believe this is Wes Anderson. I’ve never seen a picture of him
before. He’s so young! I thought he would be older

BlackLookingGlass says:

Thanks for the video. Please visit my small blog called “Observances of
mise en scène in Wes Andersons Grand Budapest Hotel; and their possible
influences.” You can find this blog and a number of photo’s showing my
comparisons of a movie called Grand Hotel. Please visit and comment, it is
my first blog. The following is the location–

Callum Smaile says:

I want that jacket. 

Yuri Ivanov says:

He looks like someone who should be in one of his movies

rachellefiriro says:

This man’s a genius! 

Simone Houlihan says:

I love the movie but I miss a balance in the film. What I mean is, there is
a need to have MORE and more multi dimensional female characters in the
film. This is why the film is good but not great…not enough female
characters. Wes Anderson try a female protagonist next time.

LeahTVdotcom says:

Wes Anderson great screenwriter !

Leah Tunkara

Calie mM says:

I thought he worked with bill murray before? 

wil brander says:

I need more substantive story-telling from Wes Anderson. There’s too much
fluff. It’s getting old.

Bryan B says:

His voice sounds so low. Playback speed.

Stormy Molnjavichen says:

All the time till now i thought Gustavo was played by Liam Neeson.

Tom London says:

Berlin and Vienna are not Eastern Europe, Wes. That’s West/Central Europe.

ihavthring394 says:

Woo hoo! my Houstonian film director!!

Lily Mellon says:

He is referring to F. Murray Abraham who plays the older Zero.

Pol Renau Wehr says:

Thanks, great video!

discountinn says:

Am I in a parallel universe? Bill Murray has played in nearly every single
movie by Wes. This is so weird and confusing.

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