The Expendables 3 movie review

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The over the hill sausage fest returns for a 3rd round with a few younger people and a girl added to the mix….which effectively negates the opening sentence of this description. But, does it work for the movie? Jeremy reviews “The Expendables 3″!

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ThatGamerGuy52 says:

Why is it that Part 3 is almost never as good?

The SmiffeeSpace says:

i’m still wondering why Liam Neeson isn’t in The Expendables yet?

Phil Hubbs says:

All the Expendable movies are terrible, utter waste of a sexy idea. Too
much of a lame parody …who asked for that?! I wanted to see a proper
action flick with all the classic 80’s action men, where did that idea go?
They all need to retire.

Bryan Molloy says:

I like the second one the most because it was slightly better than the
first one and I haven’t seen the third one. 

rozza30Gaming says:

Expendables 1 – Okay
Expendables 2 – Shit
Expendables 3 – Kill Yourself

joshua powell says:

How to fix the expendables:
Tone the cast down to 4/5 old stars. Mabe just Stallone, Arnold, Jason
stathom, jet li and some one as a villain.
Get a good director in to do the directing.
Make it a straight to blu-Ray/ DVD movie.
Make it a rated 18 movie with full gore and blood.
Some boobs. 

Corey Lee says:

I was actually looking forward to seeing Wesley Snipes back on the screen

Shiirow says:

The nostalgia for The Expendables has been…. /sunglasses/ …expended.

Timber Humphrey says:

Expendables 1: good time no alcohol required
Expendables 2: worth buying on blu ray
Expendables 3: won’t remember it in T-minus 2 hours

ChipChocolatePR says:

WTF? Antonio Bandera was the best part. He was funny as shit. I never
disagree with Jeremy but im going to have to disagree with him now.

Larry Nixon says:

I disagree, the third was really fun and I want to buy it out of the 3.
This part when Sly fired his group for younger members was unexpected, and
it was fun seeing him recruit said younger members. Benderas was hilarious,
and Snipes was awesome too. I think you are taking the movie too seriously,
and if you check most of your brain at the door, and just go in to see an
action pic. You will have a great time. I WOULD SAY THIS FILM DESERVES A

MMACaliber says:

Does Jet-Li do anything in this movie?

Coolsidez 94 says:

At least Rhonda Rousey is attractive.

James Boyle says:

I’ve been watching Jeremy’s movies for a while but one thing I don’t get.
Is the “Wont remember” rating better or worse than “Good time if you’re
drunk” rating??? 

Noah Foland says:

I actually enjoyed Antonio Banderas, he was my favorite character

Kristian Kidd says:

The third was my favorite because of Arnold’s involvement. Then second then

rybrentmannftw says:

Expendables 2 is by far the best one. 

UberInfiniteGaming says:

WTF? Ok i gotta agree at some point of his review but i honestly think that
i enjoyed this one compared to the two previous film.
9/10 or A-

Johnny Boy says:

I wonder if Bruce Lee was still alive would he be in a Expendables movie?

jo mama says:

They should make a expendables kinda thing with all of the comedian actors
into a giant movie.
Whoops i said to much..

Jesus Costilla says:

Expandables: incedible
Expandables 2: super incredible
Expandables 3: just another action movie no blood ._. (because when you
shoot they supose to bleed)

Jose Guilarte says:

ADAA? my girlfriend says i’m unattractive and breaks my heart leading to
depression. Therefor I have a disease?!?

Luke M says:

Why is NO ONE bringing up how awesome Mel Gibson was? Jeremy is right. Mel
OWNS it as the bad guy. Wesley Snipes totally stole the show.

Rousey gave the worst performance of them all. So sad. Why couldn’t we get
a legit female action starlet, like Linda Hamilton or Sigourney Weaver to
match up with Mel??

Also, I still think this movie would’ve been so much better if we got a
Riggs versus McClane fight and Mel totally tears Bruce a new one… causing
the team to really hate Mel.

Billie4Mozzarella says:

Whenever I see a poster of all the guys in Expendables 3 I think
“statistically speaking with that many guys, one of them has to be gay.” 

King Uddin says:

I stopped watching the film after seeing the introduction of the new team. 

Kody Brickmations says:

Am I the only 13 year old who watches Jeremy’s Videos?

jackygomes says:

In order: 2, 1… pile of shit… 3
I’m a HUGE fan of these guys. I grew up watching their movies. And I was so
so so excited to see Antonio and Sly together in this movie ’cause
Assassins is one of my favorite 90’s movie. But what a piece of crap!!!! It
felt nothing like the other two movies. They tried something different with
an old dude hanging around with children and it felt so shitty. The second
one was so god damn awesome with really cool special appearances. On this
one we can’t even see Wesley Snipes and Antonio’s character is just
terrible. And I won’t even start com Harrison Ford(worst moments ever).

