The Game – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews The Game, starring Michael Douglas, Deborah Kara Unger, Sean Penn. Directed by David Fincher.


Transformersguy1000 says:

Curious Case of Benjamin Button is my least favorite Fincher film. It just
feels incredibly melancholy and tragic, don’t like that.

Agent Simpson 327 says:

Please review panic room! It’s one of David Finchers most underrated films
in my opinion. 

Kevin Kilgore says:

The Game is a great movie. Dont understand why you didnt like the ending?
In a way, its like A Christmas Carol/Scrooged movies. What do you think
would have made it better?

GhostyKid says:

Charles Martinet, who we now know as the voice of Mario, played the father
of Michael Douglas’s character in the flashbacks of this film.

Adam Robinson says:

Hands down, Finchers best film.
The ending is perfect.

LiTTleGaBi21 says:

Why Criterion collections are so damn expensive…?

Chris Stuckmann says:
Josef Hautala says:

My favorite Fincher films are as follows

#1.Gone Girl
#2.The Game
#3.The Social Network
#4.Fight Club

I also love Panick Room and The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo 

Josef Hautala says:

I don’t understand you giving this an entire letter grade lower just
because of the last couple minutes. Everything before the last 2 minutes is
an A+ thriller

Jared Kunish says:

I disagree with you about the ending 

tyvolemusic says:

No Alien 3 review? :(

Jacob Kwiatkowski says:

Hey Chris have you ever seen one of his early films called Eraserhead? I
dare you.

Cj Stevenson says:

Hey Chris anybody ever tell you look like Adam Scott? 

wymeranth says:

I saw this on HBO once by chance. I remember thinking “what that hell is
this? Sweet movie” then i looked it up on IMDB and was like OH. FINCHER
MADE THIS. No wonder it was awesome.

Abbas Khan says:

One of my favorite films of all time, especially loved the ending. Right
when I thought it was going to end that way, I was quite sad, till they
pulled another twist and I loved it! :)

Stellar performance by Micheal Douglas, very well written script and
perfectly executed. David Fincher is the fuckin’ MAN!

Matthew Ferguson says:

Fantastic movie, such an out of place ending. 

Josef Hautala says:

I disliked Curious Case despite a good performance from Pitt

Micah Walbridge says:

cinemasins did way better nature box ads, chris. sorry :P

Mgen Rewing says:

I find this film to be one of David Fincher’s best. I loved the ending it
makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

The Scarecrow says:

No Free Trial for Canadians….booo NatureBox.

Steve F says:

I love this movie. Far fetched for sure in places, but captivating the
whole time.

lynstrom940 says:

‘Zodiac’ is Fincher’s best film. It’s one of the greatest true-crime
movies ever made.

xRothkox says:

I enjoyed it. :-) Fincher is pretty good. Always liked Douglas & Penn.

Jim Messer says:

Can anyone explain to me why criterion is so special?

Mondo Connie says:

I saw it when it first came out, and it was brilliant compared to all the
bullshit that was so popular.

Javier Angeles says:

I certainly thought the ending was gonna be sad. It’s the Fincher’s film I
haven’t watched so I was prepared for a not so happy ending, but it was
really good.

Frank Pascale says:

The movie’s story was basically an adult drama-thriller of A Christmas
Carol. Let see why. Main character is wealthy,successful, and is the
biggest total fucking asshole in the city because most of his past was
filled with dissapointment, and is unpleasant to everyone, check. Strange
things start to happen around him are caused by entities/pseudo corporation
criminals that make dreadful things unfold in his life, check. He’s a loner
who prefers to keep to himself, check. The horrible things he
saw/experienced makes him aware how ungrateful and unappreciative he’s
been, check. And in the end, these horrible things that were making his
life seemingly miserable turned out to be an illusion used as a tool of a
wake-up-call to change himself into a better person, Chyyeck ! Sorry to say
it Fincher, but Dickens beat ya to the punch on this one in terms of the
plot formula. But still was a great, gripping, and suspenseful film

cal snow says:

so elaborate more on the ending, you said many times it didn’t work for you
but with no details given 

willie battle says:

So, since your in LA, is the background a greenscreen effect? im confused..

AnthonyVardaro2 says:

I’ve only seen this movie once, so I barely remember it. But I do remember
never wanting to see it again because of how much I hated the ending, I
felt cheated, it was such a copout. I hate when a movie like this that’s
built around a mystery can’t deliver in the final act, It makes the whole
movie as a result seem bad, cause it’s not hard to create an interesting
mysterious premise, what’s hard is creating a concrete story out of it . .
. It’s one thing to come up with a strange idea that makes the viewer
question what’s going on, but if you can’t deliver a good ANSWER than don’t
bother asking the question cause in my mind you failed.

useless1997 says:

The ending was actually my favourite part of the movie. I mean of course it
is far fetched, but at least one would not expect it and how should the
movie actually end? In an action scene where Douglas wins back his money
and kills the CRS bosses Robocop style? I think it’s a difficult movie to
end and I like the ending we got.

Bringo! says:

Ugh. The ending of this film pissed me off so much.

“No, no. That was ALSO part of the game! HAHAHAHHAahahahaankdldggegge”

UltimateKakashi5 says:

Review The Equalizer! 

corkskrewclubhouse93 says:

Chris, have you seen the episodes of House of Cards directed by Fincher?
Really great show and his style is all over it. 

BrownForestOffThatThatGeech says:

I’m pretty surprised that a lot of people hated the ending, I though it was

Locutus D'Borg says:

This movie – The Game – was heavily inspired by the masterpiece of
literature, The Magus, by John Fowles. While the central conceit is
similar, The Magus is a book of ideas, a very readable intellectual tour de
force. A cringe-worthy movie was made of The Magus, which should be
avoided at all costs. The Game, while more modern and more action
oriented, is a worthy updating of The Magus for mass audiences.

Bexx says:

Congratulations Chris on the marriage!!!!!! :D Wish you two a long happy
life together!!!!

Star Lord says:

I don’t like the ending as well. It’s the only thing which i didn’t like
about it. But it’s a major one. It just didn’t fit to Fincher, especially
after “Se7en”. “The Game” should have ended bad. ;)

BoogeyMan Ben says:

The Game is my favorite David Fincher film. I love everything about it. 

Mckeon Crawford says:

Great film!

Ziad Salem says:

IMO, the game is the least Fincher movie…so overrated and preposterous

BloodSoul -C says:

Congrats on your marriage!!!
Hope you get a lots of fun and happiness there :D
Also thanks for the video C:

Benjamin Coady says:

Wow B+? I think this is Fincher’s best. I can see people having problems
with the ending, but, even up until that point, it’s the most suspenseful
film with the most incredible atmosphere in his filmography. 

Joel Dalgleish says:


Forssa1 says:

I just lost the game.

Fabian Guerrero says:

Can’t wait for Fight Club!!!

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