The Expendables 3 – Movie Review

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Sean Bean Interview:
Ali Larter Interview:
Morris Chestnut Interview:


Chris Stuckmann reviews The Expendables 3, starring Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Antonio Banderas, Jet Li, Wesley Snipes, Dolph Lundgren, Kelsey Grammer, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Directed by Patrick Hughes.


Brandonn S. says:

Expendables 3 was already out on torrents so that saved me $12

Nick baker says:

I honestly still like Mel Gibson

07foxmulder says:

Sorry, Chris, but your new intro is as bad as The Expendables 3.

Omar Correa says:

Harrison Fords helicopter action scenes were terrible. He was better in the
scenes early on

Pedro Ziese says:

Did Sean Bean die during your interview?

Chris Stuckmann says:
Quinton238 says:

Since when has an R rating ever kept kids out? It seems like a really odd
decision to push the pg-13 rating.

Ineedgames says:

0:45, Blue-ray disk on the right missing?

Roxas says:

I hate Ronda Rousey.

David Gunn says:

Ironically, the PG-13 seems to have done the opposite of what they surely
intended (as expected). Great point about the cheesiness and goofy vibe as
well, it’s why the first movie is easily the best in the series as it’s
pretty much exclusively played seriously save for some bits. Time to put
this franchise out to pasture, unless they decide to find their balls again
and make it a serious, R-rated action movie.

yadro says:

Disagree. This franchise takes itself to serious. Needed more fun like in
the “Machete” movies.

ROYAL D. says:

I love the Star Wars prequels. Let the purge commence lol

Ana Verona says:

Your “impersonation” of Arnold is waaaay hilarious Chris! OMG…

Kasino80 says:

I get a very Doctor Who’ish vibe from your new intro. 

nirolf luap utihc says:

pg13? so it is a movie for pussies?
guess what movie i am going to skip when it’s going to come to cinema!

roderica hughes says:

Where was jet li.

Slavko Gelo says:

The movie rating system is the stupidest thing in the whole industry, it
was fine in the eighties but when they created pg13 and re-did the whole
thing they made a joke out of it. There is no fucking difference if you
shoot/stab someone with or without blood, if you get fucking shot you’re
gonna bleed and fucking die likely. How does 2/3 cursewords or a single
blood splat or a brief shot of a girl’s tits or sexual reference or someone
smoking pot on camera make it completely unsuitable for everyone under
17(rated R)?! It used to be fine back at around eighties and early nineties
when it was either PG or R. Movies used to have regulated and realistic
violence with occasional cursing or a sex reference and were rated PG
because to be real if you’re over 13 and can’t handle that little
violence/cursing you’re gonna go insane anyways. It was a good system, if
you were a kid and wanted to see a PG movie you still needed parents with
you to help you understand the stuff. Today even PG and PG13 movies which
do require “parent guidance” aren’t allowed bits of realistic violence/sex
reference/cursing/actual shot of tits/smoking pot and kids today have much
more easy ways to see even worse stuff unrestricted on internet and tv
which lots of kids back then didn’t! And don’t even get me started about
cannabis propaganda and sexual content restriction in mainstream movies and
tv, the sexual and drug use revolution needs to happen again like in the
60s and speak the voice of people. I’m happy that here in Croatia where I
live the movie ratings are not enforced and nobody cares about it but the
rating system still often affects the movie quality and brings it down. The
whole thing happened because of bad parenting and soccer moms blaiming
other things for their mishaps and faults, the mainstream culture and
mindset is only getting worse with time and needs to change!!

Li Cheng says:

I hate the younger cast

Only big icons action heroes should be in these movies. 

Blu Ray Hunter says:

The Expendables 3 – Best Action Movie of this decade so far..

Thiago Marques says:

Awesome intro! Doctor who? 

Gary Johnson says:

was shit thank you

Johnny Boy says:

What a Bad opening for movies this weekend

Expendables 3 doesn’t seem interesting enough to pay to see in theaters

The Giver looks like another rehash young adult sci-fi film that is trying
to compete with the Hunger Games and Divergent franchise.

Let’s Be Cops seem unfunny and forgettable

Frank I may watched but I’m on a diverge watching it on iTunes later on

Seems like I’ll be waiting for the next weekend for Sin City 2 A Dame To
Kill For 

askdhuwuw says:

Terrible movie

joshtheamazinganimator says:

I like watching your reviews, Great stuff, but for the love of god you
seriously need to stop saying “Get stuckmanized.” It’s the worst attempt at
a catchphrase I’ve ever heard. It’s truly awful. I cringe every time I hear
you say it and I always try to prevent that by stopping the video early. 

Naythan Millya says:

So… they were best friends at first and created a group of special people
but eventually became enemies…. So they’re Magneto and Professor X?

johnny1248 says:

how many good movies has chris stuckmann gave a c+ this year

mrequis2012 says:

Harrison Ford: This is it, this is your evac team?
Arnold: Short notice.
Harrison Ford: [looking at Jet Li] Yeah, very short.
Jet Li: I thought Church was asshole.

Nelson Brown says:

The Expendables is awesome, The Expendables 2 is better, The Expendables 3
Is Pretty Good

SomeCasualMagic says:

I agreed with alot of this review. Antonio was annoying to me, but that’s
my opinion. As for the scene in the truck, I completely agree, it was

robert ross says:

I thought it was a fun movie and I liked it.

moorebounce says:

Chris you need to watch the review of either the first one or second one
but them being aware of them making fun of themselves is what you liked
about them. Now you do a 180. I like this one the best out of the three.

Austin Putnam says:

Such a disappointing movie. Mel Gibson was the best part of the movie, but
his fight scene with Stallone….really anticlimactic.

412tt says:

i think the action as very disappointing veeeery disappointing 

Rawlin Garrett says:

won’t see it Mel Gibson is still a Racist Can not Support a
racist despite his Performance tired of seeing Old timers kick
ass Something Different! Action Movies Suck now a days??? The
Only reason why Mel is getting a chance because Stallone is not
Jewish?! think about it?! Wesley snipes is very misplaced! And very
disappointed in Wesley in this discussion working with a stone
Cold racist like Gibson?!!!! Can you say sell out! Won’t Support
won’t see it!!! But good review Stuckman! 

KubricksKube says:

1:01 You can see the space on the Blu-Ray shelf to his left change when he
puts Die Hard 4 back in his collection.

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