Troy Carr says:

The second was easily the best. Everyone actually got a chance to
participate, Arnold was back in action, and f***in’ Chuck Norris. THAT is
how one ought to do these movies. B|

Still gonna go see #3 for myself, even if Jeremy didn’t like it. Call me a
sucker, but I’ve been looking forward to this for too long not to do it. :P

Intrepid Fox Dye says:

Hercules review? ?????jem

thefilmdirector1 says:

I would rate all 3 as bad. And i love action movies, but these were boring
and tame. especially the R rated first 2. Yuck. with an R rating. USE IT.
may as well rate all 3 Pg-13 because thats how boring and dull they turned
out to be.

Fonzie Goebel says:

my ratings for The Expendables movies

The Expendables – Buy on blu-ray
The Expendables 2 – AWESOMETACULAR
The Expendables 3 – Dogshit

knucklescapricorn31 says:

I actually like the 3rd one the most overall (the 2nd one annoyed me,
though the first one was alright) mainly because of Mel Gibson. He made a
great villain. They didn’t make him stereotypically ultra-evil, and they
gave him a bit of humanity and some humour. Plus, since his character
Stonebanks had history with Ross, he was able to get inside Ross’ head and
I love it when villains do that.

I also liked that Ross got a younger crew who did things differently (more
technology and stealth, and less going in guns blazing) because it made for
one less scene of me going “how the fuck are they not getting shot or even
wounded? How the fuck did they survive that unharmed? How are literally
none of them dead???”. It also replaced any love interest scenes, so
hallelujah! Plus, that chick was hot and bad-ass

HammerBlow500 says:

This was actually a really good review, I totally agree with you..

My list goes:

#1 – Expendables 2
#2 – Expendables 1
#3 – Expendables 3

DeadPool Junior. says:

i bet no one got the joke they made in the movie about young people
replacing young people

dale wylie says:

i loved expendables 3 i thought antonio banderas was brilliant in the film
he brought some awesome comedy wesley snipes was amazing in this film
probably the most action i’ve ever seen him do he was a beast in this movie
mel gibson was my absolute favourite character in the movie best bad guy
yet in my opinion and i think casting him in the movie was the best thing
they did cause interestingly what i’ve found 2 b true about exp 3 is
whether u luv it or u hate it everybody loved mel gibson i enjoyed watching
harrison ford he was funny and an intense character as 4 the young guys i
did enjoy them but i think id rather c the older guys more in the next 1
they should b there 2 support the older guys not fill in 4 them and i’ll
definitely b seeing exp 4 when it happens regardless of the rating that
didn’t bother me either

Rick Baker says:

This movie is SO BAD it makes Batman and Robin look tolerable.

JeremyJahns says:
Samuel sam says:

expendables 2 was my favorite, then the first 1, and then the third one. 

mwanamke2 says:

I hated the first expandables movie and haven’t bothered to watch 2 or 3.I
have fond memories of the 80s/90s classics with these guys and I think
these expendables movies are a desperate cry for attention.They did their
thing back in the day and they were awesome but it’s time to face the
truth,their time is over.They need to retire,be with their families,maybe
have a cameo here and there in movies today but that’s it. This watered
down PG-13 ‘action’ movie is an insult to the memories I garnered as a
child watching these epic actors imo.

Jadden Sinn says:

Hated the first Expendables movie, never bothered with the second two.

daabbot says:

i enjoyed the first film. the second one i erased from my memory. i get
the hole lets celebrate these starts thing but you can still have a kick
ass plot with it. im going to see the 3rd act today. hope its good. at the
least, better then the last one.

ISVolcrom says:

I honestly think that if there is a unrated version I would really like it
but if not then that was one big wast of terry cruise using a minigun.

Liam Neeson says:

No blood or bullets flying..

Edgardo Sanchez says:

I liked it just fine actually. I was surprised at the amount of negative
reviews this movie has received. On imdb this movie I believe has a 6.1
rating and Red 2 has a 6.7, that is in no way accurate. I had far more fun
watching his movie compared to the snore-Fest that is Red 2. Do yourself a
favor and watch this movie, if your looking for an entertaining action

davidabeats says:

Just a question, but how’s the female character in this? Ronda Rousey. Did
she actually play a part, or was she just there? Kinda hoping to see a
badass female in this movie, haven’t seen one of those in a while

Stephen John Carey says:

Favourite expendables
Least favourite:
All of them

prtzomi says:

Bruce Willis wasn’t back!

Katherine Redington says:

Omg how could you not like Antonio banderas in this film he was fucking

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