The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, starring Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara, Christopher Plummer, Stellan Skarsgård, Steven Berkoff, Robin Wright, Yorick van Wageningen, Joely Richardson. Directed by David Fincher.



No offense id rather watch the original that lacks the worse james bond 

GoddessGothicLolita says:

Of course there is going to be fucking chemistry when you put James bond in
a room with ANY female. Beyond that, this chick was not original and trying
so hard to surpass an amazing actress like Noomi Rapace. Remaking a movie
thats already wrapped up an entire trilogy is a waste. Hollywood get your
shit together and stop making things that are already done.

JokerReviewsD says:

It’s a fantastic movie, but the Original was a little bit better.

Ruy Duarte says:

My problem with this movie is that it is just a remake of an already almost
perfect movie, but now with a 100 million dollars budget. With a budget
like that you can hire a director like Fincher, get movie stars like Daniel
Craig and make it look even better. However, in the end, is just a remake.
It upsets me to see Rooney Mara getting all these praise for doing nothing
more than an impersonation of Noomi Rapace’s great performance.

tleeg74 says:

Heres a new drinking game……take a drink every time Chris says “My week
in L.A. really put me behind” and you will be plastered.

We know it put you behind. Weve heard it on every video youve posted in the
past couple days. We get it.

Curt James says:

Thanks to Rooney Mara, Lisbeth Salander is my favorite female movie
character next to Sarah Connor. She’s the perfect balance of tough, smart
and even sexy which is saying a lot coming from me because I’ve never been
attracted to goth girls. Her vengeance against her replacement guardian
made me jump up and cheer! Daniel Craig was great as well. His chemistry
with Mara was incredible. I watched this movie for the first time on
Blu-ray and to this day it’s the best blind purchase I’ve ever made. By
the way, what’s the deal with Chris’s copy of the movie? I’ve never seen
it sold in a regular blue BD case. My copy and every copy that I’ve seen
is a Digipack. Is that how they’re sold now or something?

Cassandra says:

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is one of my favorite movies.

The Vicious Chicken of Bristol says:

The most utterly pointless remake since Let Me In.

Ares Galamatis says:

Considering this is a remake of a novel adaption, it was brilliant.
Nevertheless, most of the actors in the swedish film did a better job. The
writing was also a little better, but with the insane difference in budget,
I must admit that other technical aspects were superior in the american

Plus this is a rare case that american film makers actually understood a
foreign film;)

tomhulcelover says:

good god, DO NOT watch this with your parents….

Rockman Arctica says:

in my opinion : Noomi Rapace does a better Lisbeth than Rooney Mara :P

PsychZombie06 says:

Why can you guys never be happy, Its always, oh the original was Better, Oh
the book was better. What does it matter. more people will know about the
book and the original because off this film.

Loren Bayardo says:

Swedish movies are better in my opinion. But Rooney Mara was a great fit 

Kfoglarsson says:

Swedes Assemble!!!
Haha, bara för att se om det finns några svenskar som tittar på Chris :D

mweh kweh says:

In my opinion the swedish version was waay better

22tigerdude says:

Not including Alien 3, this is my least favorite David Fincher movie. Its
not terrible but it was really boring. I felt the slow running time like
big time. I thought the movie was never going to end, that’s how long it
felt to me. There are some interesting moments that got me invested but for
the most part, I was bored. I give it a C to be honest. Still a great
review Chris :)

takmaps says:

watched it, dont remember how it ended though :(

NADS IQ says:

you know stuckmann is a moron if he thinks this movie is best fincher
movie. fight club is the only fincher movie that’s great. se7en is okay
only after you’ve seen fight club. tyler durden as a cop. 

Guille M. says:

Book is slower that a shit river 

Mark Arandjus says:

Being a fan of the Swedish film(s), I compared these two films side by
side. From a filmmaking point of view Fincher’s film has a lot more style,
and unlike something like Spike Lee’s Oldboy is a good adaptation in its
own right.
Which version is better is ultimately down to personal preference. But I
hope most people would agree Noomi Rapace did a better job as Lisbeth, as
here Lisbeth Salander is portreyed as an emotionless robot. It’s like if
Eisenberg’s Zuckerberg talked less and had more piercings.
Also, as I recall the Swedish films had more people in it, so it was harder
to guess who the killer could be.

LukCPL says:

Did it have higher production values and great direction and music ? Sure.
But it was inferior to the original in every other way. I did watch it in
cinema with my friends, but after it ended we all agreed that it they just
tried too hard and failed. The made it more hmm… accessible to wider
audience and lost on that. Ok they kept the R rating and mature themes but
really not everything has be be over explained, not all viewers need to be
held by the hand and given exposition dialogues to get something, and most
importantly the movie needed only 1 ending not 10 :/ The script just wasn’t
good. The ‘swedish’ accents took me out of the movie. I hate it when
filmmakers take the intelligence of moviegoers for granted. The Swedish
version had it problems for sure, but it was a well directed atmospheric
slow burn nailbiter with a captivating performance by Noomi Rapace, and
didn’t need any remake as the boxoffice proved.

GuitarInferno says:

As a swede i actually agree with you. The american remake was so much
better and have so much more dept. Noomi did an amazing job in those
movies. But the rest of the characters didn’t even try to get above limits
in acting.

bloodyDeagle77 says:

The original was way better, guess just American pride talking here Chris,
but i get it.

BestintheWorld247 says:

Imagine if Rooney Mara quit acting after that abomination called Nightmare
on Bay (Elm) Street? We wouldn’t get to see her incredible performance
because in my opinion no one can play that character but her. 

subculturenz says:

Swedish version is way better. 

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