The Equalizer movie review

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Denzel Washington takes on the Russian mob while showing us that he still kicks ass and carries a movie. Jeremy reviews “The Equalizer”!

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Tell them Large Marge sent ya'! says:

Denzel’s a badass.
Chloe Moretz is a babe.
Nuff to make me want to go see it

N Slater says:

We need a movie with Denzel vs Liam or Denzel teaming up with Liam. We NEED

Alan Munguia says:

I’m looking forward to a Box Trolls and Annabelle review.

King Kawayne says:

I really liked it. It felt like I was watching a Punisher movie (if they
were to ever make a good one)

bla2772 says:

Guts over fear

Jarrett Beese says:

want some crazy awesome Russian mobsters Watch Black Lagoon.
And before anyone says anything. to me the fact that this is an anime is a
complete non issue as far as i’m concerned 

MrZaksterTV says:

Who do you reckon would win in a badass battle between Liam Neeson and
Denzel Washington? and from what I’ve heard The Equalizer is basically
Taken but with the Russian mob and someone unrelated to Denzel’s character
is taken.

MyTubeIsBetter20 says:

Jeremy, you’re wrong about the plot convenience thing.

He was minding his business “pre-movie”, then he started to take notice to
problems of those around him. Its not like bad shit all of a sudden
starting happening during the course of this movie. The security officer
guy even alluded to the fact that his mom was in trouble for a while…
Robert was simply not getting involved before. 

MyriadesusTV says:

Wasn’t he in a movie like this with Dakota Fanning?

M. Strain Jr. says:

(waiting for Chloë Grace Moretz to turn 18 next February 10th)

Anthony Venutolo says:

Let’s not forget that OTHER badass Denzel film called … MAN ON FIRE. 

Meg butterfly says:

This was a darn good movie to me. I did find it interesting that in the
beginning Denzel appears to understand fully the whole ‘old man gotta be
old man, and fish has to be fish’ maxim for the book he was reading, BUT
then couldn’t grasp the very same concept as applies to his actual life.
That said, in real life for many of us, we know better than most of our
deeds, and or behavioral patterns, and yet do not practice what we know
better of. That’s what makes the McCall such a real character. 

SalmonOfK84 says:

I actually seriously enjoyed it. Granted, not exactly groundbreaking
film-making, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t appeal to that whole
side of me. That I’m sure everyone else has. I’m not crazy.

LoneStarArcher says:


Nathan Thai says:

There’s a new Spongebob movie coming out.
I like Spongebob.

Mad Max Rockatansky says:

To anybody that didn’t paid attention, the Mexican restaurant that received
arson was actually a key part of the plot of the movie. Those two corrupt
cops that committed extortion on the mother of Robert’s friend were
connected with the Russian mob. That’s why they appeared dead with their
testicles in their throat. Because by bringing the money back, they
betrayed the Mafia. So really, that was not convenient. The only
convenience was the robber robbing the store. And you could see the movie
paid no mind to it, since all you see is Robert picking up a hammer, then
it quickly cuts to the woman seeing her ring back, and Robert putting back
the hammer.

Marcus Townsend says:

Another great review Jeremy! I’ve yet to see this film but I find it ironic
that you referenced taken, considering that taken is basically a discount
Man on Fire, another Denzel film… illuminati confirmed

TheGimpPimp1 says:

He was a lot nicer about this movie than i was…I thought it just

Oliver Robertson says:

The only thing I didn’t like about this is that they so often skipped the
parts where he beat up people which to a point make him more badass but
soon after made parts of the movie boring

Zackysonofallgames says:

The trailer for this movie got me pretty pumped to see it!

Nightingale417 says:

Here’s a theory: What if the guy from the equalizer used to work with John
Wick? Their backstories are never told and they could have worked for the
same organization.

10072018 says:

I would have preferred it be a little more realistic. Holds a gun to one
guys head and the other 20 guys just surrender and hand over hundreds of
millions of dollars. Nail guns don’t work like real guns, and if you shot
someone at any kind of range it would just hurt real bad. How did he set
the microwave when the power was off? He sets up half a dozen traps in the
dark in a matter of seconds while all these guys are hunting for him.
Single handedly wipes out all the boss’s personal security guards in broad
daylight. Sets up elaborate electrocution trap that could easily not
work… while the guy is ten feet away. What’d I miss?

Chakotay2222 says:

The scene where he comes out of the big house villa after he just killed
the russian mafia boss he looks like he is 70 year old, totaly out of shape
with that ridiciouls beer belly a total loser he aint fooling me we that
serious face that he is making for duration of the entire movie, how lame.
Dude that fat guy that playes security guard is in better shape than you
and that girl that you are suposed to be saving, LOL I bet she could kick
your ass in real fight. FU Denzel you old fart!

Alan Bilbao says:

Was really disappointed by the end. I was hoping there would be a cool end
fight and there wasn’t. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by The Raid and Raid 2.

JeremyJahns says:
Viktory Gaming Network says:

it was a great movie the only downside was that it never really explained
what he was it gave hints at it such as the scene where he was associated
with someone who was in the CIA at one point in time but that’s about it

Dirvinator says:

3 and a half minutes?


This movie was very fun and the action scenes were buttery smooth and had
me with this “goddamn that was awesome” kind of reaction and had a nice
touch of mystery.

Luke Pike says:

Freaking loved it. It was way better than it had to be. Denzel is the man.
Never disappoints.

lilrog0909 says:

This movie came close to Man on Fire felt like. 

Josh Shinn says:

Screw action movies. Scifi > Action movies

Lance Cade says:

This movie was just badass period but I really hope they don’t ruin it with
a sequel like the Taken movie.

new0033 says:

Started out well but fell apart in the end. To quote a great critic, “If
the pic went on any further, I think you might have seen the invincible
Denzel taking on Putin’s Russian army by himself and winning.” He turned
into super man in the end. Too unrealistic. 

Damion Lawson says:

i would give a higher score…but they didnt play the Equalizer theme at
the end so…

Trung Tran says:

Its a badass cliché violent home alone movie i love it

joeskis says:

This movie was very entertaining and the performances were good. But it’s
horribly unrealistic. 1 person taking out several people, multiple times.
It just wouldn’t happen. I’ll never understand why 4 guys pointing a gun
at the same guy would ever feel the one guy has the authority to tell them
what to do. But JJ is a bit off in his review. A low key life? Were you
in the bathroom during the whole retired CIA agent scene? 

Andy Dufresne says:

3:53 minutes. Robert would be dissapointed

Raul Villeda says:

Pretty much another version of john wick

kazuma kennway says:

you guys do know this is a sequel to the 1990’stv series the equalizer

jeff the RE fan says:

I really enjoyed the equalizer :)

Zhiyang Lu says:

Now I set up a timer every time I’m gonna do something badass.

The Epix says:

This was a pre tv Equalizer tv show. it shows the lead up to that very old
show. Hints the end, at the diner with the computer on ads. It was a tv
show before the movie

slurpaliciouslatex says:

Denzel’s character was a fixer. As the movie opens people see him as a
simple mild mannered guy just living his life. People who where raised to
see subtle hints would recognize what he was from the very beginning. Glad
you enjoyed the movie Jeremy.

Convoluted Dreaming says:

Denzel, Liam, and Reeves should do an action movie. 

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